Students go to the wall for art

"What a great idea.Take some damaged street signs about to be discarded by the city. Add a couple of creative high school students. And, voila, a fence that resembled bars of a jail cell is transformed into a climbing wall for lizards and jungle plants."

  • Mar 18, 2000

“Consensus is, fill out your census”

"It is, as they say, all about the Benjamins.The moolah. The greenbacks. The money.That Census 2000 form that appeared in your mailbox this week means big bucks for Bainbridge Island, and economic determinists that we are, we ask you to take a few minutes to fill it out and send it in."

  • Mar 15, 2000

“Census says, stand up and be counted”

"You count, and they want to count you - and your kids.That was the message for ferry commuters Wednesday, as the Census 2000 Road Tour rolled into the Winslow terminal.The Bainbridge commuters are very delightful people, considering the hour of the morning, said Melannie Cunningham of Tacoma, local publicist for the $8.2 billion federal nose-tally."

  • Mar 9, 2000

Car buffs on the road to happiness

"Peeling out up a hill on Koura Road, we fishtail slightly into the other lane, then straighten out and blast ahead with a vicious roar as the Model A hot rod hits second.So I bet this thing goes a bit faster than it did in 1929? had been the question, and that answer was delivered in a shock of frigid wind as Aaron Strom demonstrated that his blue convertible showcar wasn't just a looker."

  • Mar 9, 2000

Code enforcement mired in politics?

"City code enforcement complaints are down from a year ago. But is enforcement improving?Not if you ask code enforcement officer Will Peddy, who says the city council is preventing him from doing his job effectively.I keep getting interrupted by council people in our code enforcement actions, especially the critical ones, Peddy said in an interview with the Review last week.Peddy said he can't levy fines for code infractions, because council members have convinced the Bainbridge Island city administration to exempt some development projects from punitive action."

  • Mar 9, 2000

Who will hold the leash for PAWS?

"You might think that for the kind of time and effort that Don and Marilyn Shaver put into their work, the material rewards would be incalculable.You'd be right.The pay is good, Don Shaver said with an ironic smile.For the past five-plus years, the Bainbridge Island couple has taken phone calls at all hours from agitated help-seekers. They've run up countless miles on their vehicles in response to those calls. They've kept painstaking records, developed priceless working relationships and periodically provided a place for their clients to stay.You couldn't pay for the service we've provided, Marilyn Shaver said. It's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - no amount of money could cover it."

  • Mar 9, 2000

Enforcement best left to the enforcer

"We drive, and sometimes we speed.Not egregiously, and not chronically. But sometimes the orange needle edges up a little past the posted limit - particularly heading east into town on Wyatt Way, on that annoying uphill stretch of 25 - and we flout the law with momentary impunity.And now, if we ever get stopped by one of Bainbridge's finest, we now know what we'll say:We're with the Review, and we're late to a city council meeting. We're speeding in the public interest!"

  • Mar 9, 2000

Dog program at the end of its leash

"Chilly winter nights, no patient master's feet at which to curl up and doze, and not a supper dish in sight.Pity the stray dogs of Bainbridge - and pity this community as we try to find a new way to help them get home.Indeed, we were dismayed this week to learn that the local chapter of the Progressive Animal Welfare Society is at the end of its leash, as longtime volunteers Don and Marilyn Shaver retire. The couple's phenomenal efforts - taking in innumerable strays and tracking down their owners, at all hours and for no tangible recompense - are documented elsewhere in this issue. We urge readers to consider their story, a tale as remarkable as it is cautionary."

  • Mar 9, 2000

Beauty in eyes of beholders at new city hall

"You are going to love the new city hall building.Or you're going to hate it.Of course, your reaction will probably depend on whether or not you thought it should have been built in the first place.Proponents should be impressed by the new one-stop shopping approach to permit applications and fee payment. Detractors may see in its cavernous foyer, abundance of gleaming timber and top-of-the-line office furniture, a Taj Mahal to a local government gone wild and profligate.It all depends, it seems, on where one stands."

  • Feb 16, 2000

“Mayor, staff must step up to the plate”

"In the baseball world, a brand new stadium is no guarantee of a competitive team.But in the civic sphere - where quality of service rather than batting average is the measure, and general public satisfaction puts one high in the standings - a city is competing only against itself, and defining its own standard of play."

