ProDentim Reviews [2023 Update] Ingredients That Work or Risky Side Effects?

Who doesn’t want an overall healthy mouth? Dental issues are the most underestimated medical conditions as most individuals tend to overlook early signs of dental problems. Though most people are ignorant about their dental health, they tend to suffer the most due to dental issues.

A dental problem can cause serious trouble when it develops into a critical stage, and your everyday life will be messed up due to that. However, it’s possible to prevent the progression of a serious dental issue with early precautions. Even if you’re not dealing with an ongoing dental problem, you can just rule out the chance of developing a serious dental issue in the near future.

Also, supervising your dental health eventually benefits you in the long term. The sad part about dental health maintenance is that most people don’t even know the proper ways to take care of their teeth and gums. What strikes your mind when you think of oral health maintenance? Probably, the thought of brushing your teeth 3-4 times daily.

In reality, that doesn’t help optimize your oral health at all. The most recent scientific studies on dental issues suggest that an individual’s oral microbiome is the main factor behind his dental health. Like your gut, your mouth also includes harmful and beneficial bacteria.

Once your oral microbiome becomes imbalanced, your oral hygiene gets worse. Also, you suffer from gum inflammation and other gum health issues repeatedly. Therefore, you need to stabilize your oral flora to enhance your overall teeth health.

Anyway, it’s pretty hard to balance your mouth microbiome if you’re not using an oral health supplement. Usually, a standard dental formula contains the necessary ingredients to support better dental health.

The supplements market has numerous dental supplements to offer, and very few among them are capable of delivering the expected results. In the long queue of numerous oral health supplements, it’s surely a confusing choice for you to purchase a suitable oral health supplement to enhance your condition.

ProDentim is one of the most promising oral probiotic supplements that contain advanced mouth microbiome support ingredients to support oral health. As you decide to buy ProDentim to support oral health, you can attain quick results without failure.

The ProDentim ingredients purportedly support healthy inflammation fixing issues. Every probiotic strain present in the supplement can help achieve white teeth at home.

ProDentim brings you the power of probiotics to clean your teeth and gums and protect them from all health problems. With its unique blend of 3.5 million probiotic strains, this supplement promises to help you prevent dental cavities and similar issues.

Though ProDentim seems very promising as an oral health support supplement, you may feel skeptical about the results delivered by the product. In this comprehensive ProDentim review, you will come to know about all the details of the supplement. Is it good? Is ProDentim a scam? Read this review to the end and decide for yourself.

What Is ProDentim?

The doctor designed and developed ProDentim oral probiotic candy is creating quite a customer reaction online as everyone is inquiring about this refreshingly good and high-quality dental health support formula.

Formulation Tablets
Refund policy
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 bottle for $69
  • 3 bottles for $177
  • 6 bottles for $294
  • Helps attain a balanced oral microbiome while enhancing your oral health.
  • Enhances your respiratory functions.
  • Stronger teeth and gums without gum bleeding issues.
  • Prevents the possibility of recurrent oral infections.
  • Helps you manage high cholesterol levels to rule out cardiac issues.
  • Strengthens the overall immune function of your body.
Ingredients Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Reuteri, B.lactis, BLIS K-12, BLIS-M-18, Inulin, Malic acid, Peppermint
Dosage 1 mouth-melting dissolvable candy daily after morning brush
Side effects Users didn’t report any serious and prevalent side effects so far.

ProDentim is a new dental health supplement that comes in chewable tablets and protects your oral health using several strains of probiotic bacteria and prebiotics. It also includes a proprietary blend of peppermint, spearmint, malic acid, and other ingredients.

The main idea behind this product is that a high population of good bacteria equals healthy teeth. However, several products, such as toothpaste, are often too strong and kill the bacteria which are helping you. This way, it’s fairly important to populate your mouth with bacteria that positively affect it.

The ProDentim formula is a natural dental health enhancement product that is manufactured by one of the best supplement brands available on the market. The supplement holds the potential to fix and prevent all types of dental diseases.

