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Bill O’Reilly, Alex Green Innovation Accelerator Playbook Review (Oxford Club)

In a recent presentation, investor Billy O’Reilly starts by expressing his concerns for what the future holds for America. As the country is anticipating new tax hikes, increased debt, and high unemployment, to name a few, people are likely to be more pessimistic than optimistic, he says. However, if he were to trust an individual, it would be none other than researcher, futurist, investment analyst, and portfolio manager Alexander Green.

Alexander Green believes that despite how things are playing out right in this instance, “a series of events is coming that will lead to more wealth creation in the next two years […] than over the past two decades combined.” Unlike most people, Alexander claims to see the good in the world as technological advancements flourish, innovators spring into existence, and society introduces newer and newer concepts. That’s why he reasons that regardless of what the political and economic situations are, there will always be some form of innovation to invest in.

In light of it all, Alexander shares that he’s found four specific innovations that are sure to change the world and reward shareholders. What might they be? Here’s what we know thus far:

Company #1. Biotech Sector

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The first company that he has his eyes set on is a biotech company that focuses on mRNA. Compared to Moderna’s vaccine, which works by stimulating the immune system to create antibodies, the company that he is confident in is said to deliver messages to the body that the “shut down” process to halting diseases needs to commence.

With its shares currently sitting at $25 apiece, Alexander insists that it too can turn out like Moderna, with its stock sitting at roughly $183.74. In this case, we failed to decipher what this company might be, as there are many mRNA-based companies in the U.S.

Company #2. Cable Broadband Network

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The next company appears to focus on 10G, which applies to the cable broadband network, where “10G” stands for “10 gigabits per second (Gbps).” It is so fast, reliable, and secure that many companies are currently in the works of building it.

He referenced the CEO, who said, “While the world is talking about 5G, we’re proud to be part of this extraordinary movement to 10G. We’re already launching entire Gigacities, and that’s just the start.” Who might this CEO be? It turns out Alexander is referring to CEO and President of NCTA, Michael Powell.

Company #3. Agriculture Sector

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Next, Alexander believes that the agriculture sector will not only increase, but it will do so “dramatically.” That said, the third innovation that he has high hopes for is vertical farming, as produce can be grown year-round with no pesticides. At the time of writing, he affirms that there is only one publicly traded company, a retailer, to be more specific, owns and operates stores that sell equipment for hydroponics and organic gardening.

Sales have supposedly grown by 152% in the last 12 months, and the company has expanded to 36 locations across the United States. This is definitely a tricky one, but based on his descriptions, we believe that he might be referring to GrowGeneration Corp., seeing that they also own a chain of specialty hydroponic and organic garden centers.

Company #4. Robotics

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The fourth company is a robotics company founded by 3 scientists from MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. To date, this company is said to have created telemedical and military robots. He goes on to make the case that one of the company’s earliest robots was “used to gather data in dangerous conditions at the Fukushima nuclear disaster site and detected underwater pools of oil after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.”

Alexander is mentioning “PackBots,” which were developed by formerly named Endeavor Robotics or known today as FLIR. Nonetheless, the potential he sees in this company has to do with the fact that they are currently developing drone technology that might revolutionize delivery in 5 years.

Clearly, Alexander Green did not place all of the eggs in one basket, which is usually a common mistake by investors. With all of the aforementioned in mind, for people wanting to get accurate information on these investment opportunities, one must first sign up to Alexander Green’s “The Oxford Communiqué.”

What is The Oxford Communiqué?

The Oxford Communiqué is The Oxford Club’s flagship newsletter that expounds on the latest investment ideas. Led and penned by the Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, this service focuses not only on investment ideas but also on his market perspectives. One thing that is unique to this service (at least in comparison to others that exist today) is those diverse industries are covered rather than emphasizing one. Now that the basics are covered let’s take a closer look at the incentives of becoming a member of The Oxford Communiqué.

What incentives does a membership to The Oxford Communiqué bring?

Once individuals become a member of The Oxford Communiqué, they will be presented with:

# 1. Two Bestselling Hardcover Books

The first is called “The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio” by Alexander Green, and the second is none other than “Killing Crazy Horse” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. The former dives into means of managing hard-earned money using a supposed Nobel Prize-winning strategy that takes as little as 20 minutes a year, while the latter is deemed a history book or, as put by the duo, “an eye-opener.”

