BI to accelerate transportation networks

City Thread has selected Bainbridge Island and eight other cities to participate in the Accelerated Mobility Playbook technical assistance program designed to help fast-forward the build-out of their transportation networks.

Building on the success of The Final Mile, which helped five cities build 335 miles of bike lanes in just two years, City Thread’s playbook provides a roadmap for speeding project delivery, completing network-focused plans, and conducting community engagement. Continuing to build relationships between elected leaders, city staff, grassroots and philanthropic partners is a key component.

The assistance includes a mobility audit of the city’s current practices and an action plan for improved implementation of the Sustainable Transportation Plan. The STP came out of the city’s Climate Action Plan, which goals are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent by 2045, to ensure BI is climate savvy and can withstand impacts of climate change, and to inspire community action.

Accelerating the STP will aid in CAP’s overall goals, a BI news release says. BI’s new Sustainable Transportation analyst, once hired, is set to work on this project with other city staffers.

BI’s mobility opportunities are highlighted in the STP completed in February. BI will receive assistance from the nonprofit consultancy led by national mobility experts. The application was prepared in partnership with Squeaky Wheels and Bainbridge GreenWays. Other cities include, Syracuse; Gulfport, Miss.; Cleveland; Milwaukee; Tucson; Santa Rosa and Petaluma, Calif.; and Indianapolis.