All the ingredients present in ProDentim are approved by the scientists and dentists included in the medical advisory board behind the supplement. The manufacturing process of ProDentim is performed in FDA-approved research laboratories in adherence to GMP guidelines.

Also, the supplement contains beneficial probiotic strains in clinical doses, and the presence of these ingredients makes the product a better choice to go for. Being a combination of 3.5 billion CFU, ProDentim delivers effective results evidently.

ProDentim Pros and Cons

Like other oral health supplements sold on the market, the ProDentim formula also comes with certain beneficial and negative sides. However, the oral health supplement outplays its competitors due to its beneficial values. It’s time to check the main advantages and disadvantages of this product:


Helps Get Rid Of An Oral Cavity

It can improve the resistance of your teeth against cavities. According to the ProDentim reviews posted on the official website of ProDentim, this dietary supplement can prevent different types of gum diseases. The advanced oral health supplement can fix an existing oral cavity while promoting better oral hygiene with the help of healthy bacteria.

The natural ingredients blended into the ProDentim formula help you minimize the effects of gum inflammation issues and other problems related to your gum health. The ProDentim customer reviews are available on the official website stating the same fact.

The oral probiotics mixed in the supplement can help you treat a painful oral cavity and prevent the chance of developing an oral cavity in the future.

Helps Rule Out Bad Breath Issues

It improves your breath, which will always be fresh. The official website of ProDentim claims that the beneficial bacteria blended into the dietary supplement can balance your oral microbiome so that you can get rid of bad breath issues.

Dentists have proven that an increased number of oral bacteria in your mouth can lead to bad breath issues. The oral probiotics of ProDentim can help freshen up your breath, and your breath doesn’t smell bad at all. As the supplement enables you to breathe fresh, your social life also becomes better.

Better Gut Health

Scientists have admitted the fact that probiotics are beneficial for oral and digestive health. The supplement contains scientifically proven probiotic strains that not only support oral health but also support your gut health.

While other probiotic supplements available on the market focus on offering beneficial results temporarily, the probiotic strains included in ProDentim ensure sustainable results. The ProDentim tablets are rich in substantial doses of probiotic bacteria to enhance the functions of your digestive tract.

Stronger Teeth and Gums

Your teeth and gums will become stronger than before. ProDentim aims to stabilize your oral flora to support good oral health by helping you manage all types of oral health issues. Consuming one ProDentim candy daily can help you enhance your dental hygiene naturally, which most dietary supplements being sold on the market fail to do.

If you’re in trouble due to bleeding gums and other dental health issues, the ProDentim pills can help you in the best possible ways. The ProDentim pills help eliminate harmful bacteria from your mouth so that your overall dental health becomes better. Also, your gums become stronger.

Better Respiratory Health

As an impactful oral probiotic supplement, ProDentim also enhances the functions of your upper respiratory tract. Besides offering proven oral health benefits, the supplement also enhances your respiratory functions with the help of natural ingredients.

Better Immune Health

Increases your overall immunity against infections and similar problems. As you buy ProDentim, the overall immune functions of your body will get enhanced automatically.

Usually, oral probiotic supplements don’t impact the immune functions of an individual’s body. Unlike them, the probiotic strains included in the supplement strengthen your body’s immune functions naturally.

As you purchase the probiotic supplement, you can expect all the listed health benefits. Most users assume that ProDentim only manages to enhance your tooth health, but the supplement can offer the listed additional health benefits too.

The supplement manages to rule out the harmful bacteria present in your mouth and your gut so that you can get all the benefits mentioned above.


Results May Differ

The efficiency of ProDentim may not be equal for everyone, as each body works differently. Primarily, ProDentim helps fix oral health problems while strengthening your gums naturally. As you use the supplement according to usage instructions specified by the manufacturer, you can expect to get the standard benefits.

Available On The Official Website Only

You can only purchase this online via the official website. The manufacturers of the oral health supplement strongly recommend you to order the product from the official website only to avoid PreDentim scams. Purchasing the supplement from your local store or mart may not be a safe option for you at all.

How Does ProDentim Work?


