Only 1 close BI council race

The Bainbridge Island City Council will have two new members.

Mayor Rasham Nassar was easily defeated in the general election Tuesday by challenger Clarence Moriwaki in District 5.

“Thank you Bainbridge Island for choosing me to serve you on our City Council. Words can’t express how honored, humbled and forever grateful I am for your support, encouragement and vote of confidence,” Moriwaki says in an email to the Review Wednesday.

“This overwhelming vote is more than a mandate; it’s a plea and demand from the people that they want a responsible, predictable and accountable City Council that’s laser-focused on getting the job done, and with all of us working together, we can achieve that goal.”

Moriwaki emphasized his community service, being a champion for human rights and a large variety of government service. In the primary, Moriwaki received 68% of the vote. It increased to 79% Tuesday, with one less candidate.

Nassar supports the environment, responsible spending, social justice and equity.

The only close race is in District 3, a seat vacated by Christy Carr, where Jon Quitslund is leading Kent Scott 51% to 49%.

Quitslund emphasized his time on the Planning Commission, his attention to detail and his work on the Comp Plan.

Scott stressed his support of the Comp Plan, protecting wise development, preserving its rural character and encouraging sustainability.

Two other council members will hang on to their positions.

In District 2, Brenda Fantroy Johnson leads 74% to 26%. She says after she was appointed to the council she had worked hard for diversity, fiscal responsibility and listened to her constituents.

Challenger Chris Smith stressed preserving the island character, high-speed communications and a broad range of experiences.

And in District 7, incumbent Joe Deets has a huge lead over challenger Ron Peltier. Deets emphasized being responsive to voters, environmental record and being socially equitable.

Peltier, a former councilman, stressed his work ethic, being against wasteful spending and defender of the Comprehensive Plan.

In the primary, Deets won 48% of the vote. It increased to 72%, although also with one less candidate.

For the BI Fire Department, Tim Carey is beating David Dunn and Andrea Chymiy is beating Robert Peterson

And for the BI Metropolitan Parks and Recreation commission, Tom Goodlin is beating David Maron.

All three state measures are losing, and both Kitsap County measures are passing.

Bainbridge Island

City Council

District 2: Brenda Fantroy Johnson, 3,902, 74%; Chris Smith, 1,365, 26%

District 3: Jon Quitslund, 2,812, 51%; Kent Scott, 2,721, 49%

District 5: Clarence Moriwaki, 4,663, 79%; Rasham Nassar, 1,251, 21%

District 7: Joe Deets, 4,221, 72%; Ron Peltier, 1,650, 28%.

School District

District 2: Robert Cromwell

District 5: Mark D. Emerson

Fire Department

Position 1: Scott Isenman.

Position 3: Andrea Chymly, 3,187, 60%; Robert S. Peterson, 2,099, 40%

Position 5: Tim Carey, 3,093, 61%; David Dunn, 2,007, 39%

Park District

Position 2: Ken DeWitt

Position 4: Jay Kinney

Position 5: Tom Goodlin, 3,352, 62%; David Maron, 2,055, 38%

North Kitsap

Poulsbo Mayor: Becky Erickson

Poulsbo City Council

Position 5: Ed Stern

Position 6: David Musgrove

Position 7: Gary McVey


District 1: Richard Eckert, 4,808, 64%; Michael Duchemin, 2,761, 36%

District 3: Breane Martinez


Position 1: Wilson R. Stewart

Position 4: Gillian A. Gregory

Poulsbo Fire Department

Position 1: James Ingalls


Eglon: Russell Cordiner

Indianola: Eric Cookson

Keyport: Donald D. McCracken

Kingston: Mary McClure

Poulsbo: Jamie Green, Thomas K. Rose.

Parks (Village Green)

Position 1: Bobbie Moore, 1,118, 77%; Sherri Kelsay, 329, 23%.

Position 4: Patrick M. Pearson

Position 5: Bob Netzel, 1,030, 72%; Ben Nimmons, 399, 28%. In the primary, Netzel won 72% of the vote.


Advisory vote 36, telephone lines tax for behavioral health: Repealed 25,410, 57% to 19,225, 43%

Advisory vote 37, capital gains tax: Repealed, 28,135, 63% to 16,832, 37%

Advisory vote 38, captive insurers tax: Repealed 26,656, 61% to 17,234, 39%

Kitsap County

Prop. 1, coroner to medical examiner office: 28,939, 65% to 15,815, 35%

Prop. 2, tax for 911: 28,939, 66% to 14,636, 34%