School district plans to sell surplus vehicles

Summer vacation is fast approaching, but the Bainbridge school board agenda is still dense with information and updates.

At the penultimate meeting of the school year, the BI School District heard 12 presentations and two novel consent agenda items in its typical 2 ½ hour timeframe — about four presentations more than the average meeting — and with classes winding down, “planning ahead” emerged as the dominant theme.

Seven of the presentations were routine check-ins with various departments—four of the remaining presentations were directly related to students’ opportunities and learning experience; one was a yard sale announcement.

The Facilities, Operations and Maintenance department will be selling 10 surplus vehicles in the next few weeks for a cumulative $9,000. Only one former school bus is in the mix; the rest are 1990s and early 2000’s work vehicles, plus an errant 2007 Ford Crown Victoria and 1999 Chevy Malibu. Per district policy, the vehicles will be first made available to other school districts before going up for public purchase.

Presentations related to student opportunity were a mixed bag.

One highlighted another one-off windfall for the district: $139,000 from the Bainbridge Football Booster Club to renovate the Bainbridge High School weight room, which is used by all athletes. Another expanded the role of student-school board liaison to students at any high school level. Two addressed the district’s process for assessing students with learning disabilities and intervention practices.

The remaining seven were semi-routine. Sakai Intermediate and Blakely Elementary gave updates on their School Improvement Plans, completing the five-week series of presentations. Administrators Dane Fenwick, Kiyo Toma and Kim Knight, from Facilities, Technology and Finances, respectively, each gave a bimonthly update to superintendent Amii Thompson. Thompson shared school calendar outlines for the next three years and a new job evaluation process for the position of superintendent.