KSCO search for man luring children with dog

The Kitsap County Sheriffs Office is searching for a vehicle and its driver who reportedly attempted to lure children into the vehicle April 15.

The only descriptors KCSO has of the suspect and the vehicle is a man with white hair driving a newer white sedan, possibly a Hyundai Elantra or Sonata; the suspect may also have a small white dog.

The suspect reportedly attempted to lure small children in the Hill Bend neighborhood in Kingston to his vehicle using the dog.

According to a KCSO report a neighbor drove by the man and “gave him a look” that scared him off.

The neighbor approached the parents of the children who were in the front yard to let them know what had happened and during that time the man had shown up and driven away again.

A neighbor’s security camera reportedly caught video of the suspect vehicle as it left the neighborhood.