Family of Tyler Moniz founds suicide prevention non-profit

The Tyler Moniz Foundation is seeking to start a conversation about mental illness and suicide.

A conversation about depression is not an easy one to start, unfortunately talking about it is often put off until it’s too late. This was the case for Tyler Moniz. Moniz’s family knew nothing of the extent of his inner struggles. By all accounts, he appeared to be a kind-hearted, well-loved, fun-loving young man.

The year following Tyler’s suicide in April 2016, the Moniz family learned about depression and suicide, as dozens of their friends and family members shared stories about loved ones who are struggling with depression and mental illness or resorted to suicide.

“It feels like an epidemic,” Tyler’s mother, Lee Moniz said.

“We need to start a conversation.”

Recently, Tyler’s family kicked off The Tyler Moniz Project, a nonprofit which makes its mission the celebration of Tyler’s life by supporting educational and community programs which promote happiness, well-being, and hope.

“Young people suffering from depression are not alone. We can do something about this. There are ways out,” Lee Moniz said.

Among other things, the project will raise money to support educational programs aimed at creating awareness about depression and mental illness.

“We want to focus on Bainbridge students and families. I believe we can help each other. Everyone deserves to be happy,” Lee Moniz said.

The Tyler Moniz Project will be holding its first fundraiser this summer. For more information about the project go to

Family of Tyler Moniz founds suicide prevention non-profit