Best Air Purifiers (2022)

There is a growing amount of distress over the levels of air pollution both outside and within buildings.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the quality of air inside might be up to five times worse than the air quality outside. Many harmful emissions persist indoors because indoor air is not exchanged as often as the air found outdoors.

Air purifiers may revitalize airflow, lowering the risk of chronic diseases brought on by environmental contaminants. These pollutants can bring on respiratory illness and neurological disorders or worsen asthma symptoms in those who already have the condition.

Cleaners of sufficient caliber remove a diverse range of indoor air contaminants, thus preserving our safety.

Home air cleaners that use HEPA filters effectively remove 99.7 percent of the air pollutants floating about in the air in a residential setting.

Eliminating these pollutants may result in several quick and long-term advantages to physical and mental well-being, including an improvement in the quality of sleep and a helpful boost in the average lifespan.

Asthma affects one out of every 12 persons. Those who have asthma often have bronchial tubes that are irritated. Their airways get inflamed, making breathing difficult when exposed to irritants like pollen, dust mites, or pet dander.

Most dog and cat breeds lose their hair at various times throughout the year. When these animals scratch themselves, they release a significant amount of fur and dust into the air, which then continues to circulate.

Various things might set off asthma attacks, including pollen and dust mites, which can happen even if you don’t have pets.

Pollen particles may enter a room via open windows with the help of the wind, or they can cling to you while you are outdoors and enter on your clothing. The most frequent allergens are dust mites, which thrive in humid environments.

The absence of fresh air causes a rise in the humidity levels, creating the ideal environment for dust mites to reproduce. They swiftly breed in your bed, carpet, and other upholstered furniture by feeding on dead skin cells they find there.

These pollutants may be removed from your mattress, carpet, and flooring using a vacuum cleaner, but some will still be in the air. Inhaling the dirty air will increase the likelihood of an asthma attack.

Most home air purifiers utilize HEPA filters to reduce all harmful contaminants from the air you inhale.

HEPA filtration is constructed using multi-layered screens of tiny fiberglass threads finer than individual hair strands. These nets collect allergens like pollen, dust mite dander, and pet dander that drift through the air in your house, allowing you to breathe fresh air.

The Best Air Purifiers in 2022

In this post, we’ll be covering some of the best Air Purifier Devices available on the market:

  • Proton Pure
  • Purifair
  • Ion Pure
  • Ioner Air Purifier
  • Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner
  • Air Protect Pro
  • Safe Air X
  • Blaux In-Home
  • Air Purifier X
  • DivinAir Dehumidifier
  • PureAir Max
  • AirJoi

Proton Pure


Proton Pure next-gen filtering technology is the product of intensive R&D. Each cleaner has a True HEPATM filter that catches 99.7% of particles over 0.3m. Proton Pure establishes the gold standard in air purification by capturing VOCs, unpleasant smells, dust, allergens, pollen, germs, and viruses.

Proton Pure can circulate and filter the air from every corner of a usual kitchen, lounge room, bedroom, or living area. Proton Pure’s ‘Change Filter’ indication reminds you when to replace the True HEPA Filter. Low-cost replacement filters last months and may be returned in seconds.

Plug Proton Pure into a wall outlet for constant purification, or use the Type-C charging cable. This unit’s 15,000mA battery can last 7 hours on high.

With the Proton Pure, consumers may enjoy a quieter environment by placing the device almost anyplace. As the air flows around the base, there is no need for any specific configuration to make it operate. A green Filter Change indicator light on the touchscreen tells you when it’s time to replace the True HEPA filter.



Purifair neutralizes contaminants by releasing negative ions. They adhere to and eliminate airborne viruses, germs, dust, and smoke.

It allows for better breathing. It is portable and light for Your workplace, automobile, or bedroom.

Most individuals are unaware of the adverse effects of these pollutants. On the other hand, dust and smog may rapidly irritate the sinuses, resulting in difficulty breathing. Respiratory problems may develop in anybody, even if they don’t have a pre-existing medical disease. Even if Purifair can’t prevent people from being sick, it can significantly improve their chances of avoiding it in the future by fostering a healthier atmosphere.

