COVID’s Phase 2 Kitsap reopening plan changed to Valentine’s Day

Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and the rest of Kitsap County can move to Phase 2 of Gov. Jay Inslee’s Roadmap to Recovery plan on Valentine’s Day.

Inslee made the change so the public could enjoy the holiday. It had been set for Feb. 15

Inslee announced Thursday that the Northwest Region and four other regions are moving to Phase 2, meaning some business, social and recreational activities can be open with 25 percent capacity. They still must use COVID-19 safety measures, such as wearing masks and staying at least 6 feet apart.

“This means that 92% of all the people in the state of Washington will be able to go forward with some additional activity,” Inslee said.

“We are making real progress on the pandemic,” Inslee said, noting that COVID cases are “down significantly over the last few weeks. These regions have demonstrated declining COVID cases and hospitalizations, and have met the necessary requirements to advance.”

That’s been the case in Kitsap County, as there were only 15 new cases Thursday.

That’s because people have been wearing masks and limiting gatherings. “People have been following science,” Inslee said.

While cases are down, deaths in Kitsap County have risen this year.

“I am thrilled the governor recognized the progress we’ve made fighting the spread of COVID-19 in Kitsap County,” said county Commissioner Charlotte Garrido, chair of the Kitsap Public Health Board. “This announcement is a testament to the dedication of Kitsap residents, business owners, and our frontline health workers. We are headed in the right direction and need to stay the course.”

Health Officer Dr. Gib Morrow said: “The move to Phase 2 is exciting news for our community, but it’s not a return to business as usual. COVID-19 is still spreading in all parts of our county and cases could easily soar again if we let our guard down. We need to continue practicing healthy habits like masking and distancing so we can keep our loved ones safe, keep businesses open, keep kids in classrooms, and keep Kitsap moving forward.”

County Commissioner Rob Gelder said: “I’m happy for our restaurant owners and other local businesses that are able to enjoy a relaxation of business

restrictions. Our economy and their livelihoods depends upon it.”

Inslee also announced $87 million for rental and business assistance programs.

The South Central region will be the only one left in Phase 1: Benton, Columbia, Franklin, Kittitas, Walla Walla and Yakima counties.


Detailed business guidance is posted at

*Indoor social gatherings with people from outside your household should not include more than 5 people, limit two households.

*Outdoor social gatherings shall be limited to 15 people from outside your household, limit 2 households.

*Worship services allowed up to 25% indoor capacity.

*Retail stores, including farmers markets, allowed up to 25% indoor capacity. Curbside pick-up is encouraged.

*Professional services allowed up to 25% indoor capacity. Remote work strongly encouraged.

*Personal services allowed up to 25% indoor capacity.

*Eating and drinking establishments are limited to 25% capacity for indoor service. Outdoor dining and to-go service are permitted. Table size for indoor and outdoor dining is limited to a maximum of six people and two households. Establishments only serving individuals 21+ and no food remain closed.

*Wedding and funeral ceremonies and indoor receptions, and wakes are permitted. Dancing is prohibited.

*Low and moderate risk sports competitions are permitted. Tournaments are not. Fitness and training establishments can operate at a maximum of 25% capacity.

*Indoor entertainment establishments such as aquariums, theaters, arenas, concert halls, gardens, museums, bowling alleys, trampoline facilities, cardrooms and event spaces are open at a maximum of 25% capacity.

*Outdoor entertainment establishments such as zoos, gardens, aquariums, theaters, stadiums, event spaces, arenas, concert venues and rodeos can be open for groups of 15, with a maximum of 200 individuals, including spectators.