3 in running for 23rd district position 1

Editor’s note: Candidates for the state’s 23rd Legislative District Position 1 were given 250 words to explain to voters why they should vote for them in the Aug. 6 primary election. Following are their submissions.

Tiffany Attrill

Tiffany Attrill, an Independent candidate for House District 23—Position 1, is not just another politician. She is a devoted mom and seasoned crime victim advocate whose professional experience gives her a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our most vulnerable and disproportionately impacted communities. She is dedicated, passionate and devoted to giving a voice to those who feel they have none. She will work tirelessly to ensure that crime victims/survivors and their families are seen and heard by lawmakers in Olympia.

Attrill has seen the devastating impacts that violent crime, property and retail theft have on individuals, families, businesses and communities. She believes in accountability for those who commit crime,—she supports second chances but not a revolving door to criminal behavior.

With a social work background, Attrill is driven to ensure mental health and addiction resources to those in need. She believes affordable housing should be available to those who serve and work in our communities, especially healthcare providers, teachers and first responders. Working to fix our ferry system and supporting funding for education are also top priorities.

As an Independent, Attrill works for the people, not a political party. Guided by integrity, transparency and humility, her extensive public service experience and independence make her the ideal candidate to bring common-sense solutions to Olympia.

Join Tiffany Attrill in her quest to make a meaningful difference for the 23rd district in Kitsap County. Your support can drive positive, meaningful change.

Kurt Robertson

· Kitsap resident for 36 years and married for 51 years.

· 20-year military veteran. I challenged a physical deferment to serve as one of the 1% who serve to protect America.

· I managed an $800 million budget on a project in Saudi Arabia. I have 10 years of foreign employment and have visited nearly 70 other countries.

· Adjunct faculty for Olympic College, Western Washington University, the University of Washington and UW/Tacoma since 1992.

· Bachelor of Science in Business from Brigham Young University, and an MBA from Chaminade University.

· Support abortion for rape, incest, life of mother, or fetus likely will not survive after birth. Abortion is about life.

· Volunteer Firefighter for Central Kitsap and chair for the Olympic View Park stewardship committee.

· National Rifle Association life member

I am an educator, businessman and veteran who seeks to make the streets safer, home ownership and affordable living within reach. I will stand firm against increasing property taxes and work to roll back costly natural gas regulations that will make rent and homes more affordable. I will work to reverse the hidden gas tax that has increased living costs. With a crime victim in my family, I will support the 2nd Amendment, criminal accountability and law-and-order regulation. I will put law-abiding citizens ahead of criminals, and I will champion common sense education reform to prepare our children and grandchildren for professional success.

We can do better. Bold, Professional, Relatable

Tarra Simmons

Rep. Simmons has proudly served the people of the 23rd legislative district since 2021. She is a mother, former registered nurse, lawyer, nonprofit director and a nationally recognized civil rights activist. Her lived experiences of overcoming poverty, violence, substance use disorder and incarceration called her into public service to work toward a safer and healthier community for all people.

During her first two terms, Simmons passed thirteen pieces of legislation and secured millions of dollars for local investments. Her legislative efforts improved access to affordable healthcare, expanded voting rights, and reduced barriers for people who have been incarcerated.

As a survivor of violence, Simmons promotes restorative justice and trauma healing. She led a coalition effort to make historic investments in community-based victim services while also funding system-based victim services through more reliable means. She also has a huge heart for seniors. She is proud to serve on the Council on Aging and to support the Bainbridge Island Senior Center in its next phase. In addition, her advocacy has ensured some of our favorite parks and forests will remain open space for future generations.

Right now our civil and healthcare rights are at risk due to federal decisions. Most of us are struggling to make ends meet as we see housing prices skyrocket and oil companies make historic profits while driving up gas prices. There is nobody else in this race who has the mixture of professional and lived experience to ensure our community is protected.

Kurt Robertson

Kurt Robertson