Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews – Is Blast Air Cooler Worth It or Scam?

The need for traditional air cooling systems has decreased significantly since the introduction of individual AC coolers into the market. Since standard ACs consume a lot of electricity, they are expensive to run, require a lot of maintenance, and are difficult for the average consumer to afford.

Within a few years of their introduction into the market, personal portable air coolers have completely replaced the need for conventional air cooling units. People are impressed by the small, portable devices that don’t necessitate the services of a technician for setup or maintenance. Customers increasingly depend on personal air coolers to keep them cool during the sweltering summer months.

Blast Auxiliary AC is one such personal air cooler. Consumers around the world have given it an enthusiastic reception since it was launched just a few months ago.

The Blast Portable AC is a highly effective air cooler that will assist you in surviving the summer heat. Blast Portable AC doesn’t need to be installed by a professional like standard air coolers do. It can be used as soon as it is taken out from the box. This portable AC consumes only a small amount of electricity to run. Thus, your monthly electricity bill will not rise significantly, even if you use it all day and night.

Does this portable air cooler truly work regardless of the ambient temperature? Today’s review will cover everything regarding Blast Portable AC.

What is Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

As summer approaches and COVID remains a problem, people may need to find new ways to stay cool indoors. The ideal choice in this situation is the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC since it cools any place while being a small and lightweight device. Blast Auxiliary AC is an air cooling machine with novel customizable features and air-cooling functions. It is a three-in-one personal air cooler that functions as an air cooler, a standard fan, and a humidifier.

Using an innovative evaporative cooling technology, this air cooler is incredibly efficient. As the technology’s name implies, evaporation is required to reduce air temperatures. Warm air is caught and channeled through a water-soaked curtain in this case. When airborne heat molecules interact with water molecules, the outcome is colder air. The inbuilt fan in this gadget then exhausts the chilly, damp air.

Since Blast Auxiliary Classic AC can also work as a humidifier, it aids in the relief of dry eyes, skin, and noses produced by hot, dry air. It comes with a long-lasting battery that may be used all day long. Since the device features a USB Type C charging connector, a USB Type C cable is required to recharge the battery. The charging process is quick, and you can use it again for hours without needing to refuel. The gadget is also designed in a visually appealing and appealing manner. With its white and tiny design, it easily blends into your surroundings.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Features

In addition to keeping people cool on scorching summer days, Blast Auxiliary Portable AC traps particles in the water curtain and avoids mold buildup. as it cools them down. Particles in the air are trapped in the water curtain, making the air it provides fresh, thanks to a patented water drape.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC offers the following features:

Rapid Cooling:

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC’s users rave about its quick cooling capabilities. Numerous online users attest to the air cooler’s ability to quickly and effectively produce cool air. According to the manufacturer, the air cooler can deliver up to 2.7 m/s of cold, refreshing air in less than 30 seconds. This gives you the added benefit of cooling down your entire body as well as your surroundings right away.

3 Fan Speeds:

Blast Auxiliary portable AC features three fan speeds. From low to high, you can pick and choose based on your current cooling needs. You can see these unique tweaks in the design of Blast Auxiliary’s air cooler.

Water Tank:

Despite its small size, this portable AC has a water tank that can hold a lot of water. 300 ml is the capacity of the water tank. In a location that is easily accessible, the tank can be refilled without difficulty. You can simply open the top cover and refill the water tank as soon as the water is gone so that you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Because the gadget relies on the water tank’s cooling mechanism, it’s always a good idea to fill the water tank with cool water.

Replaceable water curtain:

The water curtain that comes with the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC bundle can be easily swapped out for a different one. The changeable, energy-efficient water curtain is another cooling technology that the air cooler utilizes to offer you cold air. Simply soak this water curtain in water, and it will allow moisture to drain, removing heat and generating a cool, soothing breeze.

This water curtain is extremely effective and lasts up to 6-8 months before needing to be replaced. It is easily replaceable in seconds, and replacement fresh water curtains are readily accessible on the official Blast Auxiliary website.

