BadCreditLoans.com Reviews – Legit Personal Lending for Bad Credit Loans?

Almost everyone heard about BadCreditLoans.com because this bad credit lender is among the most popular on the Internet nowadays. People can ask for sums between $500 and $10,000 here, not to mention that it’s free to use the website and connect with lenders.

But is BadCreditLoans.com a legit bad credit lender? Should people use it to borrow money? Those who are asking themselves these questions should keep on reading.

What Exactly Is BadCreditLoans.com?

Found online at BadCreditLoans.com, Bad Credit Loans is a website that helps borrowers get money from lenders in the short term.

BadCreditLoans.com asks only for the users’ basic information and then allows them to analyze the many lending offers on the website.

Another great thing about BadCreditLoans.com is that the platform provides 100% free services. These services involve connecting borrowers with lenders. In exchange for granting a loan, borrowers pay interest to lenders and should repay that loan at the due date that the lender lists.

What people should understand is that BadCreditLoans.com doesn’t lend money. It is only an intermediary website that connects borrowers with lenders.

Founded back in 1998, BadCreditLoans.com is operated by Chief, LLC, offering short-term loans for over 24 years.

How Does BadCreditLoans.com Operate?

First, BadCreditLoans.com was designed with ease of use in mind. Registering on the website to obtain a loan takes place in 3 easy steps:

  • Completing the platform’s online form and reviewing the list of available lenders
  • Comparing options and completing the loan with one lender or perhaps more of them
  • Reviewing some of the other non-loan offers and see if these are fitting the borrower’s needs
  • BadCreditLoans.com can be used 24/7, which means anyone can access the website.

If the platform can’t find a lender, it sends the loan inquiry to a more extensive network where third-party entities that offer non-loans can give the borrower the sum of money asked for.

What Are the Benefits and Features of BadCreditLoans.com?

BadCreditLoans.com offers many bad credit loan opportunities because it has an extensive network of short-term lenders. But here are the website’s most appreciated benefits and features:


Like any of the other lending platforms out there, BadCreditLoans protects its users’ personal info with the help of encryption technology.

24/7 Availability

Anyone can use BadCreditLoans.com 24/7. This means borrowers can access the funds released to them whenever needed.

No Obligations or Fees

Consumers can ask for a loan with the help of BadCreditLoans.com whenever they need to and without paying any fee or assuming any obligation to accept one of the offers listed on the website. If the borrower prefers to ignore a listed offer, they can opt not to pick that offer. The recommendations on BadCreditLoans.com are presented 100% free of charge.

Money can be Spent on Anything

The loan obtained with the help of BadCreditLoans.com can be used for anything, from paying off bills that are due to fixing the car. In other words, the money that borrowers are getting belongs to them only, to do whatever they want with it.

Ease of Use

As seen above, BadCreditLoans.com is very easy to use, with only three steps that involve completing the site’s online form, comparing results, and connecting with one of the lenders.

A Large Lenders Network

BadCreditLoans.com is only the intermediary between borrowers and lenders. It has a primary and secondary lender network that borrowers can use according to their needs. And when borrowers can’t find suitable lenders, they are being offered new financing options from the extended BadCreditLoans.com network.

Does It Cost Anything to Use BadCreditLoans.com?

BadCreditLoans.com is entirely free to use, which means borrowers don’t need to worry or spend a dime when using this website.

Interest will be paid as soon as a BadCreditLoans.com lender is contacted. What should also be kept in mind here is that lenders might ask for specific fees. Besides, if the loan is not paid back when the due date arrives, there might be some additional fees that must be paid.

Those wondering how BadCreditLoans.com is making money should find out that this platform earns from connecting borrowers with lenders, as lenders need to pay commissions when the website refers a borrower to them.

Fees, Borrowing Terms, and APRs at BadCreditLoans.com

It’s good to know that BadCreditLoans.com doesn’t charge anything for establishing a connection between borrowers and lenders. However, there might be BadCreditLoans.com lenders charging some fees and interest. The interest might be, in this case, expressed as an APR. But here’s what people should know about this platform and its fees, APRs, or terms for borrowing:

  • Every loan comes with an APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
  • The BadCreditLoans.com APRs can be between 5.99% and 35.99%
  • The minimum term for repaying a loan is 90 days, whereas the maximum one is 72 months or six years
  • Lenders might change the rates for each borrower, so different borrowers can have other APRs, fees, and rates

It’s easy to compare lenders, as they have additional upfront terms, APRs, and loan fees. This indicates that the lending agreement should be carefully read so that any payment fees that have been missed to be identified. This makes it impossible for the lender to apply any additional charges.

A typical BadCreditLoans.com cash loan assumes that you get the $2,000 needed to repay in 12 months at the representative APR of 19.9% and the $183.63 monthly repayment. This is a type of loan where you must pay back $2,203.56.

It’s more expensive to take a loan and pay it back in installments than some other loan products. However, loans that must be paid back in installments are usually more helpful in an emergency.

The Credit Score Required for BadCreditLoans.com

The credit scores accepted by BadCreditLoans.com are from all categories, from good credit scores to no credit. And as mentioned, in case you can’t find a lender in the primary BadCreditLoans.com lenders network, you get transferred to a secondary network that offers more open financing options. Usually, the credit scores for this platform are between 300 and 850. Experian categorizes the credit score range as follows:

  • Excellent credit: 800 and above
  • Good credit: 700 and above
  • Average credit: 600 to 750
  • Fair credit: between 450 and 600
  • Poor credit: below 450

It’s also possible that the lender is considering the borrower’s FICO score. This is the same as a credit score but a bit different. The FICO score can be between 300 and 850. A good FICO score is between 670 and 739. To determine the credit and FICO scores, borrowers can use VantageScore, to identify lending options the Borrowing Requirements at BadCreditLoans.com.

