Best Bets for April 21–23 | The Bainbridge Blab

Best Bets for April 21–23 | The Bainbridge Blab

You’ve made it through your work week! You managed to power through the week of 4/20 without forgetting anything important, succumbing to the munchies, or forgetting anything important. Take a breath of fresh air, clear your lungs and spark yourself up a nice, fat, weekend.

Spend your day patronizing the artists… or as a patron of the arts, it’s really up to you. Whatever you decide, you should get down to Bainbridge Arts & Crafts to check out “Lou Cabeen: Geography of Hope” and “Unearthing Landscape” before the exhibitions are gone on April 23.

Lou Cabeen is a Seattle-based artist with Chicago roots who works in a variety of tactile media. Most recently she has been pondering the relationship between art and cartography as she charts the emotional geographies of contemplation, belief and desire.

In “Unearthing Landscape,” in honor of Earth Day (April 22) three artists share their works in response to global and local environmental issues of our time.

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts is at 151 Winslow Way E.. For More information call 206-842-3132.

On Saturday, after you’ve finished your state-required Saturday school for snowday make-up, check out Star Anna and Spirit Award at Rolling Bay Hall, presented by Space Craft. This double feature starts at 7:30 and is sure to be a crowd favorite.

Tickets for the event can be procured for the low low price of $12.00 at

Take a load off on Sunday, do some yard work, relax and prepare yourself mentally for the trials of the week to come. Because, you my friend have spent your weekend and hopefully spent it wisely.

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