Bainbridge blotter | Shoplifters get away

Selected reports from the Bainbridge Island Police Department blotter.

Selected reports from the Bainbridge Island Police Department blotter.


11:34 a.m. Police contacted a 44-year-old Poulsbo woman after a shoplifting incident at the Safeway.

A store manager told police that two women came into the store and filled up a shopping cart with groceries, then left without paying for the items.

When the employee confronted the women, they were putting the groceries into the trunk of a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt.

One woman said she had a receipt for the groceries, but refused to show it to the manager.

The women were in such a hurry that they left items in the grocery cart — diapers, soda and plastic forks — before they got into the car and drove away. The stolen items were estimated in value at $40.

Using a license plate number taken by the store employee, police found the vehicle registered to the Poulsbo woman. She told police she had not been at the Bainbridge Safeway, but loaned her car to her friend “Marylou” who needed to get to a doctor’s appointment in Silverdale.

She also said she didn’t have a phone number for Marylou, and said she lived at an unknown location in Indianola and did not know how to get in touch with her.

When an officer asked how Marylou got home after dropping off the woman’s car, the woman could not answer.

Police reviewed the store video and were unable to determine the identity of the person who had committed the theft.