Artist tattoos sensitive breast cancer topic

There are certain things that those battling or recovering from a fight with breast cancer should not have to compromise.

One of those is body confidence, something that Brianna Madison, owner of Luxe Beauty Studio LLC in Silverdale, is dedicated to helping other women maintain with an extremely important, yet reserved procedure.

Madison found herself venturing into the world of permanent makeup over two years ago, an interest she took up out of a love for microblading, as well as helping women leave the house feeling like themselves. “Since starting my business in permanent makeup and aesthetics, I have become fortunate to help women feel beautiful full-time, and it has been unbelievably rewarding.”

While she counts herself lucky in that neither she nor any close family or friends have been affected by breast cancer, she understands just how traumatic the experience can be both from a health standard and trying to return to a sense of physical normalcy.

It’s the reason why her career passion now includes paramedical areola tattooing, a specialized form that is commonly sought after a mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery. The procedure re-creates the original appearance of a natural nipple and areola that, due to advanced tattooing techniques and increased awareness, can look just as realistic as the original.

Patients will always remember their incredibly hard journey through battling cancer, but Madison said that the procedure helps restore a sense of femininity and wholeness. It also can serve as a jumpstart to getting women back out into the social world. “Many breast cancer survivors experience a loss of body image and self-esteem after their surgeries. Paramedical Areola tattooing helps them feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies again,” she said.

The procedure can prove costly even for those who have insurance coverage, which is why Madison believes that she can help alleviate the financial pressure already on cancer victims.

“Many tattoo artists who specialize in paramedical areola tattooing offer discounted or free services to breast cancer survivors as a way to give back and support their community,” she said. “I decided it would be a beautiful way to give back to my community during breast cancer awareness month by offering the service for free.”

Admittedly, she said, her offering the deal through the rest of the month came fairly late, but she hopes that at the very least her efforts can continue to spread the word about the importance of paramedical tattooing and why the life-changing procedure deserves more attention.