Best Delta 8 Flower Brands & Strains [Reviewed]

Smoking cannabis flower is a very old practice, and it’s still around for good reason. Marijuana flower is probably the type of cannabis that has been smoked for the longest, and by the most people, but hemp flower has also become very popular. Hemp flower offers a different, non-psychoactive experience that is quite unlike the experience of smoking marijuana flower, primarily because of the CBD or CBG in the flower.

Thanks to changes in the legal status of hemp and innovative production processes, delta-8 THC flower has recently come onto the scene, as well. This offers a sort of in-between experience that involves a light “high” that is a bit reminiscent of marijuana, but with significant differences, and still gives the physical and mental health benefits of hemp flower.

Unfortunately, one of the results of delta-8’s increasing popularity is that there are now so many options that it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where we come in!

Best Delta 8 Flower Brands

We know that everyone’s looking for something a little different from their delta-8 flower, so we aren’t all going to have the same favorite brand or strain. That said, some delta-8 flower brands are objectively better than others, for reasons like product quality, testing practices, and company transparency. These are important factors to consider with any product, but with something like delta-8, which isn’t regulated by the FDA, it’s even more crucial to only purchase from the best delta-8 brands.

The three brands we’re reviewing today are our personal favorites because they produce high-quality, thoroughly-tested delta-8 flower, and they are names you know you can trust. We’re going to be talking about each brand, why we love them, and which delta-8 flower strain of theirs is our top pick.

  1. Delta Extrax – Strongest flower, most affordable
  2. Urb – Best Delta-8/CBG flower
  3. Botany Farms – Highest quality, premium flower

1. Delta Extrax – Strongest flower, most affordable


You may not recognize this name, because they were called Delta Effex until recently. They’ve rebranded, but aside from those minor changes, they are the same trusted, knowledgeable delta-8 brand as always. They were one of the first delta-8 companies to offer flower, and they remain one of the best.

Our favorite strain from Delta Extrax is Sour Diesel. It’s been a popular strain for more than two decades, and we can see why! The uplifting effects of this strain are psychoactive while still allowing you to keep a clear head.

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2. Urb – Best Delta-8/CBG flower


Urb is a high-end delta-8 brand that offers a premium experience with their “designer” products. They made a name for themselves in the delta-8 space with their sleek dabs and disposable vape pens, but they have been expanding into other delta-8 products, like flower. Since the brand doesn’t sell directly from their website, you can find both their classic product lines and their new innovations on GreatCBDShop.

Our favorite option from Urb is their delta-8 CBG flower. Most delta-8 flower you can buy is made with CBD flower, but this strain uses CBG flower. CBG is more energizing than CBD, so when paired with delta-8, it creates a light and upbeat “high” that is altogether different from your typical CBD flower. There are three different strains available for this product (Pink Cookies, Watermelon Zkittles, and Tangie), all of which offer a different version of the energizing CBG experience.

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3. Botany Farms – Highest quality, premium flower


Botany Farms has been offering high-quality, craft cannabis for a few years now, since shortly after the 2018 Farm Bill expanded access to legal cannabis products. They have a unique process for creating delta-8 flower, which involves freezing and powdering delta-8 distillate in order to add it to hemp flower. This allows for more even coverage and a better smoke experience than traditional methods, which can make the flower sticky and unevenly coated.

Our favorite strain from Botany Farms is Bubba Kush, an Indica strain with some serious calming effects. This flower can be great for unwinding and relaxing in the afternoon or evening, and it’s also a great option for pain relief. The earthy, chocolatey notes of the flower only add to this experience.

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Delta 8 Flower FAQ

Does delta-8 come in flower?

Yes! It’s not possible to grow delta-8 flower, because the amount of delta-8 that occurs naturally in any type of cannabis is too low to provide noticeable effects. The flower that is sold as “delta-8 flower” is hemp flower, generally the type we would call “CBD flower” or the type we would call “CBG flower”, infused with delta-8.

This is done through one of a few different processes, depending on the brand, which add delta-8 distillate to the hemp flower. The first process that was invented for this involved dipping flower into liquid distillate, but this wasn’t ideal since it resulted in soggy, sticky flower. Today, most companies either spray liquid distillate on their flower or dust crushed frozen distillate on their flower, since these processes are easier to keep consistent and don’t get the flower as wet as the dipping method. And, of course, since both the flower and the delta-8 THC come from hemp, the resulting product is federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Is delta-8 flower any good?

