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Kibo Eclipse is a due-for-release online marketing platform that teaches you how to create a feasible e-commerce store, advertise it effectively and make money doing what you love online. Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth are the brains behind this program. The two commerce pioneers have sold online products worth over $80 million in seven years. In their new program, Booth and Clayton teach their customers the ropes of digital marketing and e-commerce and earn a living working from home.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is an advanced e-commerce guide that introduces you to the technicalities and nitty-gritty of launching and running an e-commerce business. The platform is available with a pre-built online store comprising the essential software, tools, features, and support you need to create an online business destined for success. When you sign up for Kibo Eclipse, the knowledge and skills you get will equip you to run a profitable online business without going through complex processes such as sourcing for supplies overseas, managing your inventory, or relying on Amazon.

Besides training and support, Kibo Eclipse offers you a premium domain name, handpicked product selections, and a pre-loaded store with a converting theme. The team behind Kibo Eclipse has streamlined the processes such that instant traffic will be channeled to the products to increase your chances of making a sale quickly. You don’t necessarily need to have e-commerce knowledge or experience to get started with Kibo Eclipse, as it treats the needs of veterans and newbies equally.

According to the official website, the platform simplifies and enhances how quickly one can start and run a profitable e-commerce business regardless of their skill level. Everything, including buying and setting the domain name, setting up and pre-loading high-converting themes, and adding good products to the system, will be completed by Steven Clayton, Aidan Booth, and his tech team.

With the custom traffic channeled to the products, you’ll be making profits in no time. Besides, you don’t have to source the products yourself because a team of qualified and experienced USA-based suppliers is ready to dropship the products to the customers once they place an order. Likewise, you won’t have to pay anything upfront to source the products and deliver them to the target client.

How Kibo Eclipse Works

Kibo Eclipse runs on the ideologies and ethics of the long-established Kibo business model. Once you sign up for the program, the Kibo Eclipse team will do the rest to get you started.

Using their proprietary tool, the team will identify a premium but generic domain name to suit your business and then purchase it for you.

They’ll develop a plan and goal on what type of e-commerce store suit your needs. They’ll then set and preload it with a high-converting domain.

Once your store is ready and active, the team will find the most profitable products. Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton have set up a proprietary software that can efficiently scan through millions of products to select those suited for your business, depending on your niche and target market. The software checks the profitability of each product before finally selecting the ones that are sure to bring you profits.

After they’re satisfied that the selected products are profitable and match your e-commerce business niche and market, they will load them to the website. The team will then add sales copies and images to maximize sales and profitability.

The Kibo Eclipse team will then channel custom traffic to your e-commerce store. The traffic directed to your E-commerce business will increase its visibility on search engines. It will make it possible for clients to notice your products, which increases your chances of making the first sale within a few days or weeks.

Your e-commerce store works as the bridge between customers and suppliers. You’re only marketing the products on behalf of the USA-based suppliers. After you connect clients to suppliers, you won’t need to do anything else because the product suppliers will be notified to supply the products to the target customers. Your work is to market the products and get them known to a worldwide clientele.

After your store starts selling and you’re earning money from the sales, Kibo Eclipse can track and identify more profitable products. The idea here is to select and feature the products that sell better and are likely to push your store growth a notch higher within a short time. As they identify suitable and profitable products and then promote your store further, you’re sure to build a solid and profitable business.

What’s so Unique About Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse isn’t the only platform helping people develop and make profits selling products online. Dozens of platforms have been invented, some of which work similarly to Kibo Eclipse. However, that does not mean Kibo Eclipse is like every other platform you will come across. The design and functions of Kibo Eclipse are unique, and the value you’re getting is way beyond what similar platforms offer. Compared to previous versions, the newer Kibo Eclipse has a lot that separates it from the competition.

Solid track record and multiple success stories: Kibo Eclipse is characterized by sales worth millions of dollars and hundreds of positive client testimonials. In 2021 alone, the company generated over $1 million in sales. Many customer testimonials and social proofs ascertain that Kibo Eclipse is truly a robust and reliable platform for those looking to establish profitable e-commerce businesses. As per related statistics, some people who learned the e-commerce business with Kibo Eclipse earn more than $7000 per month.

Superior and advanced platform and software: Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth have invested $1 million to upgrade and perfect the Kibo Eclipse platform, making the tools and software more fitting to guarantee the success of every e-commerce business. Subscribers are assured access to all these advanced and powerful tools, which are sure to optimize the success of their online businesses.

Unique and superior training approach: Kibo Eclipse has taken a new approach to e-commerce training. You’re not going to go through the same courses and sessions on the previous Kibo Eclipse training sessions. The training system is customized for you, regardless of whether you’re experienced or new to an e-commerce business. The truth is Kibo Eclipse has invested enough finance-wise and skill-wise in perfecting their training sessions, making them more profitable and efficient.

