Gov. Inslee on Charlottesville attack: ‘We will not tolerate hate in any form’

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee condemned the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia as an act of “racist, nationalist bigotry.”

Inslee released a statement Saturday after protests left one dead and at least 19 injured:

“No American can ignore the disgusting hate and violence we’ve seen in Charlottesville over the last two days.

“Trudi and I hold the victims of today’s attack in our thoughts, and we know that all Washingtonians who believe in freedom, peace and justice for all will do the same.

“It is on all of us, from me, to you, and all the way to the President, to denounce and decry the horror we’ve seen today in Virginia.

“But speaking out against this hate is not enough. Our actions as a nation in response to racist, nationalist bigotry will speak louder.

“We can not let anyone stoke racism for political gain. We can’t ignore an attack on our people. And we will not tolerate hate in any form, anywhere, in the United States of America.”