Kitsap Transit will cut back or temporarily stop service on bus routes to Bainbridge Island

Kitsap Transit is reducing services on some Bainbridge Island routes — or suspending them entirely — as part of the agency’s reduction in bus services.

Agency officials said Kitsap Transit is cutting back bus runs by more than 30 percent due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.

The service cuts will start Monday, April 1. Service will be reduced on 34 bus routes across Kitsap County, while buses will stop running on eight routes across Kitsap.

The ACCESS program and Dial-A-Ride services will continue to operate at normal levels.

Kitsap Transit said the reduced bus runs are temporary.

Three of the eight routes in the system that have been suspended completely are on Bainbridge Island.

Routes that serve Bainbridge that will stop running on April 1 are:

• Route 91 – Kingston-Bainbridge;

• Route 333 – Silverdale-Bainbridge; and

• Route 338 – Gateway-Bainbridge Express.

Route 92, the Kingston-Suquamish bus service, has also been suspended.

All other routes that serve the island are also being reduced. Those are:

• Route 93 – Manzanita;

• Route 94 – Agate Point;

• Route 95 – Battle Point;

• Route 96 – Sunrise;

• Route 97 – Crystal Springs;

• Route 98 – Fort Ward;

• Route 99 – Bill Point;

• Route 106 – Fletcher Bay; and

• Route 390 – Poulsbo-Bainbridge.

A list of changes to specific routes can be found at

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