ProDentim works according to the principle that your mouth needs balance to be healthy. The supplement allows you to regain that balance by populating it with beneficial probiotic bacteria. The mixture of ingredients in this formula improves your immunity and the number of good bacteria in your mouth, making your teeth more resistant and durable.

The impeccable probiotic strains present in the supplement are the reasons behind its beneficial effects offered. The outstanding ingredients of ProDentim manage to balance the number of harmful bacteria and good bacteria in your mouth so that your mouth microbiome remains stable.

As already mentioned, an individual’s mouth microbiome is responsible for most dental issues. The ingredients of ProDentim eliminate bad bacteria from your mouth and increase the number of good bacteria inside your mouth. Also, the product manages to balance your gut microbiome.

To use this product as intended, you need to chew a tablet daily. The best time to do it is either in the morning or before you go to sleep. Also, be sure that you do it after you brush your teeth.

Is ProDentim Safe?

Yes. This product has no strong side effects, and most people won’t feel anything at all while using it. This happens because ProDentim is made using only natural ingredients that were thoroughly tested before they were used in the formula.

Also, the tablets are manufactured in a factory that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which means they adhere to strict hygiene and safety standards. You won’t get products that were made overseas in places with few or no regulations at all. This ensures the quality and safety of this offering.

However, overdosing on ProDentim may turn out to be harmful to your overall health. As you overdose on the supplement, you may face minor side effects like nausea, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, etc. If you want to avoid serious side effects, you’re supposed to follow the usage instructions specified by the manufacturers of ProDentim.

The manufacturers recommend users take 1 ProDentim capsule daily to get the best results. You may need to take more than 1 capsule based on your situation. To avoid the drastic side effects, you must consult with a professional healthcare advisor. A certified medical professional can help you determine the best dosage for yourself.

Is ProDentim a Scam?

No, ProDentim is not a scam. The supplement was manufactured by a real company that will deliver the product to your home. All purchases are made via ClickBank, a major platform that will keep your payment information safe.

Also, the supplement was tested, and the ingredients have real effects. While their impact may vary on you specifically, there is scientific evidence backing most of the claims made by the manufacturer.

Finally, you can use the 60-day guarantee to get your money back if you don’t like ProDentim. This also diminishes the risks associated with it.

Main Ingredients of ProDentim


Each tablet of ProDentim comes with a unique mixture of ingredients that can improve the health of your teeth and gums. All the ingredients blended into the supplement are added in clinical doses so that the users get the best results.

The manufacturers of ProDentim passed all the ProDentim ingredients through dedicated clinical trials before adding them to the formula. The scientists and medical experts behind the supplement approved the ingredients blended into the product. This is the list of the most important ones:

Lactobacillus Reuteri

This ingredient is vital for good health in your mouth and helps diminish inflammation problems. Lactobacillus Reuteri is a beneficial anti-inflammatory bacteria that can reduce different types of gut inflammation and gum inflammation. This bacteria naturally improves your oral condition by balancing your mouth microbiome.

Also, this bacteria also balances the functions of your digestive tract. Apart from that, it also helps control nausea while promoting a healthy mouth. Lactobacillus Reuteri is one of the key ProDentim ingredients to prevent any gum disease effortlessly.

Lactobacillus Paracasei

It’s suitable for supporting the health of your gums and allowing your sinuses to remain open most of the time. Lactobacillus Paracasei is one of the most beneficial probiotic strains to fix bad breath issues easily. It balances the microbiome inside your mouth so that your bad breath issues get resolved within short spans.

Some scientists also claim this bacteria prevents tooth decay too. Every ProDentim candy contains substantial doses of Lactobacillus Paracasei to promote dental health. If you’re suffering due to bleeding gums and other dental issues, this probiotic strain can turn out to be very beneficial for your overall tooth health.

Also, this bacteria relaxes your dental sinuses, which is the key reason behind extra dental sensitivity. Dentists say that tight and non-flexible dental sinuses can be relaxed with the help of Lactobacillus Paracasei.

Lactis BL-04

Affects your immunity positively, supporting the good bacteria in your mouth and sinuses and allowing you to breathe better. B.lactis BL-04 is one of the most important ProDentim ingredients, and it helps enhance the condition of your gums and teeth without serious side effects.

