PSE’s got the power with batteries

The Energizer Bunny has nothing on Puget Sound Energy.

PSE is testing new technology — like battery storage — to reduce the demand for power and transition to a clean energy future for all.

PSE isn’t just testing and installing cutting-edge battery technology. It is tailoring its projects to meet specific needs, a news release says. It goes on to say projects in Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island are forging a path to innovative and flexible solutions.

Bainbridge Island

PSE plans to install an approximately 3.3MW/5MWh utility-scale battery on Bainbridge Island. Unlike other battery projects, this installation will serve a capacity function by supplying electricity during peak periods when customer demand is high.

In 2019, PSE began testing behind-the-meter 6kW/15.5kWh battery units on five BI homes. The goals for the project are evaluating backup power during outages and reducing power consumption on the electrical grid during periods of high demand.

The lithium-ion, consumer-scale batteries are Sunverge One systems that use a proprietary software platform. Mounted on the side of the home, next to the meter, each battery weighs 725 pounds and is stored in a metal cabinet that measures 76 inches tall, 34 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.

Also, this summer, surveyors will start field work along the selected transmission line route for the Murden Cove — Winslow 115kV Transmission Line Project. The fieldwork will inform PSE’s project.


PSE installed a behind-the-meter 30kW/183kWh battery at its Poulsbo Service Center in 2019. The demonstration is designed to simulate the needs and load profile of a commercial customer and help PSE determine internal processes and operating protocols. The project also offers the chance to test peak shaving and demand charge management, as well as develop a quality customer experience.

PSE tested the battery to see how it operates in all four seasons, and to see how effectively it can mitigate demand charges. The results indicate that batteries can be a useful tool for saving on monthly electricity bills, particularly for buildings with large, short peaks in electricity consumption.

For the Poulsbo battery, PSE partnered with Northern Reliability to design and install the system that’s housed in a weather-proof cabinet, atop a 7-foot by 14-foot concrete foundation on the service center’s lot.