Missing fentanyl pills lead to stabbings

A man was charged Sept. 7 with first-degree assault after he and another person were stabbed during a fight over missing fentanyl pills.

Police responded to a call Sept. 5 at 6:30 a.m. at the 6700 block of Bay Vista Boulevard, where officers discovered one man with a serious stab wound in his upper arm being attended to by a woman who had been with them.

They said that 40-year-old James Presson had stabbed the man after confronting them over 1,000 missing fentanyl pills, which Presson claimed had gone missing from the woman’s car.

Presson was found at St. Michael Medical Center in Silverdale and was questioned by police the following day. He said that during the confrontation, the other man stabbed him first in the back. Presson then chased him until the man fell to the ground, dropping his weapon.

Presson then stabbed him in the arm with his own knife, but the woman said that during the struggle she jumped on Presson’s back and stabbed him twice more in the back.

Officers found both knives belonging to the men at the scene.