Bainbridge blotter | Shopping for trouble

Selected reports from the Bainbridge Island Police Department blotter.


12:40 p.m. A man called police to report a group of young men had thrown a shopping cart off the public dock in Waterfront Park.

Police arrived and spoke to the man, who said he saw about five young men, not wearing shirts, gathered at the far east end of the dock. One was sitting in a shopping cart, he said, which another of the group proceeded to push off the dock into the water. They all laughed, the man said, and swam around for a bit before walking into the park.

Police walked the dock, but due to the depth and murkiness of the water, could not be certain of the cart’s presence or location. They searched the park and found no group of young men.

2:25 p.m. A 66-year-old Bainbridge Island woman living on Kallgren Road NE reported her mailbox had apparently been tampered with, and some mail possibly stolen.

The woman said she checked the box shortly after mail typically arrives, and found the box empty, with junk mail on the ground. She was unsure if anything was taken.

Her neighbor told her their box had also been tampered with, and he’d found a padded envelope open and empty nearby.

A report was filed.