Poulsbo OKs new contract with Bainbridge Disposal

The Poulsbo City Council last week approved a new recycling contract with Bainbridge Disposal but residents will see increases in fees due to the current market rate and expanding growth of the city.

The contract runs through 2025, and the new rates will be $12 per unit for single-family residential and $5.30 per unit for multi-family residential. Council documents state the rates are in line with those charged on Bainbridge Island and set by the Utilities & Transportation Commission.

While BI customers pay a fluctuating rate for recycling based on market adjustment, Poulsbo customers pay a flat rate as it’s only a portion of the city’s solid waste rate. Poulsbo adjusts the solid waste rate by Consumer Price Index For All Urban Customers every January.

Per documents, reasons for the rate increase include: volatility of recycle market and the flat rate required by Poulsbo (very low flat rate is not sustainable to meet demands with labor, fuel, equipment, etc.); rapid increased growth of Poulsbo (requires more labor and equipment to complete the route); and the new rates are in line with the recycle rates set forth by UTC.