There have been 50,000 copies sold thus far and verified consumers had given it a 92% good rating. Furthermore, the method is supported by scientific facts, proving its effectiveness in every circumstance. There is no need to worry about what’s in the air since Purifair removes all of the most prevalent airborne pollutants.

Ion Pure


While typical air purifiers appear like hard drives, Ion Pure looks more like an air purification system. You connect Ion Pure into a plug socket in your house, and the device delivers constant air filtration without maintenance.

Each Ion Pure creates zero pollution, uses less energy, and is manufactured from vibration ABS material for greater endurance. The machine produces negative ions to eliminate contaminants from the air you inhale around your house.

IonPure stands out from competing air filtration systems available today due to the many innovative features that set it apart from its competitors. Because this product is kind to the environment and does not leave behind any allergens in its wake, using it around children and adults alike is an exceptionally risk-free activity. Everyone of any age may benefit from its portability and ease of usage.

This device emits negative ions, which travel through the air and remove all pathogens responsible for our environment’s contamination, including viruses and bacteria. You are now surrounded by fresh, pure, and clean air, which helps enhance your health and gives you a refreshing sensation of well-being when the process is complete.

Ioner Air Purifier

A portable air purifier that may be worn around your neck is the Ioner Air Purifier. You don’t have to worry about plugging in or setting up a workstation for your air purifier when you can just take it everywhere you go.

The air you breathe may be cleaned of germs, smells, viruses, and allergies if you wear the Ioner Air Purifier all day. When utilizing the Ioner Air Purifier, you may have a decreased chance of becoming ill. Aside from smelling nicer, the Ioner Air Purifier has other benefits.

The Ioner Air Purifier is a good option if you want portable protection against airborne pollutants and particles.

The Ioner Air Purifier is an excellent method to keep microorganisms at bay and your air fresh. As long as the worldwide pandemic continues to spread, this device will be especially helpful in removing germs and viruses from the air you breathe.

However, it may also shield you from any other particle that would otherwise be able to get to you. It allows you to breathe fresh air free of pollen and other allergies.

Those with severe pollen allergies, for example, may see immediate relief from their symptoms. In extreme circumstances, allergies are so intense that using a gadget like this might significantly impact them.

In addition, it’s a terrific gadget to have on hand at all times and especially at work if you happen to be in a place where you can’t breathe properly, making it a must-have item.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner


As tiny as 0.3 micrometers, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is a no-nonsense device that can remove a broad spectrum of pollutants from the air.

The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner employs negative ion technology, like the other premium compact air cleaners on our list, to collect positively charged ions and remove them from the air. A carbon charcoal-activated carbon filter is also included in the cleaner.

This Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner accomplishes exactly what its brand name implies: to clean the air we breathe of hazardous particles and pollutants. It achieves this by blasting away any harmful particles and contaminants.

This Air Cleaner is very portable and tiny, which means that it may be transferred from one location to another, such as from your place of business to your own house. It is portable to the fullest extent possible.

Because it does not need a significant amount of additional electrical power, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner will assist you in reducing the amount of money you spend each month on your energy bills.

Air Protect Pro


Air Protect Pro is a portable air purifier that provides new and safe home environments. The device removes 99.7% of particles from the air and improves the quality of the home environment.

Each Air Protect Pro may cover rooms of up to 215 square feet. Air Protect Pro is perfect for various applications, from tiny workplaces to guestrooms to medium-sized living spaces.

You are aware of how severe allergies may get, particularly in situations when there is dust or when flowers are in bloom. Because so many allergens are floating about in the air, it is hard to avoid coming into contact with them. The only place you can ever feel secure is inside the walls of your own house.

Unfortunately, these allergies may disperse into the air, which will make things more difficult for you. When you use Air Protect Pro, you will have the ability to eliminate allergens from the environment in which you live. It can cleanse the air and remove any allergies that may be present. When you utilize Air Protect Pro, you may make your environment safer and more comfortable for yourself.

Safe Air X


This air purifier, Safe Air X, helps keep social gatherings and family get-togethers more secure. Safe Air X may be used to monitor the air purity in the surrounding area to see whether it is safe to do so

Temperature, humidity, and particulate matter (PPM) levels are all monitored by Safe Air X. Safe Air X is a must-have if you want to keep tabs on the quality of your indoor air or the functioning of other air purifiers.

