BI council retreat with new city manager July 17

The Bainbridge Island City Council will have its long-awaited retreat with new city manager Blair King from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 17 at City Hall.

It can be observed online via BAINBRIDGEWA.ZOOM.US/J/96656027867

The event will start with ground rules and overall goals of the retreat, followed by a discussion on issues facing the community.

At 9:30, the council will go over its workplan to prioritize dozens of projects, which are categorized as land use/housing; climate/natural resources; mobility; safety; community; and accountability. They are also categorized by the driving force behind each one: policy, operations, capital and required, such as for being state-mandated. Projects include: complete changes to sign code; Climate Action Plan implementation; support Sustainable Transportation Project; traffic calming program development; plan for 2021 Community Needs assessment; and Stormwater Master Plan.

At 10:30, the council also will look at examples of council agenda construction policies from two former communities where King worked: Lodi and Coronado, CA. They explain protocols used for meetings and the processes for handling various types of council actions.

At 11 a.m., they plan to discuss a case study on poor communication between a council and city manager. The goal is to discuss processes that lead to poor communication and educate all involved on how to avoid them.

At 11:30, they plan to discuss the council’s committee assignments, including 10 that are local and regional; 12 that are BI advisory committees and commissions; five that are ad hoc committees; three that are BI task forces; and two that are joint subcommittees.

Following lunch, at 1:15 p.m., they are set to discuss the council’s high-priority projects before adjourning.