Best Credit Repair Services [2021]: Top Credit Repair Repair Companies To Your Credit

A bad credit pattern can quickly become a hindrance to you and your plans. If you want to take a loan, purchase a car, get a mortgage, go to college, or for any other reason, low credit can derail your goals. Most people are aware of their credit, but there is often a flaw that must be addressed to obtain loans.

If you have a bad credit pattern, there’s a chance you will pay a higher interest rate on the loan you take out, and this is still an optimistic scenario. In the worst case, you might not even get the loan from as per the credit bureau guidelines to begin with. Another problem you could face is getting a raise in your insurance coverage. If you pay a larger premium for insurance, it may cause you to fall behind on your other projects, such as meeting your daily expenses.

Let us explain how the banks see a bad credit score. Having a low score typically implies that you have a bad credit history or you haven’t been paying your payments on time. Some banks may Entertain your request and provide you with a loan, but the interest rate will be among the highest. This is because their best deals often go to those with solid credit scores.

Numerous credit repair companies specialize in repairing low credit scores. This is so that those in need can go on with their lives and address their financial problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with these credit repair services before approaching a bank or credit bureau for a loan.

Top 5 Best Credit Repair Companies

1. Credit Saint – Editor’s Pick For Best Credit Repair Company

2. The Credit People – Known For Fixing Bad Credit Score And Credit Repair

3. – Best Value Credit Repair Services

4. Sky Blue Credit – High Experience In Credit Repair Near Me

5. Lexington Law – Well Known For Credit Monitoring

#1. Credit Saint – Editor’s Pick For Best Credit Repair Company


The team does include saints, as the name indicates. Credit Saint is a top-tier company and is generally the public’s favorite when choosing someone to trust to raise their bad credit scores. The company has the best rating that a credit repair company can have, an A+ from BBB.

Additionally, the team has a collective experience of over 15 years, which speaks volumes about their expertise. Moreover, the team monitors every step of the process and allows you to do the same. They also answer any questions you may have and update you on the process periodically.

The company starts by making sure you understand how everything works in the repair process. For this purpose, an expert will give you a free consultation even if you don’t want to work with the company. Next, the same expert studies your credit scores and determines how the process should begin.

The team pulls your credit report from three credit bureaus, which include TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. These bureaus assess and identify any errors or mistakes in your credit statement so that the next step can begin.

The company offers three packages to choose from, depending on the kind of service your credit needs. These packages include Clean Slate, Credit Remodel, and Credit Polish. Credit Polish is the most basic plan, which provides for disputing only a few basic negative items. Clean Slate disputes up to five inaccuracies per month, whereas Credit Remodel disputes up to ten inaccuracies per month and even challenges bankruptcies.

The initial setup fee is anywhere from $80 to $120, and the rest of the price depends on the plan you choose from the above three. A free consultation is thrown in here as a perk. The plans range from $99 to $195 per month, depending on the one you choose.


  • Clean Slate: This is the most basic plan, which provides for disputing only a few basic negative items. The plan begins with $195 and then goes down to $119 per month. It includes having the company serve as an intermediate channel between you and the credit bureaus.
  • Credit Remodel: This plan disputes up to five inaccuracies per month. The starting fee is $99 per month and changes to $99.99 after the first month. This plan also adds an analysis of your credit score.
  • Credit Polish: This plan disputes up to ten inaccuracies per month and challenges bankruptcies five times per cycle. The initial fee is $99 and then goes to $79.99 per month.


  • A+ BBB rating
  • 90-day refund policy
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Score Analysis
  • Online dashboard to check the progress


  • Expensive first fee
  • Limited availability

Customer Reviews

This company is one of the best ones in the credit repair market. The brand has an A+ rating, and all for a good reason. People seem delighted with the overall service. Company representatives take a long time talking to their clients and explaining the whole process in good faith.

People who had debts or wanted their own place were happy to have this company fix their bad credit score. Many people claimed the company decreased their debts, and several said their debts almost disappeared, which is a side perk of working with this company. Moreover, people loved the company’s honesty and ability to give it straight to people whether the score was good or bad.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Credit Saint

#2. The Credit People – Fixing Bad Credit Score And Credit Repair

The company started in 2001, and ever since then, it has been flourishing in its work. Since it has been operating for 20 years now, the team follows suit, and only people with many years of experience stay in the company.