If you are considering ways to enhance the air quality in your space, then Safe Air X could be the answer you’re looking for. The maker states that this gadget will sound an alarm and notify you if the level of toxicity in the air within your home increases. At a concentration of 800 ppm or more, you should either increase the ventilation in the room or relocate to a safer location.

Free delivery is included with each order once the first transaction has been made. Within 21 days, the merchandise usually arrives at its final destination. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the sale rates as soon as possible since the special offer will be expiring shortly.

Blaux In-Home


Blaux In-Home utilizes an ionizing airborne particle cleaner and a changeable charcoal filter pod to clean the air you breathe. It also features a deodorizer with a fresh perfume to keep the air smelling clean and fresh after it’s been used.

The Blaux In-Home boasts three fan speeds, a base table lamp, and advanced cleaning capabilities that aren’t seen in other air purifiers.

Once the granular activated carbon filter is put in place, it may immediately begin removing pollutants such as dust and pollen from the air.

The device can remove all of the airborne pollutants in your house in only a few seconds once it is turned on. This won’t fool you as you would be by a regular cleaner, which scatters dirt and dust into the air. For those who want to breathe pure air in their homes, Blaux In-Home is a modern air purification system.

People frequently express their dissatisfaction with the odor in their houses. It not only cleans but also freshens and eliminates foul odors, leaving your home with clean, pleasant-smelling air. To make matters worse, most air purifiers on the market today have a strong smell, making them impossible to operate without exacerbating the problem.

Air Purifier X


Air Purifier X is a small fan that can remove 99.9% of airborne pollutants. Ozone is used to filter the air utilizing a virtually quiet motor.

There is a noticeable difference in Air Purifier X’s design compared to the other units on this page, with a massive fan on one end and a single push button on top.

Significantly, the producer of Air Purifier X responded to reviews by stating that the product is not a medical device designed to diagnose, cure, treat, monitor, or prevent medical diseases or illnesses. This information can be found in Air Purifier X reviews.

According to a review of the Air Purifier X product, it is a revolutionary portable air purifier that performs exactly what it says it does: clean the air that you breathe of any impurities and pollutants.

Because it is relatively small and portable, the Air Purifier X Cleaner may be transported from one room to the other, from your place of business to a friend’s house, or anyplace else you like. Because it doesn’t take a significant amount of power, it won’t put too much of a strain on your energy bill.

DivinAir Dehumidifier


As an air purifier and a dehumidifier, it’s a perfect fit for the DivinAir Dehumidifier. Moisture in the air may damage your house and elevate your interior temperature if you reside in a humid area.

Using the DivinAir Dehumidifier is as simple as pressing a button to keep your house dry and comfortable. Other advantages include 360-degree efficacy, PTC heating and drying, and moisture absorption from non-consumable silica particles.

It is common knowledge that breathing in stuffy air that has been sitting about for a while may be detrimental to our health. For instance, several studies that have been published over the last decade (or so) have made it abundantly evident that breathing naturally stale air may have a variety of impacts that are not natural on our lungs as well as our immune levels.

When the body cannot obtain oxygen in the correct amounts, it begins to lose its inherent potential to digest different dietary items properly, resulting in a gradual decrease in energy and vitality over time.

PureAir Max


AirJoi and PureAir Max employ activated bamboo charcoal to purify the air, but PureAir Max is more powerful. Place the backpack in a room, gym bag, or laundry hamper and get the benefits of passive odor and toxin accumulation prevention without having to do anything.

Because of its specific chemical composition, activated bamboo charcoal is effective. As a result of the peculiar structure of the charcoal molecule, toxins in the air are readily captured, making charcoal a famous air-purifying ingredient.

Because this purifier is merely a fundamental bag, there is no complicated procedure or additional mechanism you need to carry out to get clean water. You can put the bag down anywhere you choose and utilize it. Because this bag is on the smaller side, you are free to hang it on your cabinet or store it wherever else you see fit. You may tie a thread to the bag and use it to suspend it in the closet.

Because of this, the bag or the components will not be dispersed to other locations. When I put this product in my closet, all I have to do is tie a string to it, and then I can hang it in the closet. I just store the bag in a secure location for the other areas. In my vehicle, I just placed it on top of the dashboard.