When is the Launching of Kibo Eclipse?

The prelaunch of part one of Kibo Eclipse is on the 19th of January 2021. The second part will be launched on the 21st, the third prelaunch will be on the 23rd, the fourth prelaunch on the 24th, and the fifth prelaunch will be on the 25th.

The System: Part 1 Prelaunch

The system comprises core 3-steps on how to start a lucrative e-commerce system. The system will be launched on 19th January 2022. It’s in the format of a book that explains everything you need to know when starting an e-commerce business from scratch. You’ll learn the suitability and usability of the system and access testimonials from other clients. After you’ve read and understood the details of the system, you can sign up for the early bird webinars to uncover more information on the Kibo Eclipse.

The Blueprint: Part 1 Prelaunch

The Blueprint will be launched on the 21st of January. It comes in the format of an infographic that uncovers the truths about the work of the Kibo Eclipse business model, its uniqueness, and how potential investors can use it. It’s a 3-step program that visually presents everything you need to learn about the Kibo Eclipse system and why it’s an excellent investment for you.

The Results: Part 3: Prelaunch

The final section of the Kibo Eclipse Prelaunch provides you with downloadable content featuring student success stories. You’ll get to know how much you can earn when you set up an e-commerce business with Kibo Eclipse. You’ll get access to dozens of user testimonials, social proof, answers, and questions related to Kibo Eclipse. In this part of the prelaunch, you’ll also get a sample of products proven to be profitable, which you can add to your e-commerce business.

Early Bird Workshops: The Masterclass Sessions

After the three prelaunch phases, the fourth section is the early bird workshop set to be premiered on 24th January. The masterclass sessions come in webinars, offering comprehensive details of the Kibo Eclipse system. These workshops will premiere at 11 am, 1 pm, 8 pm, and 7 pm EST. Subscribers will receive emails to alert and inform them how to join the webinars. The time options make it possible for everyone to attend the classes in their most comfortable times of the day.

Official Kibo Eclipse Launch

The final session of the Kibo Eclipse launch is set to premiere on the 25th of January 2022. The sales page will officially go live on this date. Once the program has been fully launched, you can buy it and build a lucrative e-commerce business.

Who is the Brain behind Kibo Eclipse?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the brains behind Kibo Code Quantum program, are still the masterminds behind Kibo Eclipse. The dual have accumulated years of online e-commerce business experience and have come together to assist thousands of people in building lucrative online businesses. The two have achieved massive success and earned millions of dollars with the previous programs, especially Kibo Code Quantum.

The Kibo Eclipse program is yet to be launched, but based on the information already available online, it’s sure going to be a success. Besides, considering the same team that developed Kibo Code Quantum is behind Kibo Eclipse, it is highly likely to succeed.

What to Know About Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth is an iconic and long-established internet marketer and financial freedom advisor born and raised in New Zealand. Aidan Booth is a force to reckon with in the online business world. He launched his first website in 2005 and has created multiple other sites, thanks to his team of qualified and experienced full-time writers. Currently, Aidan is working tirelessly together with Steven Clayton to launch and run the most profitable marketing business.

Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth joined forces together in 2013 and have been working closely to launch and run profitable online training sessions to assist their customers uncover the tricks and essentials of small business marketing, niche websites, online marketing, e-commerce store development, and consulting. Over the years, the two have assisted thousands of people to learn and launch a profitable online business. Many people benefiting from the training sessions have no prior experience in online marketing.

Steven Clayton is an experienced CFO and former employee of a Fortune 500 company. Clayton is exceptionally experienced on matters online businesses and the corporate world. Before his encounter with Steven Clayton, Steven had not run an online business.

It’s time to connect with the two today to reap from their wealth of online business experience and wisdom. Therefore, if you want to learn how to start and run a profitable online business, mark the launch dates and be sure to buy the Kibo Eclipse program.

Wrap Up

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton, the brains behind the successful and profitable program, Kibo Code Quantum, have launched a new program designed to train you to begin and run a lucrative e-commerce store. When you sign up for the Kibo Eclipse program, you’ll be offered a pre-built website along with a selection of carefully handpicked products and a large volume of traffic to get you started.

Once you’ve paid the program signup cost, you won’t have to buy a domain, set up the store, or connect with suppliers by yourself. The team at Kibo Eclipse takes the sole role of setting a high-converting website, loading your site with products, and providing all useful educational information to get you started. You’ll also get the software and tools you need to run a successful online business. Stats from previous customer testimonials indicate that some customers who undertook training under Steven Clayton and Aidan are making $7000 or even more.

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