The customer care is vigilant and responds to your queries and complaints immediately, as long as you call them during office hours, 8 am-5 pm. Additionally, the team has highly experienced credit experts who go through your credit statements number to number and leave no detail.

The company helps you solve several fundamental issues like disputing negative items and relaying more significant matters to credit bureaus. For example, the company disputes items like identity errors, charge-offs, late payments, liens, unfavorable settlements, etc.

Moreover, there is no hidden charge. Instead, the company lays down all the rules and regulations and explains all the illegalities other companies might scam you with before the process can begin.


  • The initial setup fee is $39, including a free trial period that lasts for seven days. If you don’t like the services during the trial period, you can opt out of their services. However, if the trial services satisfy you, you can pay $89 per month. This fee includes your first credit report.
  • Apart from this, the company also offers you an online account to cancel your subscription if the process is deemed unsatisfactory.
  • The membership fee is $419, which lasts six months. If the service does not prove satisfactory, you can receive a 100% money-back refund.


  • Monthly charges
  • Online dashboard
  • 15 years of experience
  • Access to 3 credit reports


  • No credit monitoring

Customer Reviews

The Credit People helps you improve your score and reports by a large margin, as the customers say. Users are also pleased with their interactive website and the online portal. Users praised the company representatives, and most of them also appreciated their service. Although some people complain about the monthly fee being pricey, the service is worth every penny.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of The Credit People

#3. Credit Repair – Best Value Credit Repair Services


Credit Repair is one of the companies with the most experience, as it was inaugurated in 1997, and has been working in the repair business for over 24 years. The company aims to help you in the best way by raising your score as much as possible.

The company begins its process by offering you a free consultation with no strings attached. This client-representative relationship helps them understand and assess your credit statements and history.

The repair process occurs in three steps. Firstly, your credit report comes from three bureaus. Then, the company’s expert identifies the errors or any inaccuracies in your data. Lastly, the credit data helps determine which direction of action is suitable henceforth.

Although the company does not offer any refunds, it doesn’t include any hidden charges, and the company tells the clients all the plans beforehand. You can use their mobile app to check your credit reports and progress at any time. Additionally, they give you free access to libraries with a million articles on loans, debts, and ones explaining the whole repair process.


  • Direct Package: First is the basic package with $15 for setup, and $70 per month approximately, with three bureau interventions. This package offers services worth $25K.
  • Standard Package: The second package costs $100 per month, with six interventions.
  • Advanced Package: The last package has an initial fee of $5 and $120 per month, with eight interventions worth a million dollars.


  • Free consultation
  • 1.8 million removals
  • Credit monitoring
  • Three service levels


  • No information about the worker’s qualification

Customer Reviews

Credit Repair is one of the top companies, and people love working with them. Users claimed the company helped them restore their credit on average and cleared their bad credit scores. People appreciated the team as well, as they were a great help. The team is professional, concerned, and patient with their customers. Moreover, they present their clients with several options to proceed with their repair process.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Credit Repair

#4. Sky Blue Credit – High Experience In Credit Repair Near Me


Sky Blue Credit is a great company to trust if you’re looking for a good package. This company was founded in 1989 and is on the frontline of credit repair companies. This financial service company specializes in helping you repair your bad credit score in the most honest and trusting way.

The signing-up process is relatively straightforward. First, you need to tell them your credentials and answer some other questions they might ask. Next, you need to tell them your credit card information which is kept in confidence. They set up your account soon after this. Once your account is set up, they give you access to your portal along with their company’s portal, where you can track the repair process and consult professionals.

The company works in three steps to repair your credit. The team talks you through the process of improving your credit and then pulls your credit record from the three bureaus. Next, an expert goes through your credit report line by line to analyze your credit score and the possible solutions to the problems. Lastly, the team disputes negative items and repeats the process if they aren’t disputed in the first go. Meanwhile, the team keeps updating you about every procedure and step.

The company sends goodwill letters, cease and desist letters, and letters to reduce your debt or to make it disappear completely. The process usually takes about six months at most. However, you can cancel at any time of your preference without any penalty.


