CortiSync by PrimeGENIX [Review] Ingredients That Work or Fake Hype?

CortiSync by PrimeGENIX is a supplement that reduces high cholesterol to ease stress and fatigue. The remedy is only on the official website, and it is a combination of adaptogenic herbs.

What is CortiSync?

Everyone experiences stress. In fact, this problem has become so common amongst adults and children alike that no one questions if something might actually be wrong. While the recommendation to meditate more or manage caffeine intake might be a temporary fix, the problem might be that cortisol levels are much higher than they should be.

Cortisol is the stress hormone, and anyone who struggles with fatigue, unexplained weight gain, and an overactive appetite is probably making too much. Some people experience mental fog and muscle weakness, making it hard to get through the day. CortiSync – a new remedy by PrimeGENIX – might help.

Using clinically tested ingredients, consumers who take CortiSync might find that they improve physical performance, energy levels, focus, and more within just two weeks of use. Stress from a mental or physical source can trigger the spike, making it impossible to sleep. By regaining control, consumers can use CortiSync to feel like themselves again.

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What’s In CortiSync?

The whole reason that CortiSync is an effective supplement is that all seven ingredients are adaptogens that help manage the user’s relaxation and calmness. They are all backed up by many scientific studies, leading the creators to include:

  • Sensoril (ashwagandha)
  • Holy basil
  • L-theanine
  • Lemon balm
  • Lichi
  • Magnolia
  • Rhodiola

Read on below to learn about the effects of each ingredient on the body.


Sensoril is a type of ashwagandha, though it is a patented version of this Ayurvedic herb. There are few herbs with the notoriety that ashwagandha has, but multiple studies show that it reduces the production of cortisol, resulting in less stress and fatigue. The extract is often created from the leaves and roots for the abundance of bioactive compounds.

By using this patented version, consumers will increase the benefits they ordinarily get from ashwagandha already. The creators of CortiSync even provide 12 scientific studies that specifically back up these claims about Sensoril.

Holy Basil

Holy basil is a sacred herb used for over 3,000 to improve wellness in the mind and body with Ayurvedic medicine. It also reduces the damage that stress can cause, dealing with metabolic stress as well. This ingredient reduces the risk of adrenal fatigue to keep the cortisol levels under control.


L-Theanine helps users to feel as relaxed as they would be while sleeping, but they won’t feel drowsy. Originally, Japanese scientists shed light on its capabilities over 70 years ago, making it easy for researchers to examine its benefits today. The ability to cross the blood-brain barrier is often used in remedies that promote better cognition. The only way to achieve this effect is by increasing alpha brain wave activity, which helps with the user’s attention span and memory retention.

In some cases, the power of L-theanine is so effective that consumers can reduce the effect that aging has on the mind.

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Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has been used for over 2,000 years to help mood and cognition. It was used as far back as Paracelsus’ time, as the philosopher sought to help consumers with nervous system problems. Researchers have found that it helps with calmness, alertness, and mood. For some people, lemon balm is all they need to ease inflammation.


Lichi is a fruit, and it is most often found in tropical environments. With 4,000 years of cultivation under its belt, scientists have now discovered that it reduces cortisol levels and stress, though it also is associated with weight loss. The bioactive compounds are directly associated with metabolism, though they also strengthen bones and ease inflammation.


Magnolia is used by both Japanese and Chinese cultures as a medicine. It has been cultivated for centuries, and the most traditional use is as a way to quell anxiety. It reduces inflammation, helps consumers sleep better, and improves the production of serotonin (or the happy hormone).


Rhodiola, more often called Rhodiola Rosea, is the final adaptogen to round out this list of ingredients. It is often called the arctic root as a nod to the cold environment in Europe and Asia, where it thrives best. It helps users reduce cortisol production, which is why it eases stress so well. It also reduces the severity of aging, soothes fatigue, and promotes better cognitive performance.

Purchasing CortiSync

The official website has three different packages available, which include:

  • One bottle for $59.95
  • Three bottles for $169.95
  • Six bottles for $319.95

Users who purchase the CortiSync formula with the six-bottle package will get free shipping on their orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CortiSync

Will users feel sleepy or tired with CortiSync?

No. The whole point of this remedy is to help consumers fight fatigue. It improves energy levels.

Will using CortiSync help with blood sugar issues?

Yes. The ingredients found in this formula can reduce blood sugar and blood pressure.

Are there any side effects associated with CortiSync?

No. All the ingredients in this formula have gone through multiple clinical studies to prove their benefits in humans and animals, finding no side effects. Generally, they are all tolerated well unless the user has an allergy.

What’s with the CortiSync money-back guarantee?

The creators offer this guarantee to ensure that customers are either happy with the product or satisfied with their refund. Unsatisfied users need to get in touch with the customer service team for a refund.

How many bottles should users order initially?

While customers can freely choose whichever package they want, the creators recommend the three-bottle package for its value and consistency.

How do users place an order with CortiSync?

All orders must go through the official website. No other website has approval from PrimeGENIX to sell its products.

The customer service team can be reached with any concerns or questions by filling out the form at https://www.cortisync.com/contact/ or calling 1-866-621-6886 between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm PST.


CortiSync provides consumers with a solution for high cortisol levels. It only includes natural ingredients, and they are all considered adaptogens, meaning their primary function is calming the mind and body. Any adult can use this remedy, and users don’t need to follow a particular diet or routine to get support.

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