Pollock leads in race for parks board position

With the initial votes already counted in Tuesday’s election, challenger Michael Pollock has taken a commanding lead in the race for the Commissioner Position 5 of the board for the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District.

Pollock has thus far received 55 percent of the total votes counted, while Kirk Robinson has locked up just 44.8 percent.

Pollock leads 2,546 votes to Robinson’s 2,073.

The position on the five-member board carries a six-year term.

Write-in candidates claimed just 0.1 percent (six votes).

Pollock — a former member of the Bainbridge Island City Council, but a new face in the arena of parks — seems to have successfully ended a dynasty, dethroning longtime incumbent Robinson, who has held the job since 2003.

Pollock ran on a platform extolling the need for improved transparency and communication by the board, and also more liberal off-leash dog rules.

The next vote count is scheduled for late Wednesday.