That’s the first air purifier on our checklist that doesn’t need electricity: just place AirJoi bags in your room, vehicle, or house to begin purifying the air.

AirJoi, like baking soda, acts as a passive odor and harmful material barrier. AirJoi bags outperform baking soda by a wide margin. You may use it in your vehicle, washroom, apartment, washing bag, gym bag, or wardrobe to eliminate smells caused by moisture, mildew, and bacteria.

Many individuals buy numerous AirJoi bags so that they may clean their whole house while they’re on the move. AirJoi uses activated micro-porous bamboo charcoal to keep your house free of airborne toxins in any setting.

People strongly prefer putting these bags in one of three different spots. To begin, they position these bags in the general vicinity of the closets. It is the perfect spot for you to work on enhancing the odor that is present in your space.

Second, you’ll find that the restroom is an ideal location for using your AirJoi bags. In the bathrooms, you won’t detect any unpleasant odors. The air in your room will be much improved because of the effectiveness of these bags.

Thirdly, the best places to disperse a pleasant aroma across the surrounding area are in enclosed spaces that are pretty small. At these locations, AirJoi bags contribute to the overall protection of your room from potentially hazardous pollutants.

What Are The Top Benefits Of Using An Air Purifier?

Air Purifiers Mitigate Allergic Reactions

During this year’s season, everyone begins to be reminded exactly how severe their allergies can be. As a result, the box of Kleenex becomes a familiar sight once again. Using an air purifier may assist in lowering the severity of your allergy symptoms.

Allergen, dog dander, dust, and other irritants that may trigger an allergic response may be removed from the air in your house by using an air purifier if you have one installed there. This can help ease some allergy symptoms and reduce the amount of pollution in the air.

Helps Decrease the Probability of Contracting Airborne Respiratory Illnesses

Diseases transmitted via the airways, including coughs, colds, and the flu, are disseminated by microscopic microorganisms floating about.

It is not unusual for other family members to become ill when a single household member contracts the influenza virus. This occurs because everyone breathes in a certain air contaminated with germs and viruses.

Air cleaners equipped with HEPA filters could remove these pathogens from the air. When you eliminate the conditions that allow illnesses to spread via the atmosphere, you protect yourself and your family from infection.

Air purifiers are an absolute need in households that include persons of advanced age, young children, or anybody with a compromised immune system.

Air Purifiers Lead to a Better Night’s Rest

Because it helps individuals relax and fall asleep, white noise is necessary for many people. Air purifiers make a noise somewhat similar to the sound of the ocean. They may serve as the ideal accompaniment to a relaxing bedtime routine because of their stealthy design and lack of visibility.

Pink noise is emitted by air purifiers and is similar to white noise but has a slightly lower decibel level. The higher frequencies of pink noise allow your ears to get used to the sound and fall asleep peacefully, and you won’t even notice other noises.

Cleans the Air of Harmful Radon

Radon gas is produced when naturally existing radioactive elements, including the uranium that may be found in certain construction materials, undergo radioactive decay and release their radiation into the atmosphere. Radon is an invisible gas that lacks both color and odor. Various construction materials, including soil, rocks, and granite, may be released into the air.

Germs may be Eliminated From the Air by Using an Air Purifier

In modern society, we require an extremely high number of germ killers. Some air purifiers have ultraviolet light, enabling them to collect and kill microorganisms more quickly and effectively than other air purifiers.

The majority of air purifiers work to completely eradicate the high toxicity of the air or any contaminants that could emerge into your household. UV light purifiers go the additional mile to destroy germs rather than only filtering them out as traditional air purifiers do. Although conventional air purifiers already help ensure it stays safe, they only filter out germs.

Can Lead to an Increase in the Average Life Span

The cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, and even the nervous system may all be negatively impacted by polluted indoor air. It’s possible for the chemicals and gasses released by everyday home goods to build up in your lungs.

The air pollutants are so tiny that they can cross the membrane separating the blood and the brain, affecting your brain and its activities. Even the smallest particles are captured by an effective air purifier, allowing you to breathe healthier air.

