Bike Barn open as renovations completed

Features include 79 indoor hooks, 33 outdoor racks

The newly renovated Bainbridge Island Bike Barn is open to the public.

New features include LED lighting, security cameras, updated ADA standards, new benches and space for two electric bikes.

The Bike Barn is located just outside the Winslow ferry terminal, offering 79 indoor hooks and 33 outdoor racks, along with 48 accessory lockers, according to the Kitsap Transit website.

Bicycle storage is available on a first-come, first-served basis, but folks must apply to use an accessory locker. During the summer months, there will be an on-site service vendor who can provide minor bike repairs, rentals and cycling accessories for sale.

Bike hooks and personal lockers are for the sole purpose of storing biking equipment, according to KT. This excludes electric or motorized bicycles with any combustion engine or motor. Storage of any non-bicycling items or objects, including any combustible materials, will result in immediate removal.

Kitsap Transit states they assume no liability and are not responsible for fire, theft, loss or damage to personal property and items left attended or unattended at the Bike Barn or in the accessory lockers.

Bike Barn storage rules include no long-term storage (hooks and racks can be used for up to 72 hours, including weekends). Bikes left longer than 72 hours are subject to removal.

Cyclists must bring their own lock to secure their bike to a hook or rack. However, personal locks on accessory lockers are prohibited and will result in contents being removed. Bikes also are still available through Bike Barn Rental. Call 206-842-3434 or visit for details.