Bainbridge blotter | Get your hands off my dinghy

Selected reports from the Bainbridge Island Police Department blotter.


3:26 p.m. A 57-year-old Bainbridge Island man was intercepted after he stole a dinghy from the city dock.

Police were called by the owner of the boat who said the man, who was currently onboard a sailboat in Eagle Harbor, had taken his dinghy from the dock without permission.

The harbormaster contacted the man via a third party after speaking with police and he returned to the dock.

The owner said he was not interested in filing charges but stressed he had not given the other man permission to take the boat.

The other man told police he’d taken the dinghy so he could get to his sailboat, as his own dinghy was stuck in the Manitou Beach area. He then demanded police retrieve his dinghy for him.

The officer “allowed [him] to vent and calm down, but informed him he could not visit his problems on other people and help himself to their property, including their dinghies.”

The man said he understood and promised to seek permission to use another’s boat if he should become stranded again.

A report was filed.