Adjustable louvers:

The Blast Portable AC has easily movable louvers for temperature control. Cool air from the air cooler enters your space through these small openings, known as louvers. The louvers are easily adjustable, thereby allowing you to direct the cold, refreshing air in whatever direction you wish.

Easy to Carry

Compact and portable, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is ideal for travel. When it’s empty, it’s much lighter than 2 pounds. After filling, the weight rises far above 2 pounds. Even when it’s full, this portable air cooler is easy to transport. In addition, it has its own carry handle. This indicates that the device’s mobility has been improved. Cool air can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, as long as you have a flat surface area to place and set it on.

Mood lighting:

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC provides state of mind illumination, in addition to its cool characteristics and functionalities. Your cooling experience is enhanced by this since it creates a cool atmosphere where you may relax in the cold air. The light also creates an inviting atmosphere that is ideal for intimate conversations and relaxing moments.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Usage Guide

Blast Portable AC comes with a solid cover, handle, and instruction manual. The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC’s setup is as simple as connecting it to an electrical socket to charge it. To charge the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC, simply plug it into a USB port on your computer or into another appropriate port. You can then fill up its water tank. Soak the water drape and blow cold air through it thereafter. In addition, it is much easier to maintain and clean than a traditional air cooling system, which necessitates the involvement of specialists if something goes wrong.


Q: How frequently should the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler be cleaned?

A: There is no need to thoroughly clean the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC on a regular basis. Its durability should remain intact as long as the water curtain is cleaned once a month. This is especially critical for people who make frequent use of the air-cooling device.

Q: Isn’t evaporation a very energy-intensive process?

A: Contrary to the manufacturer’s assertion, the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler utilizes evaporation technology and functions successfully while maintaining a high energy economy. This implies that it is completely self-contained and operates solely on warm room air, a fan, and water. These, in a sense, are its defining characteristics.

Q: With the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC, how many users can be cooled?

A: Due to the size and rather limited capabilities of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC, it is only capable of accommodating one user.

Q: Where should the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler be placed?

A: The manufacturers of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC advised that users place their units near a window and on level surfaces to reduce the possibility of water tank leaks.

Where to Buy Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

Unlike other cooling systems that cost a fortune, this portable air cooler may perform the same function at a fraction of the cost. This air cooler may only be purchased from the main website. The checkout page will ask for your shipping address and preferred payment method, so select those options and enter the relevant information there.

Consider purchasing an additional unit for a friend or family member. Each device includes everything you need to operate the personal cooling system and quickly install it in your house. The official website of Blast Portable AC offers several secure payment options. You may make secure payments without worrying about your funds being lost.

Here’s a breakdown of prices:

  • 1 x Unit: $89.99
  • 2 x Units: $179.99
  • 3 x Units: $201.99
  • 4 x Units: $246.99

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Refund Policy

In addition, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. For any reason, you have 30 days from the date of your invoice to call Blast client care and request a refund. Send a ticket to customer service by clicking on the link below on the main site of the product:

  • Email Form: https://support.blastauxiliary.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


As of 2021, the Blast Portable AC unit is being touted as one of the most popular individual air cooler systems available. It’s been shown to be highly useful, and it delivers on its promise of cool, long-lasting comfort. It incorporates an air cooler, humidifier, and regular fan all in one little box. You can use it whenever you need cool air, wherever you are.

For increased productivity, enjoyment, and relaxation, Blast Portable AC utilizes evaporation technology. You can use this portable AC as a humidifier to keep your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying and being inflamed by the dry air it creates. As a result, your skin and mucous membranes, such as your eyes, nose, and mouth, become incredibly comfortable and responsive to the air it creates.

Targeted cooling is the key feature of the Blast Portable AC. There’s no need to turn on your heavy-duty air Cooler and spend a lot of money. Simply place the Blast Portable Air Cooler anyplace indoors, plug it in, and enjoy focused cooling action. It is economical in terms of energy, money, and time.

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