#2. The Innovation Accelerator Playbook

The Innovation Accelerator Playbook combines all of Alexander Green’s research on the above four companies. They have been separated into four distinct guides:

  • The mRNA Leader Locking Up Multiple $200 Million Deals
  • The 10G Frontrunner Changing How Business is Done
  • The Future of Food: The Vertical Farm Supplier Feeding the World
  • The Robotics Company Partnered with Google & Amazon

As for the usual perks of The Oxford Communiqué, they have been disclosed as being the following:

  • 12 issues on investment ideas published the third week of every month
  • Updates to The Oxford Communiqué Portfolio about what’s going on with key positions in the portfolios available weekly
  • Access to a members’ only website that has been password-protected, hence for the eyes of members only
  • Access to Oxford Insight Issues published four times per week
  • Weekly Market Wake-Up Call video segments including commentary from The Oxford Club’s strategies and experts within their respective fields
  • Access to The Oxfordian Hotel Collection, i.e., discounts on luxurious hotels around the world
  • VIP invitations to in-person conferences typically held at 5-star venues
  • Bonus 1: three-part video training for new investors
  • Premium Bonus 1: “The Innovation Gatekeeper” guide
  • Premium Bonus 2: “The Top Cyber-Protector in a $124 Billion Market.”

How much does a membership to The Oxford Communiqué cost?

The Oxford Communiqué membership can be purchased at different price points based on one’s respective needs. As this is being written, three subscription options have been presented:

Standard Subscription: $49 (and $79/year thereafter)

  • Includes digital-only subscription to The Oxford Communiqué
  • No premium bonus reports

Deluxe Subscription: $129

  • Digital (via email and website) and print subscriptions to The Oxford Communiqué
  • No premium bonus reports

Premium Subscription: $99

image 2
  • Digital and print subscriptions to The Oxford Communiqué
  • Access to Premium Bonuses 1 and 2 listed above, both valued at $4000 and $299 respectively, but offered no extra charge.

To join today, individuals can either sign up online by following this link or by simply contacting customer service at one of two numbers and mentioning the priority code (LOXFX283): (866) 415-8492 or (443) 353-4234.

If Alexander Green’s input and analyses fail to impress investors, this service has been protected by a 365-day money-back guarantee. So, it is as simple as getting in touch with the Member Services Team, who will approve and recompensate those who wish to cancel their membership. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Phone: (800) 992-0205 or (443) 353-4056 (Mon through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET)
  • Address: Attn: Member Services, 105 W. Monument St., Baltimore, MD 21201, USA
  • Website:
image 1

Meet Alexander Green

Earlier, we mentioned that Alexander Green is the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club. However, he takes on the same role with Liberty Through Wealth as well. As an editor of investment research advisories, he’s had quite the opportunities in terms of his experience. In fact, he has been deemed the senior editor of The Oxford Communiqué and editor of The Momentum Alert, The Insider Alert, and Oxford Microcap Trader. So, clearly, this isn’t new to him.

To add to everything that has been disclosed thus far, The Oxford Club shared that “Hulbert Financial Digest has since ranked The Oxford Communiqué as one of the 10 top-performing investment letters in the nation in the last 15 years,” adding that he is also the author of:

  • The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio
  • The Secret of Shelter Island
  • Beyond Wealth
  • An Embarrassment of Riches

Final Verdict

All-in-all, The Oxford Communiqué is an investment research advisory that aims to educate and help grow investors’ wealth. With Alexander Green taking charge, everyone can anticipate being introduced to the most innovative companies there exists, all of whom come from diverse industries. Seeing that Alexander has a lot of experience under his belt, is currently offering as many resources as possible, and continues to highlight the importance of diversifying one’s portfolio, this service appears to have potential.

Earlier, we tried to decipher some of his picks, but there’s no guarantee that they are right until they become members of The Oxford Communiqué. All things considered, the prices appear to be quite fair, especially when it comes to the time and effort that goes into creating such in-depth analyses, reports, and guides. Who can forget the year-long money-back guarantee, which essentially makes this service risk-free?

To fully grasp what The Oxford Communiqué has to offer, here’s an interview hosted by Billy O’Reilly and Alexander Green as the guest.

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