Blast HeatCore Heater Reviews: Is Blast Auxiliary Heater by Blaux Worth It?

Winter can be a cool-season if you know how to effectively and efficiently keep yourself warm. However, most individuals dread the cold season as it means an increase in utility bills. The electricity prices keep surging, which makes the cost of running an HVAC system expensive. Regular heating systems are expensive to install and maintain. Also, running an HVAC system means heating the entire room, thus increasing power bills.

However, newer portable and compact heaters promise to heat only the spaces in use, thus saving on power expenses. With so many options in that market, finding a suitable heater can be a daunting task. Blast HeatCore heater is a small, lightweight, and portable heater that claims to keep you warm during the coldest winter days. Is it effective? How much does it cost? Read on this review to find out the features and benefits of investing in the Blast HeatCore gadget.

What is Blast HeatCore Heater?

Blast HeatCore advertises it can make you enjoy the freezing winter season. The manufacturers claim it can warm your space in 3-5 seconds. Additionally, Blast HeatCore promises to combat chills without increasing your power bills. It uses ceramic heating technology that is energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Thus, you can run it for extended periods without feeling guilty about using up power. The Blast HeatCore has a compact and sleek design that accentuates any space that you place it. The manufacturer claims it adds details to your space, making it cozier. Similarly, Blast HeatCore is easy to install and maintain, and you do not need to be a tech expert to run it. In addition, it is pet and children-friendly as it has an automatic shutoff setting when it gets tipped over.

Blast HeatCore Specifications

  • Single speed/temp only
  • 450W heat fan 265-300°F /130-150°C
  • Heats up within 3-5 seconds
  • Automatic safety switch
  • Ceramic Heater technology
  • Easy to read user’s manual

How to use Blast HeatCore

As per the manufacturer, you do not need any technical knowledge to operate Blast HeatCore. Thus, even a child above the age of 10 can conveniently and safely plug in the device by following these easy steps:

  • Place the Blast HeatCore on the surface you intend to use on your nightstand, desk, or any countertop.
  • Ensure it is on a flat surface to not activate the tip-over safety switch and then plug it in.
  • The Blast HeatCore should be running. You can choose the direction you want it to heat up.
  • If you have any questions about setting the Blast HeatCore, check the user’s guide inside the package.

Blast Auxiliary HeatCore Features and Benefits

Safe to Use – The Blast Auxiliary HeatCore transcends common heaters as it has zero exposed heating elements. Instead, it uses a ceramic plate situated inside the gadget and has a plastic casing to prevent heating up. Therefore you can pick your heater and move it around without fretting about your fingers getting scorched. Additionally, you can use it around small kids and pets without worrying about accidents.

Great Savings – The Blast Auxiliary HeatCore device is affordable to buy compared to central heating units. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and does not consume a lot of power. Experts say an average American home uses about 500-1500 dollars to keep itself warm during winter.

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However, the Blast HeatCore saves you money as it does not consume much energy. Additionally, you can maintain it yourself, thus saving the cost of paying a professional to install and give it routine care. Hence, with Auxiliary HeatCore, you can blast the cold away without worrying about huge power bills.

Heats Instantly – Most heaters can take up to one hour to effectively warm a room. However, the Blast HeatCore provides you with instant warmth. After turning it on, it releases hot air in 3-5 seconds, hence, saving you from covering yourself with layers of uncomfortable clothing or having to rub your hands in an attempt to keep yourself warm.

100% Portable – The Blast HeatCore has a compact and sturdy design. It is also light, and you can take it anywhere even though it must be plugged in to be turned on. Equally, the plug is compatible with common plug outlets enabling you to shift it in various rooms. Equally, it allows you to heat the spaces that are in use leading to power savings. So while the Blaux portable heater is highly moveable, technically the Blast Auxiliary HeatCore is not truly portable as it is not cordless and must be plugged in before use just for clarification.

Cool Down Timer Option – Unlike most portable heaters, the Auxiliary HeatCore has a cool-down regulator that prevents warmth from getting confined inside the gadget after you turn it off. Trapped heat can cause fire and hence be very risky. However, the Blast HeatCore runs the cooling fan for about 30 seconds to release warm air.

UL and CE Certification – Unlike similar portable heaters in the market, the Blast HeatCore is proven to be safe and effective.


Blast HeatCore Pricing

Authentic Blast HeatCore is only available on it’s official website. The manufacturer warns against purchasing these units from other sites as there are counterfeits. After purchase, the orders start getting processed immediately. Hence, you can get your Blast Auxiliary HeatCore package in 1-5 business days. Additionally, only purchases from the official sale page attract the 30-day money-back guarantee and discounts.

Final Verdict

Blast Auxiliary HeatCore from the Blaux portable heater specialists is an innovative heating unit that promises to combat winter chills without raising your utility bills. The HeatCore creators claim that it is designed with safety, effectiveness, and price in mind. The Auxiliary HeatCore is easy to set up and does not require expensive maintenance. Also, it is portable and can heat areas that are difficult to warm, like basement rooms.

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