Cop would go a long way to help trust

"Our kids smoke pot.Some of them do, anyway. Some seem to enjoy boozing it up. Still others pack knives, probably as much to impress their friends as anything else.When one of them gets caught with such contraband on school grounds, how much attention does it deserve?That question lies at the heart of a recent spate of complaints directed at school district officials and board members."

  • May 27, 2000

They were independent to the last

"Lou Goller and Pauline Deschamps were icons of island business.Bainbridge Island prides itself on being distinctive and independent - not a part of anything or anyplace else. Louis Goller and Pauline Deschamps, two business people honored posthumously by the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce at its annual awards luncheon last week, succeeded by adopting that attitude for their businesses.Deschamps, who died Feb. 5 of this year, and Goller, who died Feb. 17, bucked the trend toward consolidation and homogenization, and thrived by going their own way, friends, family members and associates said."

  • May 24, 2000

“Tread a path for Marge, community”

"In her many years as a downtown booster and civic leader, Marge Williams always charted a path of community goodwill. Now, as the effort to establish a non-profit center in her name hums along, islanders have a chance to set that path in stone, one brick at a time."

  • May 24, 2000

Around-the-globe riders find going tough

"With the jaunt half done, an islander takes time to catch his breath.Cycling for a year across 20,000 miles of the most beautiful terrain in the world seemed like a dream come true, for riders who could afford the $36,000-dollar around-the-globe adventure.But Bainbridge Islander Len Beil, who has now traveled 7,300 miles with about 250 other cyclists on the Odyssey 2000 bike ride, said, It's turning out to be much, much more challenging than most of the other people on the ride ever imagined."

  • May 24, 2000

Empty space abstract

"A North Kitsap troupe brings oddities to BHS.An Empty Space provokes a crowded stage. Or to put it another way - director Peter Brook's book has inspired the North Kitsap-based West Sound Academy to fill the Bainbridge High School theater with dance, drama, music and visual arts. We're looking at how different acts of theater can transform the performance space, said producer Jack Yantis. The show depends upon BHS students for technical support, and involves several West Sound Academy pupils who live on the island."

  • May 24, 2000

This is the headline


  • May 20, 2000

Middle earth first

"An environmentalist reading of 'Lord of the Rings.''The road goes ever on and onDown from the door where it began.Now far ahead the road has gone,And I must follow, if I can,Pursuing it with weary feet,Until it joins some longer way,Where many paths and errands meet.And whither then? I can not say.''That sounds like a bit of old Bilbo's rhyming,' says Pippin.But to a studied reader like islander Maggie Fitzgerald - that sounds like the work of old Tolkien."

  • May 20, 2000

Camera eyes take the prize

"You can't teach talent, but you can nurture it.And Bainbridge High School is reaping the rewards, in the form of Washington State High School Photography Competition prizes."

  • May 20, 2000

Munro legacy endures through fund

"Secretary of State Ralph Munro stopped in to the office a few weeks back, but we were too busy to see him. Now that's a heck of thing to say - too busy to make time for the secretary of state - and the shame is going to stick with us for a while. You have our humblest apologies, sir.Thus reproved, we can relay to readers that the occasion of his visit was the establishment of the new George and Betty Munro Foundation, an annual scholarship fund that will support one or more Bainbridge High School graduates each year as they head off to college."

  • May 20, 2000

How much is too much for water service?

"A north-end rate hike stems from higher costs, company officials say.Citing the cost of new fire safety and service improvements, the North Bainbridge Water Company has applied for a rate increase that could take effect next month.Under the proposed rates, customers who consume 846 cubic feet of water per month - last year's average - would pay 24 percent more than they do now. Heavier users would see steeper hikes."

  • May 20, 2000

Demos dig in on island

"Points for the cleverest campaign button would probably go to the woman flashing Read My Lips: No New Texans.And thus commenced a season of serious sloganeering, as local Democrats rallied to promote a new campaign headquarters upstairs at Winslow Mall Thursday evening."

  • May 20, 2000

Get a favorable exchange

"Host families are needed for a dozen foreign students.When foreign exchange students come to Bainbridge Island to learn about environmental issues, they sometimes benefit from elements of island atmosphere that natives take for granted.Suzy Cook, who hosted an exchange student from Mexico last year through the Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI), said her student often spent time outdoors at her Eagledale farm, simply breathing.'He said, 'you don't understand,' Cook recalled, 'Mexico City is so crowded that we go away on the weekends just so we can breathe clean air.'"