Besides ensuring a healthy mouth, B.lactis also supports the functions of your respiratory tract. It makes your respiratory system function better while cleaning the blockages in your respiratory pathway. All types of breathing issues can be resolved with the help of this probiotic strain.

It also manages to support your immune system naturally. Consuming ProDentim pills regularly can help attain all these benefits without side effects.


This keeps your teeth white at the same time that it will improve the feeling of how clean your teeth are. The natural properties present in the substance enhance your oral health naturally. Apart from that, the ingredient eliminates the chance of tooth decay too. Taking one ProDentim candy daily can help you strengthen your overall health.


Yet another ingredient that affects your respiratory tract positively, cleaning it, keeping your immunity high, and supporting your overall health. The most important benefit offered by this natural substance is that it strengthens your immunity. Taking regular doses of Blis K-12 helps keep serious infections and diseases away.


By ingesting this fiber, known as a prebiotic, the likelihood that the good bacteria in your mouth will survive increases. Inulin is one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for weight loss.

The weight reduction ingredient triggers a sense of satiety and stomach fullness so that you don’t overeat. Also, this natural ingredient makes it easier to reduce your hunger and food cravings.


It can diminish the levels of inflammation in your mouth, making it harder for cavities to appear. Peppermint is an impactful ingredient to support better oral health. Apart from that, the ingredient helps enhance the functions of your digestive system naturally. Also, Peppermint improves your overall digestion so that you don’t suffer from a digestive disorder.


This will keep you with a fresh breath for several hours. Consuming this natural substance regularly can help to retain oral freshness continuously.

Malic Acid

The main reason this was added to the supplement is to keep your teeth white, and it also helps with dry mouth symptoms. Malic acid is a potent natural substance to enhance the condition of your skin and hair. Regular consumption of this ingredient helps remove dead cells from your skin so that you retain a younger appearance.

The probiotic supplement contains substantial doses of Malic acid to benefit users in better ways.

Dicalcium Phosphate

Dicalcium Phosphate is frequently used in oral applications, and it can help prevent tooth decay and is sometimes used as an alternative to fluoride.

According to the ProDentim reviews uploaded on the official website by the existing users, the aforementioned ingredients are present in the supplement in powerful doses. The presence of all these substances in effective doses in ProDentim makes the formula a better option.

Scientific Evidence Behind ProDentim

You already know that ProDentim is a scientifically proven supplement, and all the powerful ingredients mixed into the product are also backed by scientific studies. Clinical doses of these ingredients are mixed into the formula behind the supplement.

It’s also essential to check the scientific evidence behind the ingredients to understand their worth. This segment will showcase the scientific evidence behind the ingredients included in ProDentim so that you can judge whether the product is worth purchasing or not.

This evidence shows that Lactobacillus Paracasei is extremely handful in terms of enhancing overall dental health. This bacteria enables you to keep your mouth and your teeth clean.

This bacteria is the best possible bacterial strain to balance your mouth microbiome. Also, it manages to strengthen your gums and teeth. Most importantly, this bacteria is also beneficial in terms of minimizing the progression of serious dental issues.

Apart from that, this bacteria also supports better digestive functions while stabilizing your gut microbiome.

BLIS M-18 is a significant ingredient of ProDentim, and this substance helps enhance the condition of your teeth. Also, your gums get strengthened naturally with a regular intake of this ingredient.

Apart from reducing the intensity of serious dental issues, the substance also supports your brain functions. Also, BLIS M-18 supports better mood and more spontaneous cognitive functions naturally.

B.lactis is also a potent ingredient to support better oral hygiene. The consumption of this substance makes it possible to strengthen your gums and teeth. This beneficial bacterial strain also makes it easier to delay tooth decay. Different types of gum diseases can also be prevented with the help of this bacterial strain.

How Much Does ProDentim Cost?


ProDentim can only be purchased on the official website. If you decide to buy this product, you should know that buying in bulk may be a good idea, as the final price per unit decreases when you purchase a package.

