Urgent Fungus Destroyer Reviews – Side Effects or Real Results?

Have you heard of a new dietary supplement created by Phytage Labs called Urgent Fungus Destroyer? As the name implies, this product was specifically devised as a way to treat fungal infections and diminish the damages caused by them.

What Is Urgent Fungus Destroyer?

Urgent Fungus Destroyer is a new product that can be used to treat fungal infections, especially in your toes. When left untreated, these problems tend to become chronic, and they can even evolve into more serious cases, threatening your overall health.

Unfortunately, most people will have fungal infections at least once during their lives. So, this solution was devised to target the root causes of fungal infections and give your body what it needs to get full protection from this common issue. The supplement does all that and it does not even have a single side effect.

This product was created by a man named Billy Don. His dad had a problem with fungus in his toenails, and the seemingly harmless infection got worse to the point that it threatened his life.

During his research to save his father, he discovered a completely natural formula, which was based on the diet of Vietnamese people. Then, because he wanted to help others and prevent them from suffering like his father did, he turned these unknown ingredients into Urgent Fungus Destroyer.

How Does Urgent Fungus Destroyer Work?

After you take your supplement, the ingredients are absorbed by your digestive system and go directly to your bloodstream. They are highly bioavailable, so it’s easy for the system to absorb them. This causes a “fungal genocide”, in which your body will be purified from this problem.

Then, all that rests is healing back. With the help of the right ingredients, your body will be able to regenerate tissue really fast, allowing you to feel great. Also, this process helps to rejuvenate the skin, diminishing damages caused by aging.

Anyone suffering from fungal infections can use this product. It does not matter if it’s in their skin, nails, or even internal problems. Any damages will be restored with zero side effects.

People who use this formula for a while will become immune to new fungal infections, or at least considerably more resistant to them. By reinforcing your defenses, this supplement can greatly improve your quality of life and cleanse you from the inside. Just be sure to keep using it for a couple of months.

What Are The Main Urgent Fungus Destroyer Ingredients?

This Phytage Labs flagship foot fungus support supplement uses an extensive list of ingredients that directly boost your body’s immunity and give you additional protection against further infections.

Let’s see some of them:

Japanese mushroom complex: This powerful ingredient is known as the “fungus killer” in Japan, because it affects key areas that keep them alive, getting rid of them very easily.

Curcumin: It’s very important because of its antifungal properties. When you use this substance, the chances that an infection will continue to decrease substantially are fairly big.

Cat’s claw: Just like curcumin, this ingredient can greatly diminish the inflammation in your toes and nails because it attacks the root causes of fungal infection in an efficient manner.

Quercetin: This is used by your body to rebuild damaged skin tissue. If you don’t have enough of it, the restoration of the damage that was already caused by the infection won’t be so good, and it’ll take a lot more time to heal completely.

Lycopene: Doctors consider this to be a very powerful antioxidant. It’s often used to treat cholesterol and high blood pressure, but here, the main goal is to use this substance to heal your skin and diminish problems with infections.

Olive oil extract: With the anti-inflammatory properties that this has, you can easily fight off fungal infections quickly by diminishing their reach.

Selenium: Yet another great antioxidant that can diminish how much a fungus can affect you. This aids in the immune system and diminishes damages caused by oxidation.

Benefits vs Side Effects

Urgent Fungus Destroyer has several benefits, but does it also has side effects? Time to find out.


  • It’s very efficient to treat all kinds of fungal infections.
  • Can prevent an infection from getting too bad, or becoming a chronic issue.
  • Regenerates the damage caused by fungus in both your skin and nails.
  • Improves your immunity.
  • Makes you look younger.
  • Your nails will look good.

Side effects:

This product is 100% natural and it won’t harm you in any way, nor give you undesirable side effects.

Urgent Fungus Destroyer Official Pricing

Urgent Fungus Destroyer can be purchased on FightFungusNow.com. At the moment, it’s possible to buy bottles from the website without having to pay any shipping fees. So, it’s best to enjoy this promotion while it lasts.

Here are the official prices:

  • One bottle: $69.95.
  • Two bottles: $59.95 each.
  • Four bottles: $49.95 each.

Urgent Fungus Destroyer also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied in any way, the company offers you this chance for a refund. This just shows how they are confident that this product is top-notch.


You won’t suffer from chronic or severe fungal infections after using Urgent Fungus Destroyer. With the help of this new offering, you will be able to live without discomfort or pain, and your skin and toes will be completely healing from whatever damage they had before.