BI gets 1st EV; goes to police department

The Bainbridge Island Police Department has the city’s first new electric car, and it has given the keys to the community health navigator.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E Select sedan marks the beginning of the city’s transition to electric vehicles.

The EV was assigned to the police department to field test in different capacities in order to evaluate the car’s suitability for patrol purposes.

Police chief Joe Clark said the vehicle will be used primarily by the navigator, Kelsey Lynch, but other staff will have access as well.

“We want to test the range over a 12-hour shift, length of time to recharge, capacity to carry the necessary equipment, and useability in all weather conditions,” Clark said.

The vehicle will charge at the maintenance facility.

Clark stated that EVs have been used by law enforcement over the last few years, but none have been built specifically for that purpose. “Having this vehicle now allows us to evaluate its suitability for the work, to identify any challenges or obstacles, and develop solutions as we move toward an electric fleet.”

The EV will be on public display at City Hall before the Sept. 13 City Council meeting.