All offers have free shipping for the United States at the moment. If you order a three or six-month supply, you will also receive two free bonus guides: Bad Breath Gone and Hollywood White Teeth at Home – they regularly have a value of over $100, but you will get them for free if you order a multi-bottle package of ProDentim!

  • Buy one bottle of ProDentim for $69.
  • Buy three bottles of ProDentim for $59 each.
  • Buy six bottles of ProDentim for $49 each.

Potential customers should know that most credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), as well as PayPal, are the only payment methods accepted on the website. ProDentim comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee; if you aren’t happy with the product, you can email customer service at contact@prodentim-product.com to discuss your refund.

ProDentim Refund Policy

The purchase of ProDentim candy tablets today is absolutely risk-free due to the 60-day money back guarantee the company offers to all customers. In fact, it is so easy to do, there are only a few steps every ProDentim customer needs to do in order to obtain their refund policy when ordering ProDentim within the first two months after your original purchase date.

The merchant platform ProDentim uses is Clickbank, one of the most trusted vendors for supplements in the world who is extremely customer-friendly and honors every product’s refund policy without question. When you buy ProDentim from the official website, you will see “CLKBANK*COM” on the bank or credit card statement. To initiate a refund, all ProDentim customers must do is the following:

Step 1: Visit the official Clickbank customer service website to start the refund request process and go to the Order Lookup section.

Step 2: Enter your order number and email address used when checking out on the ProDentim website. If you do not have these details handy, you may also use the last four digits of your card used when buying directly through the official ProDentim website.

Step 3: Once entering the correct details, find the Look Up My Order History and locate your order ID, which will forward a confirmation code to your email addressed used.

Step 4: Enter the verification code sent to your inbox and click GO!

Step 5: Now find the “Get Support” button and simply click on “Refund Request” button and it will be processed so long as it is within 60 days of your original order date.

Step 6: You can leave a reason for the ProDentim customer refund as there are multiple options to choose from as well as any additional comments you want to make. Click send and you are good to go!

It really is quite that easy! Every ProDentim customer gets an unconditional window of two full months to try these soft mineral mouth melting candies for yourself or it is completely risk-free today.

Customers’ Opinions About ProDentim

There’s no doubt that ProDentim is among the most popular dental supplements in the supplements market. ProDentim is blessed with an unbelievably massive user base spread over different cities of the world. The majority of ProDentim users are more than satisfied with the phenomenal results offered by the supplement.

ProDentim is rated with five stars by most existing ProDentim users, and the official website also contains uncountable positive reviews about the performance delivered by the supplement.

ProDentim Manufacturers

ProDentim is produced by a US-based supplements brand, Ideal Performance. Ideal Performance has been operational for quite a while now, and the brand has been behind numerous outstanding supplements available on the market. Ideal Performance is popular for delivering premium supplements, and ProDentim is definitely one of the best products manufactured by the brand.


If you feel that your teeth are not protected enough against cavities and similar issues, ProDentim can be the perfect solution to get an additional layer of protection. This supplement will balance the health of your mouth and make your teeth much more durable than before.

Being rich in potent doses of beneficial bacteria, ProDentim becomes a more favorable choice for users of all ages. The supplement is better than most other oral health supplements as it manages to offer sustainable and long-term effects. The supplement can help you get rid of any type of gum disease easily.

In this ProDentim review, you have come to know all the details about the ProDentim capsules. According to the manufacturers of the ProDentim probiotic formula, the product contains 3.5 billion CFU to support oral health.

Also, the ingredients present in the supplement have been through clinical trials before getting blended into the supplement. Every oral probiotic candy present in a bottle of ProDentim contains substantial doses of potent ingredients to help users get better results.

Also, you can check out the ProDentim reviews posted on the official website before purchasing the supplement so that your doubts related to the product get cleared. There’s no doubt that ProDentim promotes better dental health while preventing tooth decay and similar dental issues.

There are discounts for folks who purchase in bulk and a money-back guarantee if you are still not convinced that this will be perfect for you. Check out the official website and order your supply of ProDentim today!



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