We certainly think so! Just like with any cannabis product, there are certainly brands that sell bad delta-8 flower, but when purchased from a reputable brand like the three mentioned here, we think it’s great! Smoking flower is pretty much the method of consumption that’s been around the longest, and while delta-8 products are a relatively new innovation, the two pair together perfectly. Long-time cannabis users, in particular, will find that delta-8 flower offers a familiar smoking experience with completely unique effects.

What is the strongest delta-8 flower?

Delta Extrax offers pretty much the strongest delta-8 flower you can find anywhere. The brand has been around a long time, and they specialize in delta-8 and delta-10 products, so they really know their stuff. From sourcing their delta-8 distillate and flower to their mixing methods to their thorough testing, they are experts in every step of the delta-8 flower process.

Thanks to the company’s transparency and third-party testing, you can see this strength for yourself! Just check out their lab results, available from any individual product page, to see proof of their finely-tuned delta-8 and CBD percentages for the most recent batch of any product. If checking one product at a time isn’t enough for your purposes, then you can also find a slightly more organized overview of all of their product test results in the Learning Center on their site.

Will delta-8 flower get you high?

Kind of, but not in the way you typically expect cannabis to get you high. The high caused by marijuana, which is what most people think of when it comes to smoking cannabis, is mainly produced by delta-9 THC. Delta-8, although chemically similar, is a distinct compound with its own effects on the mind and body. As a result, the “high” that delta-8 produces is also distinct.

The delta-8 high is much lighter than the delta-9 high, and it is often described as being more energizing or clearing the mind, rather than having a sedative or serious psychoactive effect. Delta-8 also does not cause paranoia or hallucinations, as delta-9 can do in some people, thanks to the generally lighter effects.

What is the best delta-8 flower?

This is such a hard question to answer, not only because we have trouble choosing our favorite from the three vendors we talked about earlier, but also because what the “best” flower is depends, to some extent, on what you’re looking for. Obviously, the best delta-8 flower is one that comes from reputable sources and has been tested thoroughly, but that is true of each product we reviewed above.

All three of our favorite strains will have some of the same effects, since they all have delta-8 THC, but the experiences can be very different. For example, Delta Extrax’s Sour Diesel flower is more uplifting and better for the start of the day, while Botany Farms’ Bubba Kush flower is more relaxing and better for the evening. Urb’s delta-8 flower is another experience altogether, with CBG instead of CBD and a combination of clear-headed and relaxing effects. Choose the strain that sounds best for your needs, or try them all out and pick your favorite experience!

How do I smoke delta-8 flower?

You can smoke delta-8 flower the same way that you would smoke any other hemp flower, using your preferred smoking apparatus. This might mean a joint, a pipe, or a bong, depending on what you’re familiar with and what you enjoy using.

If you’re new to smoking flower, but really want to try out some of these delta-8 flower strains, don’t worry! Delta-8 is also available in pre-rolls, which adds extra convenience and takes some of the stress out of the process. You can start with pre-rolls while you figure out what smoking method you’d like to learn to use, or you can use pre-rolls indefinitely to save yourself time and effort.

What are the other types of delta-8 products?

These days, delta-8 is available in pretty much any type of cannabis product imaginable. You can get delta-8 gummies, vapes, disposable vape pens, carts, distillate, and, of course, flower, just to name a few. Just like with other types of cannabis, different delta-8 products will provide different experiences. The type of product and method of consumption affect how quickly you feel the effects, how long the effects last, and even what the effects are.

Smoking flower is one of the faster ways to feel the effects of delta-8, since the delta-8 starts interacting with your body pretty much as soon as it enters your lungs. The effects last a relatively short time, which gives you a ton of control over your experience; you’re able to easily make changes to the effects you’re feeling, almost in real time.

If you’re experienced with smoking delta-8 flower and want to take it to the next level, there is a more potent method which is delta-8 dabs. Delta-8 dabs are a concentrated form of delta-8 and produce more intense effects. Given these strong effects, we think it’s important that you consider your experience with delta-8 before diving in and buying delta-8 dabs.


Smoking delta-8 flower is a great way to use delta-8, and it may be one of the most familiar to users of other types of hemp or marijuana flower. It’s always important to make sure that the brand you’re buying from makes high-quality products and tests them extensively, so we strongly recommend buying from one of the three brands whose products we reviewed in this article. The particular strains we reviewed here are our personal favorites, but if another strain is calling out to you, then go for it! All of the flower sold by these brands, regardless of strain, is both high-quality and safe to use, so you can feel confident in your purchases when you shop with these companies.

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