When it comes to minimum payments, the amount that can be borrowed, and the borrower’s credit score, each lender can impose its requirements. Lenders who want to see the best lending options for their location need to provide the following information:

  • The sum of the loan, which can be between $500 and $10,000
  • The ZIP code on their ID
  • SSN’s (Social Security Number) last four digits
  • DOB, which stands for your date of birth
  • Their name

As the application with BadCreditLoans.com progresses, the form might ask some other questions for the lender’s identity and repayment risk to be assessed.

The following info needs to be filled out online by borrowers before lending offers in their area are sent:

  • The reason why the borrower needs a loan. This could be refinancing a credit card, an emergency, repairing the car, buying a car, medical reasons, going on vacation, business purposes, paying the mortgage or the rent, etc.
  • The borrower’s address and the time spent by the borrower at that address
  • Proof of income and more info on the employment status of the borrower, together with the period for which the borrower has been hired and the frequency of paychecks
  • Details on the monthly income so that the borrowing amount can be calculated. It’s important to note here that the gross amount matters only. The gross amount is the sum that’s left after deductions and taxes. It can include retirement, wages, rental properties, and investments. Income that’s not taxed and benefits can also be calculated by adding 25% more
  • State ID or driver’s license number
  • SSN so that the borrower’s identity and credit score are checked. The SSN is also useful for preventing fraud.
  • The borrower’s bank account, no matter if it’s savings or checking, as this account will be used for depositing the loan sum. Lenders usually fund checking accounts more rapidly than they do savings accounts.
  • The payment conditions. Borrowers must mention if they want to be paid via paper check or direct deposit. Direct deposit options are usually funded more often than paper checks. BadCreditLoans.com will also ask how long borrowers have been with their bank.
  • ABA or the routing and account numbers
  • The offers in the borrower’s area are presented once all of the information listed is submitted to the BadCreditLoans.com website.

Is There a Catch?

When entering their info on BadCreditLoans.com, borrowers agree to receive information from the website’s lending partners and marketing collaborators. The company doesn’t just consider loan offers but details on debt relief or other crediting services.

BadCreditLoans.com has hundreds of marketing and lending partners.

What Do the Reviews on BadCreditLoans.com Say?

Many professional reviewers and real consumers have reviewed BadCreditLoans.com. And most of these reviews are positive. BadCreditLoans.com is better reviewed than most competitors, with 80% and higher scores. Here’s what some of these reviews are saying about this lending platform:

Fortunly.com gave BadCreditLoans.com 4 out of 5 stars after Fortunly’s editorial team tried the platform.

FinMasters.com gave BadCreditLoans.com 8 stars, and the maximum was 10. The FinMasters editors loved how the BadCreditLoans.com platform is effective, easy, and provides prompt support. However, FinMasters didn’t like the platform’s price, and neither did the fact that borrowers needed to provide a bit too much personal information when looking for a lender.

Some of the BadCreditLoans.com reviewers didn’t like that this platform shares some sensitive contact info of borrowers with its marketing partners. This means that borrowers might get texts, emails, and calls from marketing companies they haven’t even heard of.

BadCredit.org chose BadCreditLoans.com as their Editor’s Top Pick because the website makes things easier when it comes to helping borrowers connect with their lenders. Besides, BadCredit.org says it’s effortless and fast to have a loan approved through BadCreditLoans.com. BadCredit.org gave BadCreditLoans.com 4.6 stars when the maximum award was five stars.

BBB or the Better Business Bureau gave BadCreditLoans.com the F rating because it seems that BadCreditLoans.com doesn’t answer calls or emails regarding the issues they might have with their platform. Even though Bad Credit Loans has been operating in the lending market for about 24 years now, the BBB still gave it a bad review for having only two complaints for the last three years. For the past year and until now, May 2022, BadCreditLoans.com didn’t have any complaints.

All in all, BadCreditLoans has an outstanding reputation amongst its users and reviewers. While some people don’t like the platform because it asks too many personal questions, others love it for having a website that’s easy to use and offers many lending options.

BadCreditLoans.com Contact

According to the About Us section at BadCreditLoans.com, this business is running to help as many people as possible by making borrowing money easier.

It should be clear by now that BadCreditLoans.com doesn’t lend money. It only helps borrowers and lenders come into contact, free of charge.

  • The BadCreditLoans.com customer service can be reached at:
  • Phone: 800-245-5626
  • Email: support@badcreditloans.com
  • Email on Website: https://www.badcreditloans.com/contact-us/
  • Address: 2661 N Pearl St #431 Tacoma, WA 98407


Bad Credit Loans is one of the personal lending platforms that connects borrowers who have bad credit scores with lenders and the borrowing options they’re offering.

Anyone can start applying on BadCreditLoans.com today, and they will be granted access to the highest number of lenders in their area. A request for a loan with BadCreditLoans.com can start at $500 and go as high as $10,000. The repayment period can be between 3 months and 84 months or seven years.

To learn more about BadCreditLoans.com and how it works, be sure to visit the official website by clicking here! >>>


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