Newspaper’s art frog is stolen

The Bainbridge Island Review's frog has been stolen from its spot at Colman Dock in Seattle.

The Bainbridge Island Review’s frog has been stolen from its spot at Colman Dock in Seattle.

The frog was one of three dozen made last year and put on display as a fundraiser for the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association.

Most of the frogs were placed at locations around Bainbridge Island, but the Review’s frog was taken to the Seattle ferry terminal last summer and installed near the passenger boarding area for the Bainbridge ferry.

A group of islanders discovered the 45-pound sculpture, called Frog “Clark” Kent, was missing when they went to retrieve it Thursday for Saturday’s benefit auction of art frogs.

“The frog is one-of-a-kind, designed by artist Diana Montgomery, and sponsored by the Bainbridge Island Review. When our team went to pick up the frog today, the frog was missing,” said Jerri Lane, executive director of the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association.

Ferry officials confirmed the frog was missing and the Washington State Patrol has been notified.

The art frog, which measures 40 inches by 30 inches by 24 inches, sits on a large custom wood base that was constructed by Etchey’s Trimworks. The frog is wearing an overcoat made of Review newspapers that opens in front to Superman’s trademark “S” blue undershirt.

People involved with the art frog project hope the sculpture was only taken as a prank and is returned. Anyone who has seen the missing frog is encouraged to call the State Patrol.

The Bainbridge Island Downtown Association will host its auction of the frog sculptures at Saturday, Sept. 13 at the Frogs on the Rock Gala Auction at the Boundy Farm (8045 Fletcher Bay Road).