  • SkyBlue Credit has the first-month fee of $79 and a couple’s discount of $119
  • The company also offers a three-month money-back guarantee
  • It provides a free trial of 6 days at the start
  • The billing cycle consists of 35 days, and 15 credit disputes occur during this period


  • A+ BBB rating
  • Free first week
  • Monthly pricing
  • Fastest dispute cycle
  • Couple discount


  • No free consultation

Customer Reviews

People have fabulous experiences with Sky Blue Credit. The company determines whether or not you’re a good fit for the repair process, and even if you’re not, they give you several free consultations to help you the best they can. The team is honest and professional and fixes your credit the best way they can. Moreover, the company helps remove inaccuracies and lower the debt, improving your credit score.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Sky Blue Credit

#5. Lexington Law – Well Known For Credit Monitoring


The Lexington Law Firm was established in 2004 and now has offices in Utah and Arizona. However, its attorneys have small setups throughout the country. The firm deals with many things related to the law, and credit repair is one of them. The company works with all kinds of clients and offers all sorts of services, such as customer service and credit counseling.

Lexington Law has over 5 million active clients, and their experience is the highest of all repair companies. They have one of the best customer services, and many perks are thrown in along with the repair service.


The company also offers three repair plans; however, their initial consultation is free. This consultation helps you understand which plan might suit your credit in the best way.

  • Concord Standard: The first plan comes at $89.95 per month and includes a credit bureau evaluation.
  • Concord Premium: The second plan costs $109.95 per month, including score analysis, inquiry charges, report watch, TransUnion alerts, and others.
  • Premium Plus: The most popular and complete plan is the third one, which includes FICO score analysis and tracking, identity monitoring, theft insurance, and a management tool. You will also receive legal assistance in your dealings with debt collectors. The cost of the final plan is $129.95 per month.


  • Free consultation
  • Two-decades of experience
  • 10 million negative items removal


  • Expensive credit monitoring

Customer Reviews

Lexington Law stands behind what they offer and keeps their word. Most people don’t know what to expect when signing a deal with any credit repair company, but Lexington Law talks their clients through each step.

People claim that the service was awe-inspiring and made people trust them again and again. According to users, the company disputes all relevant negative items and constantly updates you with the progress.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lexington Law

What Is Good And Bad Credit?

Let’s take a look at what determines a good or bad credit score. These scores are usually built on terms like your level of debt, how long your credit history is, new accounts, payment history, and new credit accounts.

For starters, you should know that credit scores can lie anywhere from 300 to 850. Bad credit is usually between 300 and 579, according to FICO. Regardless, there are a few companies that raise the limit to 600 or even 620. On the other hand, a good credit score is above 740, which is an ideal range for a loan.

Several factors can affect your credit scores. For example, the due dates of your payments count for about 35% of the total credit scores. Charge-offs, real estate sales, the account of choice, and the number of credit accounts make up the rest of the percentage. This is why you need to keep a vigilant check on your due dates at all times.

How Did We Make This List

A couple of factors are accounted for before we decide to trust the companies that can help you in the best way possible. After a long contemplative decision-making process, we added a few essential key points to note before making a decision. Below mentioned are the factors that you must register before choosing a company to repair your credit score.

Authenticity: When working with any company, it is crucial to see whether or not it is genuine and safe. Credit repair is a sensitive matter, so it is all the more critical that the company you work with is authentic and honest.

Many companies in the market make promises but barely end up fulfilling any of them. This is what leads to unsatisfactory customer service at best and a whole scam at worst. For example, a rule binds all credit repair companies not to ask for a fee in advance, so an authentic company will never make that request from you.

Moreover, it is illegal for them to ask you to make a forgery on your credit statements, which could get you into serious trouble. Similarly, if a company asks you to use someone else’s social security number or remove information from your credit report, you could end up paying for the illegality.

Credit repair takes a lot of time, so a company promising you to be swift and do the work in one go is just trying to sell themselves and probably won’t live up to their word. Additionally, any company promising a perfectly high credit score is selling a promise which is too good to be true. Companies that have an affiliation with credit bureaus and offer money-back guarantees are authentic and trustworthy. All the companies of our choice follow suit.

Credit Repair Rules Fulfillment: There are some rules that every credit repair company must follow. If a company isn’t following any of those rules, we suggest you run the other way because it could either worsen your problems or trap you in a legal issue.

Credit repair companies have experts on hand that assess your credit details from three different bureaus. These experts study the data in detail and check for history, double entries, and other matters that might derail your score. The company should have you sign a contract beforehand which mentions the payment, repair duration, and any additional charges that might come along. Moreover, they should also give you a right to dispute inaccurate data on your credit pattern report, allowing you to sue the company for violation.

