Liveaboard comes to the rescue of woman allegedly assaulted at island marina

Bainbridge Island Police were called to a dock in the marina district when a liveaboard called 911 after discovering a half-naked woman running down the dock early last week.

Bainbridge Island Police were called to a dock in the marina district when a liveaboard called 911 after discovering a half-naked woman running down the dock early last week.

The liveaboard told a 911 dispatcher he had a semi-nude woman on his boat who was hiding from her boyfriend, who she said had gotten violent.

The boyfriend, an older man, was on the dock next to the liveaboard’s boat. The liveaboard told the dispatcher that if the boyfriend boarded his boat, he had a gun and would take care of the situation himself.

Police quickly arrived on the scene.

A liveaboard said he discovered the woman, 25, running down the dock wearing only a pair of yoga pants on April 29. He offered her a safe place on his boat.

Soon an older man, 53, who the liveaboard described as white man with a goatee, walked up to his boat and said, “This isn’t what it looks like,” followed by, “If you call the police, you’ll see me again!”

The liveaboard, in turn, got on the phone and called 911.

Police arrived to find the woman with a blanket around her. She appeared to be afraid and was hiding under the blanket. Police told her that her boyfriend was not nearby and that she was safe.

She corrected the officers and said that the man was not her boyfriend but her boss, and said he had crossed a line. She insisted that man was not her boyfriend and that he had a wife.

The woman’s eyes were darting back and forth and her speech was heavily slurred. Officers suspected that she had been drinking or under the influence of drugs.

The liveaboard told police that when she came on his boat she was wearing a life preserver, pants and nothing else. She had a purse with her with some clothes in it.

He said she told him that she was “hiding from her boyfriend,” and that “he was getting violent.” She also told him that the man was “trying to force her.”

In addition to her clothes in her purse, the liveaboard said she had a bloody washcloth, but he could not tell if she was injured. Paramedics were called.

When police went to speak with the older man on his boat, he said that he didn’t know why his employee had run away. He said that he was at the bow of his boat and on the phone making a “quote” for his business when she ran away. He told officers that the two were there to work.

One officer, looking at his watch, noted that it was after 9 p.m. and asked him what work they were doing, but the man only answered that they were doing work, and would not offer anything specific.

The man said he wanted to see the woman do well in his company and advance within it.

The officers then inspected the boat and went into the bedroom where they found a mostly empty bottle of vodka and a juice bottle. The room smelled of chocolate. Officers found an open container of chocolate-scented massage oil next to the bed that appeared to have been recently used.

Police asked the man if the woman had been drinking the vodka. He said no, but soon changed his story and said she may have had a little.

Police reports noted that the man did not appear to be “forthcoming and truthful in his statements and continued to distance himself from any knowledge of why his employee ran half naked out of the boat.”

Eventually, the man admitted that the woman had taken her shirt off and he massaged her feet and back before he massaged her front and began kissing her. The man said she was acting “very friendly.”

Back on shore, the woman received care from paramedics and talked with police officers and detectives.

She told them that she works in customer service at her boss’ company in Seattle and he brought her to a meeting with a client that day. Afterward, he took her to lunch where the two had a few drinks. He then asked her to help him get ready for boating season. She agreed, she said, because he is her boss.

Before boarding the boat in Seattle, the man purchased $170 worth of liquor and mixers. Then the two disembarked and headed toward the island.

While the boat was in the middle of the Puget Sound, the man had the woman sit on his lap and he began to grope her, the woman told police.

Once docked at Bainbridge Island, the two watched television in the bedroom. The woman said she wanted to learn how to fly an airplane and the boss said he could help with that. The man began groping the woman again, and soon attempted to escalate the situation, but the woman pushed him away and told him to stop. The woman told police that the man was aggressive and would not stop. She then ran from the boat.

The woman told police that such a situation occurred once before when the man showed her his boat after dinner. The man made advances then as well, but the woman rejected his attempts. The man paid for a town car to take her home.

The man also offered to pay for a town car after last week’s incident. The woman was picked up by the car at the Seattle ferry terminal and the man charged it to his company account.

The man told police that the woman never told him “no” during the evening. He admitted to making mistakes that night but insisted that he did not commit a crime.

Police forwarded a report on the incident to the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office for review.