CoolDown Pro Review – Does Cool Down Pro Neck Cooler Work?

The air around you often contains toxins and dust particles that are hazardous to your respiratory health in the long term. The risk is even higher if you are a frequent traveler.

The rising concerns over climate change raise the alarm for you to take charge of the air you breathe.

You can improve air quality by using air conditioners (ACs), but most of them are either too expensive or too bulky to carry around. CoolDown Pro is a mini AC designed for personal use, making it convenient for every situation.

What is CoolDown Pro?

CoolDown Pro is an instant air cooler designed for low power consumption and easy portability. It is lightweight and has a sleek headset design that imposes gentle pressure to relieve tension.

The device has a built-in battery rechargeable by a Type-C USB cable for power back-up when you don’t have a direct electricity source. It is also cordless, making it compact and easy to carry around. CoolDown Pro has different cooling levels and uses silent cold pad technology.

How does CoolDown Pro work?

CoolDown Pro uses a unique technology but still maintains the simplicity needed for an average user to operate. It has customized settings that allow you to alternate between different cooling options with a button toggle.

It also comes with a user manual in case you need a more detailed explanation of how it works.

The device has to be fully charged before usage. You can charge it with a Type-C USB charger, just like a smartphone. You may hang it around your neck and toggle the power button ON when fully charged. It takes about 10 seconds to start feeling a difference in the air around you.


Benefits of CoolDown Pro

  • It has a noiseless profile that enables you to use it even while studying or sleeping.
  • It offers different cooling levels to suit your needs in different environments.
  • It is jam-packed with features such as a cordless design and rechargeable built-in battery that make it easily portable.
  • It is power-intensive, which makes it more sustainable than traditional ACs.
  • Its minimalistic design and simple technology make it easy to maintain.
  • It has a neck cooler that only takes seconds to cool you down, unlike alternative ACs that need to cool the air around before contacting you.
  • Its lightweight design makes it convenient for use while going about other activities such as traveling.
  • It has a built-in rechargeable battery that offers power back-up when you don’t have direct access to electricity.
  • It has simple controls that do not need any expertise to operate.
  • It has a sleek design and a durable casing for durability.
  • It enables you to control your micro-environment without interfering with the comfort of others.
  • It has anti-microbial technology that prevents bacteria and dust from accumulating and causing illness.

How Much is CoolDown Pro?

One CoolDown Pro AC goes for $99. If you buy two under the current offer, you will pay $80 each. If you buy 4, the price drops to $62 per unit. All orders are shipped free of charge. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee for your first purchase. You can email customer service at care@urpurchase.com for more information or ask about the return process.


Final Word

Research shows that lack of fresh air can deprive you of the right amount of oxygen needed for the brain to function optimally. Fresh air also supports the white blood cells, responsible for your immunity. Inhaling contaminated air not only weakens your immunity but also introduces toxins and bacteria that damage your cells. Visit the official website to order your CoolDown Pro AC today!