On the other hand, these companies cannot dispute negative data without verification. The companies cannot ask you to do anything illegal either, such as forging your credit books.

Customer Reviews: Ever since the advent of the internet, people have been making online purchases more often. This process is easy and convenient as you can get the product you desire from the comfort of your couch. To show trustworthiness and authenticity, many companies show what their customers have to say about their products.

To trust any company, we must see how customer experience has been throughout the last few years. Happy customers full of satisfaction are a massive asset to the company. People are very vocal when it comes to expressing their satisfaction, and even more so when the product fails to live up to its promise.

When customers purchase something online or on the ground, they rarely go in blind. Usually, people ask for reviews from their peers or go online to read customer reviews. However, in the case of credit repair, it is essential to check for impartial reviews. Moreover, the reviews should not mention any scams or delays in the repair process.

Buying Guide – Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting A Credit Repair Company

Before you head into trusting a brand to solve your credit problems, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you ignore the essential points to check before choosing a brand, many things may prove to be a hindrance later on. The following points are a guide to help you when choosing a brand.

Consultation: The best credit repair companies are those that offer you free consultations throughout the process of your credit repair. Even before you start the process, a good company lays down all the essential key points that are important to know before you begin the process. Often, it happens that you don’t need a repair company and can do the legwork yourself. However, it is up to a repair company to tell you how to go about the process and access the relevant authorities.

Setup Fee: According to the law, no repair company can charge you at the beginning of the process, and neither can they ask you for payment in advance upfront. However, many companies charge a setup fee, which is the cost to open your account. This money ranges anywhere from $6 to $200.

Monthly Charge: The best credit repair companies always offer multiple monthly plans. The price for each company’s monthly plan might vary as it is set based on the kind of service that the company provides. Other things included in the monthly plans are the number of people, how bad the credit score is, and how long the process might take.

Some companies offer the lowest rate possible, which is $79 per month. Meanwhile, the lowest price for a 6-month plan came in at $419, making it lower than the single-month plan, and it is payable in a lump sum. In contrast, the highest charge found was $198 per month for a couple.

BBB Rating: BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. This corporation oversees all the companies that work in credit repair or any other companies under credit repair affiliation. The credit repair process requires a lot of trust and honesty since many scams are happening in the world. So, this is why we ask you to choose those companies that have the gold standard rating, which is an A+ from BBB. Of course, a reputable and legitimate company does not always have to have the best rating from BBB, but they should have an overall good record of solving credit problems.

Refund Policy: Many top-rated companies offer some sort of money-back guarantee. However, not all these guarantees are the best, and most of them have some clauses. So, we recommend you read the fine print and review your contract thoroughly before saying yes to any brand.

Some credit repair companies are very open and secure, and you can say no to them at any time and cancel the contract. However, other companies come with many strings attached, as they put some quick week limits. Other companies offer a 3-4 month money-back guarantee if your credit score isn’t improving.

Disputing Negative Items: The best way to improve your credit score is by disputing inaccurate data. Many companies try this to begin the process. They also try to dispute those items that the credit bureaus cannot verify.

If you take the basic plan, most companies offer at least five items that they will dispute from your credit statement. If you want to increase this number, you might have to make a higher number plan. The best plans offer unlimited disputed, negative items.

Experience: Experience is a good thing to check in a company, since, after years of experience, companies often know which bureau to visit and which mistakes to avoid. The longer a company has been doing repair work, the more likely it is that they will know what a customer might demand and how to meet those demands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a credit repair company?

A credit repair company is a firm that fixes your bad credit and raises it enough for it to qualify as a good score. In addition, the company identifies and removes the errors in your credit score. These errors can be inaccurate data and problematic credit reports.

The company has legit charges for rebuilding your charges over again. Once the identification of errors is complete, the relevant authorities are informed. Sometimes the charging companies are told, and other times, credit bureaus are notified to challenge the negative items. The repair companies also send cease or desist requests on your behalf to debt collectors if you ask.

Q2. How to verify the company?

The best way to see whether a company is authentic or not is by doing your homework. You must research the company thoroughly before handing over your statements since, unfortunately, credit fraud is widespread in this kind of business.

First, you should only rely on someone with experience since a few companies pay random people to drop reviews. Secondly, check a company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Another thing you can check is the portion of the complaint on the FPB database. Finally, the credit repair organization act gives you the liberty to cancel your contract within three days.