  • May 20, 2000

Rockefeller may seek lands post

"State Rep. Phil Rockefeller is considering a race for Washington state lands commissioner, instead of seeking re-election to his 23rd District house seat.Either way, the Bainbridge Island Democrat says, he doesn't support incumbent Land Commissioner Jennifer Belcher's recent hard-line stance against liveaboards in state waters."

  • May 17, 2000

McKenzie finds Winslow niche

"When developer Rod McKenzie first saw Bainbridge Island, he didn't see new subdivisions in the woods, or starter castles on large lots. He saw what he calls urban living at its finest.We liked the village atmosphere of Winslow, McKenzie said. We chose to live here so we could walk instead of driving.And he has prospered on Bainbridge by making that option available to others. His Winslow Mews condominium complex on Wyatt Way between Madison and Ericksen avenues was a critical and commercial smash hit. And he hopes to repeat that success with his new Courtyards on Madison development."

  • May 17, 2000

Shakespeare here

"For those staging A Comedy of Errors, the play's name may seem like a bad joke. A mistake is no laughing matter when it comes to maintaining the precision this slippery piece of drama demands. Our production is intensely disciplined, says Amy Thone, who plays the shrewish Adriana in the Seattle Shakespeare Festival's rendition that comes to the BPA Playhouse Friday. It's like a dance - nobody can afford to miss a beat. And Shakespeare's play certainly keeps audience and actors on their toes."

  • May 17, 2000

Always first off the boat

"Fresh out of bed, Tom Berg plunges his Cannondale T7000 touring bike into the last throes of morning darkness, barreling toward the first bleary-eyed boat to Seattle.At approximately 5:07 a.m., he puts a foot down halfway up the first hill on Highway 305 and waits, glancing back at his heavily huffing partner-in-commute. In Berg's 13 years of biking to work, only a few flat tires have caused him to miss the ferry's 5:30 a.m. sailing. And setting out from his home on Hidden Cover Road, he says, sometimes he doesn't even embark early.Some mornings, I'll be leaving kind of late, he says topping the hill, but that just guarantees a better workout.Yet this morning, despite a prompt departure, he's falling behind schedule, as another yellow-florescent commuter turns in front of him from Manitou Beach Road and pedals out of sight."

  • May 17, 2000

Bridge plan speeds along to nowhere

"Illahee-to-Bainbridge bridge update: about eight people still seem to think it's a good idea.We can relay this, having reviewed several accounts of a recent Saturday morning presentation in Poulsbo by the citizen group variously known as West Sound Connections and LINKS. The group was trying to drum up support amongst North Kitsap residents for a new span connecting the peninsula with our own Crystal Springs neighborhood, with construction of a cross-island thoroughfare to a passenger-only ferry terminal at Blakely Harbor."

  • May 17, 2000

The essential man about town

"Quick: Name three things you find delightful about Bainbridge Island.Did local parks make your list? The library? The Scotch Broom Parade, or the whimsical Dixieland Band at the Grand Old Fourth celebration? Or maybe the observatory at Battle Point Park?Anyone who answered yes to any of the foregoing owes thanks to John Rudolph. And for his myriad contributions to island life, as well as for his distinguished architectural career, the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce has named Rudolph its Business Person of the Year for 2000."

  • May 13, 2000

A new Voice on the BHS campus

"None of the other names, Brian Alexander concedes, were any good.Thus, having rejected such monikers as The Bark and The Crowd, Alexander and his staff selected The Campus Voice to adorn the masthead of a new Bainbridge High School student publication that hit the street last week.I'm most pleased with getting it out, Alexander, a BHS junior who co-edited the newspaper with fellow student Brooke Faltermeier. It was a big, long haul. I have a few teachers who aren't too happy with me at the moment.Lead stories for the first issue include the debate over a proposal for an armed police liaison officer at the BHS, and an account of the recent human rights youth rally hosted by school."

  • May 10, 2000

“For Math Club, it figures”

"If six test scores have a mean of 71, a mode of 75, a median of 74.5, a range of 28 and a high score of 80, what was the lowest score?Still thinking? For those whose high school days haunt their sleep, numeracy oftentimes equals nightmare. For the math club at Bainbridge High School, however, conundrums like this are a dream. Math is not a chore, but a game to these kids,"

  • May 10, 2000