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Ubertech VitalBand Review: Does Vital Band Work? Is It Legit

Technology has evolved in the healthcare industry, as seen with new tools being released. Gone are the days when you had to line up at the doctor’s office to have your blood pressure taken. There are blood pressure monitors available to make it easier to take your measurement at home.

If you are diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) or monitor your health, you should consider getting a blood pressure monitor like VitalBand.

VitalBand is a lightweight device that measures systolic and diastolic pressure accurately. The band uses smart logic technology that automatically inflates and deflates the cuff making it release at the right moment.

How to choose a blood pressure monitor

There are different blood pressure monitors in the market, and you should exercise due diligence when choosing one. Here is a checklist if you are looking for a blood pressure monitor.

Look for arm cuff models like VitalBand. There are different blood pressure reader models in the market, and they vary in terms of effectiveness. The most accurate are arm cuff models, followed by wrist models and finally finger models.

Typically, the blood pressure is measured using an inflatable cuff and presses down on an artery located in the arm. It would be best to avoid finger models altogether since they measure the blood flow to the fingers giving inaccurate readings.

Look at the ratings and focus on the customer reviews. VitalBand has good customer reviews that you can look at. You can find information on the accuracy of the tests by looking at the customer feedback.

You can also test your VitalBand kit at the doctor’s office. You can take your measurement using the doctor’s equipment and compare it with the measurements on your gear.

To ensure there are no miscalculations, take your blood pressure monitor to the doctor’s office at least once a year to ensure it is working correctly. Also, do not change or adjust your medication without consulting your physician.

Like any other home health device, if you notice any abnormal readings in your blood pressure, notify your physician immediately.

How to use VitalBand

  • Place the cuff on the wrist or arm.
  • Turn on the device. The cuff will inflate when taking the measurement and deflate once it finishes.

After it finishes deflating, you can remove the VitalBand cuff and view your blood pressure readings. The average blood pressure reading should be 120 diastolic and 80 systolic. If your readings are higher or lower than this, you can consider discussing it with your physician.


Who needs VitalBand?

VitalBand is an essential device that can be used at home by anyone. However, some people need it more than others. These are:

  • People suffering from hypertension or hypotension. This also includes those who are taking high blood pressure medication to help them monitor their status. It can help them see if they are on the right track.
  • Patients are suffering from kidney disease or type 2 diabetes.
  • Pregnant women who have a history of pre-eclampsia, hypertension, or pregnancy-induced diabetes.
  • People who have borderline or high blood pressure readings when they visit a doctor and want to confirm that they have hypertension.
  • Those who have white-coat hypertension. This is where their pressure is expected while at home but spikes once they visit a doctor. This might be due to anxiety or a fear of a visit to a doctor.

How to take accurate readings using VitalBand

To have accurate results, there are some things you can do.

Take your blood pressure at the same time every day. This is because blood pressure levels are usually low in the morning and rise in the course of the day.

  • Do not exercise, smoke, or take anything with caffeine an hour before taking your blood pressure measurement.
  • Avoid talking, as it can increase your blood pressure.

Make sure you empty your bladder at least 15 minutes before you take your measurement. This is because a full bladder can raise your systolic pressure by about 15 points and your diastolic pressure by nearly 10 points.

  • Ensure your feet are uncrossed and lay flat and place the cuff at the heart level.
  • Put the cuff on bare skin. Putting it on top of clothes can raise your systolic pressure by up to 50mmHg.
  • If you get a high reading, do not panic. Instead, rest for a few minutes and retake the measurements.

When to contact a doctor

Contact your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of the following readings:

  • If your blood pressure is over 180/120mmHg and you are experiencing chest pain, back pain, or shortness of breath. This can be a sign of a hypertensive attack.
  • If your blood pressure is lower than 110/80 and you are experiencing fatigue, general body weakness, and dizziness.


It provides an easy way to check your blood pressure anywhere and anytime.

It is well made and gives accurate readings. Each VitalBand is tested and validated before it is released to the market. This assures customers that they get a product made using high-quality materials to take blood pressure measurements accurately.

It is easy to use. The VitalBand comes with an easy-to-use cuff. It has a clear and large LCD screen, accessible memory settings, irregular heartbeat monitor, and automatic shutdown.

You can conveniently store it as it comes with a compact carrying case. This makes it ideal for traveling as it will not take too much space.

It is the perfect gift for parents and grandparents. With its easy-to-use feature, you can easily teach the elderly how to use it and have them keep track of their blood pressure. This can help avoid any health scares, and any health problems can be addressed before they become serious.



Material ABS plastic
Weight 200g
Dimensions 10cm X 5cm X5cm
Size 73.6mm X 80mm X 60mm
Certification CE
Power 2 AAA batteries (not included in the package)
Memory quantity 99 Groups
Intelligent pressure Yes
Wrist circumference range 13.5cm – 19.5cm
Display Digital LCD Display
Test method Oscillation method
Air pressure 50kpa – 105kpa








Package contents

1 Vitalband

1 user manual

1 retail box

Purchase VitalBand

Consumers interested in having their blood pressure device at home can purchase it on the official website. Ubertech offers all customers a 15-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. The VitalBand comes in a Gray or Black model, and customers can choose the color at checkout.

Right now, customers can purchase a VitalBand for $69.90. You can also buy them in multiples to save money and provide friends and family their own VitalBand blood pressure cuff.

  • 2 Vitalbands- 10% Off the Retail Price
  • 3 Vitalbands- 15 % Off the Retail Price
  • 5 Vitalbands- 20 % Off the Retail Price

UberTech offers at checkout the option to purchase an extended 3-year warranty for $13.00

Consumers that would like to contact the company to ask questions can message them by:

  • info@ubertech.shop

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