If you suspect a serious problem with your company, you can report it to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). The problems you could be facing may include asking for a huge advance, discouraging you from contacting authorities, encouraging you to change your social security number or identity, skipping over reading your legal rights or forging your financial statements.

Q3. What is the overall cost?

A legitimate company will never ask you for money upfront in advance. They will tell their charges beforehand but not ask for them. The only charge they ask for will be the setup fee to create your account and start the process. This fee is almost anywhere from $6-$200, depending on the plan you choose.

The price for credit repair is high, but you will save a lot of money on loan interest on a bad credit score. The average monthly repair charge is around $100, but the price might increase or decrease based on the features you add or subtract.

Q4. What can be removed from the credit report?

There are a lot of things that might be bringing your credit score down. A few of those include duplicate accounts or a joint account that might still be in use by an ex-spouse, for instance. Other things include inquiries, misspellings, outdated items, inaccurate dates, identity theft, multiple open accounts that are no longer in use, public records, or any missing items.

However, note that any legitimate mistake on your part is still in the report. The company can’t fix your bankruptcy issues or long history of debt.

Q5. How do companies fix credit?

The best thing a repair company can do is to clean up your credit reports. This process includes removing inaccuracies, mistakes, data errors, or discrepancies between your reports.

This process first includes an expert that identifies all these mistakes and errors. Then, after the identification process, the repair company informs the relevant authorities. This includes informing the companies if the mistake was their mistake or informing credit bureaus so they can look into it. Finally, the FPB (financial protection bureau) has to look into the report within thirty days. According to the law, your report will remove the items if they can’t complete this process within thirty days.

Another thing here is the importance of debt. All overdue debts make your credit score worse. So, the companies try to prove whether the debt is yours or not. If it’s not yours, the item is removable. Repair companies negotiate partial or complete removal of your debt. If you pay all your bills on time and only a few are not met, a request letter is sent to fix this.

Q6. What are the signs of a scam?

There are all kinds of companies in the credit repair world. So while there are good companies, there are several ones that are only after your money. For lack of good judgment, some people make the mistake of trusting a bad company. To be safe from a scam, there are some signs you should look out for.

Although repair companies help you raise your score by a lot, they can’t claim to fix it entirely. A reputable and honest company will tell you beforehand that they try their best to improve your score, but they can’t raise it altogether as it is illegal.

Suppose a company promises you that they will remove all the negative information from your history despite your accurate and current credit markings. In that case, the company is lying to you, and they’re probably trying to set you up for credit fraud.

Similarly, they’re setting you up for illegality if they ask you to fake your social security number and identity. So it would be best if you avoid these companies at all costs.

Q7. How much time does the repair process take?

Typically, the process takes a matter of months. For example, suppose you have to address an issue or a dispute with a bureau. The first month goes into looking at the charges and relaying them to the credit bureaus. Sometimes it even takes almost three months for the entire process to end.

The more complex your issues are, the more time it will take. If you were a scam or an identity theft victim, it might take longer than the standard time. Poor credit or bankruptcy also takes more than the estimated time.

Q8. Can you do it yourself?

As the law goes, anything you can’t do, your credit repair company probably can’t do either. Regardless, the process of trying to fix your credit score is tiring and time-consuming. There’s a lot of leg work to do and many calls to make. Additionally, the dealings with credit bureaus are quite nerve-wracking and take a lot of patience.

Credit repair companies have experts who study your scores, and since it is their job, they have more experience in the matter. If you do it yourself, you might make many mistakes on the way, and the time might double. But if you are determined to do it yourself, we’d suggest you find software that can save you some time and effort.

Closing Thoughts

A good credit score can be on your side for the rest of your life as long as you’re making payments. It can serve you well anytime you take a loan for yourself or your family. In addition, the comfort of your own home, college tuition, or your car can serve you well for all your days.

If you already have a good and clean credit score, you might not even need a credit repair company. However, you must be vigilant in meeting your deadlines and paying off your debts on time for this to happen.

Nevertheless, 5% of people end up with the need to repair their scores. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider the company options in this article.

Although you can improve your credit by yourself, the process is arduous and lengthy. This is why experts are available at credit repair companies and can make a big difference in your credit score. We hope all these points will help you make the best choice for a company to trust.


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