Candidate for Congress has Bainbridge meet-and-greet

Rebecca Parson, a Democratic Party candidate for Washington state’s 6th Congressional District, will visit Bainbridge Island Thursday for a campaign event.

Parson will be at OfficeXpats at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 13.

She is being hosted for her first meet-and-greet on Bainbridge Island by Bainbridge Climate Action and Indivisible Bainbridge.

Parson’s background includes:

• Commissioner on the Tacoma Commission on Disabilities, where she has worked to bring a wheelchair-accessible taxi service to Tacoma;

• Human rights observer in an indigenous Zapatista community in Mexico that was threatened by paramilitary groups;

• Worked with the International Association of Genocide Scholars and presented at their conference in Sarajevo;

• Court-appointed special advocate for kids in foster care;

• Organizer with the Democratic Socialists of America;

• Board member of Whole Washington, a group fighting for single-payer healthcare in Washington; and

• Democratic Party precinct committee officer.

If elected, Parson’s goals include: Medicare for All; 12 million new units of social housing in the next decade; the Green New Deal; $15 federal minimum wage floor (more in high-cost areas); cancellation of student debt; starting salary of $60K for all public school teachers; abolition of private prisons; and an end to the country’s involvement in “forever wars.”

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