INFECTED Book Reviews: Dr Ralph La Guardia MD Alternative Survival Medicine eBook?

The world has experienced tens of thousands of deaths, a dramatic shift in supply shortages, an economic slowdown, and ongoing mental tiredness since the pandemic. Even today, people still worry about whether their Covid 19 tests will be positive. Worse, other health issues have developed concurrently with the pandemic. Will we ever be able to escape this unbearable sensation?

According to Dr. Ralph La Guardia, being properly educated is the only way for people to protect themselves. Higher officials were slow to respond when COVID-19 began, so nobody had time to prepare adequately. It cost us many lives before we realized what it meant. Dr. Ralph La Guardia wants to support health education as someone who has been on the front lines. How? Through his just-published book. It is appropriate at this point to introduce INFECTED.


INFECTED: Secrets from the Medical Underground, or “INFECTED” for short, is a book by Ralph La Guardia, M.D. Its goal is to inform people how to avoid and treat any possible infection. Understanding the various bodily systems and how specific systems interact with one another is necessary. Ralph La Guardia emphasizes that only a small number of medical professionals are prepared to divulge these secrets, particularly when it comes to knowing how to manipulate immunity. What are the general guidelines for avoiding known and unknown illnesses? And that’s exactly what we’ll talk about next.


What are the takeaways of the INFECTED Book?

Inside the INFECTED guide, individuals will unearth:

  • The one thing that must be avoided if you develop a fever
  • Why the symptoms from May to September are not flu-like
  • Ralph La Guardia M.D.’s personal COVID-19 protocol
  • Why is the flu virus coming from Asia, and where do drug-resistant superbugs come from?
  • Multivitamin deficiencies and a critical component that is lacking
  • The shortcomings of multivitamins and a fundamental component they are missing
  • Prescription and OTC medications are known to destroy immunity
  • What people with cancer are almost always deficient in
  • What is an “antioxidant cascade,” and why is it important
  • Foods that stimulate immunity and help keep people healthy
  • Which is the difference between upper and lower airway infections

These only scratch the surface of what the INFECTED intends to convey. As was explicitly stated above, people will learn a variety of practical, tried-and-true facts that can save the lives of their entire family. It’s remarkable to realize from all of this that the book covers various health-related topics in just 60 pages.

Does INFECTED include any bonuses?

Yes, with each INFECTED book, individuals will receive the following bonuses:

Bonus Gift #1. The Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest

The Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest is a guide that provides details on how to treat oneself and loved ones through traditional medicine. This covers techniques for cultivating the healthiest foods, essential spices that control blood sugar, and practically every sickness, injury, and condition that can be treated naturally. It also includes a single seed that may protect the brain. Ralph La Guardia claims to have spent much time laying the foundation.

Bonus Gift #2. The Prepper’s Guide to Essential Oils

The Prepper Essential Oils Guide aims to educate readers about the benefits of switching from antibiotics to essential oils. The specialist claims that essential oils have the power to cure bacterial diseases (e.g., fungi Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, and parasitic infections). This information will be practical the next time a pandemic occurs.

Bonus Gift #3. Home Defense Hacks

Violent crime has progressively increased in the United States after COVID-19, primarily in urban areas. If the economy continues to deteriorate, crime rates will continue to rise. Through the Home Defense Hacks book, people will mostly learn how to rapidly and affordably fortify a home to deter burglars from entering. Ralph La Guardia agrees that the SWAT technique can be used to determine whether an intruder has broken in.

Bonus #4. Grocery Store Loopholes

The following resource shows 11 various ways people can save money on food. The fact that Grocery Store Loopholes also provides a 12-month calendar that lists the optimum times to stock up on a seasonal basis piqued the interest of our editorial team. Ralph La Guardia is confident that the savings made possible by this bonus significantly outweigh the price of an INFECTED copy.

Money-Back Guarantee

Ralph La Guardia concluded that a lifetime money-back guarantee would be the best way to safeguard INFECTED purchases. Yes, the many information sources discussed in this review are entirely risk-free. A contact form must be filled out if you want further information on the return policy or any of the assembled materials by sending an email to:

  • Email Barbara@selfrely.com

How much does INFECTED cost?

Prices for the INFECTED: Secrets from the Medical Underground vary depending on the chosen package, including various extra combinations. Currently, people have two options to choose from:

Gold Package ($37):

  • Digital copy of INFECTED
  • Digital copy of Grocery Store Loopholes

Platinum Package ($47):

  • A Hard copy of INFECTED (rush delivered)
  • Digital copy of Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest
  • Digital copy of The Prepper’s Guide to Essential Oils
  • Digital copy of Home Defense Hacks
  • Digital copy of Grocery Store Loopholes

Ralph La Guardia has also introduced the option to add a physical copy of the Bible of Alternative Medicine ($79) at checkout for customers who are generally interested in alternative medicine. The goal of this book is to aid everyone in getting ready for any pandemic or health emergency. He advises everyone to start by looking up solutions for common health concerns in the index at the back of the book.

About the Author: Ralph La Guardia M.D.

Dr. Ralph La Guardia spent more than three decades looking into alternative medical treatments and methods of disease prevention. When he went to medical school in Italy, he had his epiphany. How come? Because he could distinguish clearly between the European and American approaches to treating sickness (i.e., at its source) (i.e., treating symptoms).

Ralph La Guardia has a wide following among those who practice integrative medicine. He swiftly gained the ability to discriminate between alternative and natural procedures and those regarded as “snake oil” throughout his 40-year career in private practice in Connecticut. The following is what the medical expert has to say to readers:

“I’ve been practicing medicine for nearly 40 years […], and I’ve always felt like the European approach made more sense. Today, I specialize in internal medicine, bariatrics, and geriatrics – which put me in a unique position to witness the unfolding of the pandemic in 2020 […] Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have treated over 200 cases […]. Today I’m more committed than ever to helping people strengthen their immune systems.”


Final Thoughts

INFECTED is ultimately a book that seeks to equip readers for any potential health emergency. The secret to maximum defense lies in boosting the immune system from the inside out. Dr. Ralph La Guardia appears to have developed a sizable encyclopedia on this subject. People will learn to distinguish between pandemic and flu symptoms, deficits among COVID-19 patients, crucial nutrients to promote preventative care, and general human body awareness. He has since provided supplementary materials that collectively comprise a complete survival pack.

Given that some readers want scientific evidence and others could prefer medication produced from nature, the complete system might not be suitable for all readers. However, a medical expert assembled all that was provided today. Therefore, rather than completely shutting off Ralph La Guardia’s viewpoint, we think it is worthwhile to spend the time to comprehend it. Why not benefit from the unlimited money-back guarantee?

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