Best Bets for June 23–25 | The Bainbridge Blab

Has the sun left you in an existential quandry of what to do with your weekend? Are you condemned to freedom, too many choices and not enough decisiveness? Well, let us go ahead and choose for you!

On Friday, get your drink on at Bainbridge Brewing as the crafty concocters of potent potables celebrate their fifth anniversary. At 2 p.m. the crafty concocters of potent potables will be bringing out some special beers, stashed away in the cold room for revelers to enjoy in addition the release of the much anticipated 5th Anniversary Ale. There will also be some limited edition glassware for sale and extended patio seating as well. No charge for entry means no excuses for anyone who has beer money.

Get an early start on Saturday and carpe your diem to the fullest. Start your day out right by heading over to the Bainbridge Farmers Market. The market, open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. is a great spot to snatch up some of the freshest produce from island farms like Leapfrog, Laughing Crow and Mystery Bay Farms.

After you’ve effectively stocked up on more healthy food stuffs than your vegetable-peddling mother can shake a stick at, head over to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art at 2 p.m. to check out the opening of the summer exhibitions. Meet the artists, enjoy complimentary (read: FREE!) refreshments, and be the first to see whats next for the exciting new shows at the museum.

Here at the Review, we like to encourage people to slow down, smell the roses and wherever possible, just take it easy. So on Sunday we say you should go ahead and invoke the namesake of the last day of your weekend and take some time to enjoy the sun. Perhaps even crack open that growler you brought home from Bainbridge Brewing’s anniversary, sit in your favorite lawn chair and watch as that great, life-giving ball of burning gas in the sky slowly descends the horizon, drawing the blinds on the window of freedom that has been your weekend.

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