BYS peer tutors help K-12 students for free

Math can be scary – for a lot of people.

So Bainbridge Youth Services offers peer tutoring, not just for math but for other subjects as well.

BYS Peer Tutoring is a free program designed to support students of all ages become capable learners and offers an opportunity for Bainbridge High School students to receive community service credit through volunteerism.

Peer Tutoring is available to all K-12 students by appointment Monday-Thursday after school. Learn more at

Mayzie Carleton is one of the tutors.

Carleton started volunteering as an algebra tutor two years ago and enjoys helping when someone is afraid of math or having trouble with an assignment. She is motivated to help people because she enjoys connecting with others and building community.

“Helping others is a great way to do those things,” Carleton said. “I like being able to help people understand math because I’ve had some trouble with math over the years, too.”

When working with students, Carleton shares advice that her dad used to tell her. “Take a breath, have a growth mindset. You can do it. If you’re having so much trouble that you can’t think of another way to do it, walk away so you can come back with fresh eyes.”

Initially, Carleton didn’t believe her dad’s advice, “but when I walked away and came back, I really was able to think about it in a different way. Math can be scary. We just have to remember there’s a solution and always someone to help if we need it.”

Every month, the program awards someone as their Peer Tutor of the Month. Carleton won for February.

BYS manager Brittany Wisner said Carleton was recognized because “she is one of our most consistent and reliable tutors.”