Local author debuts book about psychology of spending and investing

Spending Your Way To Wealth is now available online

If the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has you worried for your finances, local Bainbridge Island author, Paul Heys, has a refreshing new read for you. “Spending Your Way To Wealth”, is a guide that focuses on everyday people who make spending decisions that have long-term consequences.

Amidst a global crisis, the principles and ideas brought forward by Heys seem to apply now more than ever. People are now forced to make tough spending decisions out of necessity to keep their lives functioning. Heys argues that these tough priority decisions will change the way people view spending habits post-pandemic.

“One of the consequences of the current pandemic are the changes in behavior that all people have been forced to make,” Heys said. “People’s enlightened awareness of their ability to change makes the spending and investing behavioral changes urged in the book much easier for people to implement the recommendations contained in the book.”

According to Heys, the book focuses on wealth and spending in general with a sharp focus on the psychology of spending and investing. When asked what readers should take away from the book, the local author pointed to small spending habits that can have everlasting impacts over time.

“Every spending transaction — regardless of how small — can have an enormous positive consequence on their future financial outcome,” he said. “Spending can be the cause of wealth, or, spending can be the cause of wealth forfeiture and regret.”

In this current economic climate, many young people are facing the challenges of breaking into their respective careers and are confronted with many obstacles along the way, such as increasing rent. Heys urges our adult youth to take the time to weigh the opportunities and risks that come along with each spending decision.

“Take the time to understand the enormity of the financial opportunity open to them and take the time to differentiate between real financial risk and perceived financial risk,” Heys said. “Stress and anxieties can be both real and imagined. In either case, we need to try and understand how our natural impulses may cause us to behave.”

Heys’ website investorship.com, states that wealth can mean much more than just money, rather an abundance of valuable things such as personal satisfaction, friendships, and memories.

The local author is a retired financial advisor, a former CEO and a founding director of a commercial bank. Prior to his financial career, Heys was a pilot and a retired Air Force officer. Over the past 20 years, Heys has frequently been a guest speaker at civic and municipal events to talk about spending and wealth.

“Spending Your Way To Wealth” is now available in print, eBook, and audiobook formats through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, Ratuken Kobo, Apple iBook and Libro. Heys also said the book will soon be available at Eagle Harbor Books. Additionally, links to purchase the book can be found at investorship.com.