  • Feb 16, 2000

“Jeans, sweatshirts and cardboard at new city hall”

"The new chair - ultramodern and comfortable. The workstation - more than functional, the very picture of ergonomics.Even the little under-the-desk tray for Diane Todd's computer keyboard goes up and down to accommodate the height of the user.I haven't figured out how this works, said Todd, a city finance department employee, fiddling with the keyboard stand. But I know I can raise it.She paused.It took us two hours to get the (computer) monitor on the monitor tray."

  • Feb 11, 2000

Can island dodge federal salmon crackdown?

"Bainbridge's beachfront homes don't look very pretty from under water.At least, not from the perspective of endangered Chinook salmon. Their habitat and food sources have been decimated, along shorelines damaged by bulkheads and contaminated with toxic chemicals seeping off lawns.We're degrading the near-shore habitat, said Bainbridge City Councilman Michael Pollock, a science and policy analyst for the U.S. Department of Commerce. This could mean problems for many shoreline dwellers, because the federal government will soon require implementation of new measures aimed at rescuing the Chinook from extinction."

  • Feb 11, 2000

“Junk boats take wing, fly to dump”

"Waterfront Park lost two of its most timeworn landmarks Monday, and nobody is complaining.Dozens of spectators passed by the park's edge throughout the afternoon and gawked as a 140-foot floating crane drifted within feet of the shoreline, eventually hoisting two derelict, algae- and barnacle-covered boats high into the air and onto a barge."

  • Feb 9, 2000

This monopoly game has gone on long enough

"So, your cable TV rates are going up again, you're mad as heck and you're not going to take it anymore. Who ya gonna call? The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission? Sorry, but local cable television operators answer to no one. Their rates can soar and their service stink, and you have no avenue of redress. What little oversight there is rests with the distant Federal Communications Commission in Washington D.C., neutered by the shears of deregulation and inherently indifferent to local complaints."

  • Feb 7, 2000

“When fortune smiles, give her a wink”

"When fortune smiles our way, we'll always be the first to greet her with an accommodating lap.So we were certainly delighted this week to learn of the fortuitous purchase by the city of a marvelous shoreline area and tide flat on Eagle Harbor's colloquially known head of the bay. We hope it won't be the last open space purchase you read about in these pages over the coming year, a sentiment - helloooo, Lady Luck - shared by Mayor Dwight Sutton."

  • Feb 7, 2000

Cable tax draws threat of lawsuit

"Welcome to Court TV.Northland Cable Television is threatening to sue the city, hoping to overturn a 6 percent utility excise tax that went into effect last month.It's not right, it's not fair, and we'll fight it, said Marit Saltrones, manager of Northland's Bainbridge Island office.Our customers should not have to make up revenue lost to the car tab initiative (I-695). It's ludicrous."

  • Feb 7, 2000

City buys head of bay wetland

"Sometimes, buying a swamp makes good sense.That's certainly true if you don't plan to build - and the city doesn't, after making a significant open-space purchase this week.Oh, it's awesome, said fisheries biologist Wayne Daley, treading the marshy ground at the head of Eagle Harbor Friday afternoon. Awesome."

  • Feb 7, 2000

Charges dropped against Leonard again

"It's increasingly likely that Ralph F. Leonard won't slip through the cracks of the civil and criminal justice systems a second time.So say county officials, despite the fact that 13 felony charges, including attempted murder, against the 62 year-old Leonard were dropped last Friday in Kitsap County Superior Court."

  • Feb 6, 2000

Fund drive under way for Williams Center

"What they’d really like is a phone system – preferably with voice-mail capability.But cash and checks will do just fine, as a fund-raising drive for the Marge Williams Center gets under way next week.“I’m convinced we will do it,” said Ed Kushner, who chairs the campaign to raise $420,000 in private donations for renovation of the Winslow Way West building. “I know we will do it.”"

  • Jan 20, 2000

“What price, naming rights to new pool?”

"What’s in a name?Plenty, when it comes to naming Bainbridge Island’s new swimming pool.The park district is considering selling the right to name its soon-to-be-constructed aquatic facility to any community-minded philanthropist willing to make up part, if not all, of its current $350,000 budget shortfall."

  • Jan 20, 2000