Air Purifiers Have Been Shown to Reduce Stress

The soothing white noise is beneficial for getting a good night’s rest and helpful in situations in which you are anxious or whenever your thoughts become too dominant. Since they eliminate the pollutants spread all through the airways, which enable your anxiety levels to grow, air purifiers are also effective at relieving stress.

If you live in an area with a lot of air contamination, your cortisol levels are probably higher than they would be if you lived somewhere with many trees where the air was pure. Your tension and stress levels will decrease due to the awareness that you are learning for preventive efforts to make the environment in which you live safe and healthy.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

The fact that we have closed doors and windows in our home does not ensure we have eliminated the pollution from the outside, including nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. These gasses are often present in locations with a large volume of vehicular traffic and can potentially enter your houses.

Being exposed to carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide PM raises the probability of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Even though you do not even live in a major city with a lot of vehicle traffic, the air quality in your house may still be poor due to the use of various cleaning products that emit toxic chemicals. Most standard home cleansers contain these potentially dangerous compounds, including ammonia, chlorine, and phthalates.

It’s possible that being exposed to these pollutants in very tiny doses won’t hurt you, but being exposed to them regularly may lead to significant health problems, including tumors, cancer, and cardiovascular and neurological conditions.

These chemical pollutants may be removed from the air by air purifiers that include activated carbon, reducing the risk of various adverse health effects. This carbon filtration technology uses highly porous carbon to remove pollutants from the air while simultaneously recirculating new air throughout the space.

At room temperature, the chemical breakdown of certain substances, such as gasoline, benzene, and formaldehyde, may result in the emission of an unpleasant stench. These chemicals, referred to as volatile organic compounds, are often discovered in soft furnishings, paints, aerosol sprays, and air fresheners. The smell of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may make people sick, make breathing difficult, and even interfere with their cognitive abilities.

Productivity and performance are improved when there are higher levels of VOC in the surrounding air. Air purifiers with HEPA and active carbon filtration are particularly good at capturing gasses in addition to particles, lowering the overall concentrations of pollutants in the interior environment.

When you have people coming around, you do not have to be concerned that the smoke or the smell of frying oil and spices would disturb them. Those odors won’t be there. Your home will smell clean and fresh due to the air purifiers’ ability to remove odors.

Diseases transmitted via the air, such as the common cold and the flu, are disseminated by microscopic microorganisms floating about. It is not unusual for other household members to get ill when a single member of the family contracts the influenza virus. This occurs due to everyone breathing in the exact airflow contaminated with germs and viruses.

These pathogens may be removed from the air by air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters. When you eliminate the conditions that allow illnesses to spread via the atmosphere, you protect yourself and your family from infection. Air purifiers are an absolute need in households that include persons of advanced age, young children, or anybody with a compromised immune system.

FAQs About Air Purifiers

Q: What are the many categories of filters available?

A: Here are the three primary categories of air purifiers, which are as follows:

HEPA Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters can remove from the air 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns in size or greater. Because of this, HEPA air purifiers are great for eliminating minute particles of pet dander, pollen, and the residue left behind by dust mites from the air in your home.

The performance of HyperHEPA units has been tested and shown to be superior to that of conventional HEPA air purifiers. They are the best option for achieving the air quality attainable in a household setting.


These filters provide several advantages, including an increase in the amount of time that may pass without the need for the air purifier’s filters to be cleaned or replaced, as well as maintenance of the device’s capacity and performance. This is accomplished via the pre-filters of the air purifier, which capture larger particles before the filters process them.

Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators are air purifiers that utilize high voltage electrical energy to charge particles the filters removed. On the electrostatic plates, the dead pathogens pile up in increasing numbers.

These electrostatic plates must be replaced regularly to keep the filter working well, increasing the costs associated with its maintenance. In addition, electrostatic precipitators give out ozone, a reactive gas that may harm your lungs.

Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers

Air purifiers that employ ultraviolet light to eliminate germs are called ultraviolet light air purifiers. These air purifiers use UV rays. It is essential to research before investing in an air purifier that uses UV light since some models emit ozone.

Ozone Generators

Ozone generators in air purifiers are effective in removing smells. Due to the high amounts of ozone produced by these air purifiers are often used in hotels. Because of this, the room is rendered unusable for the next twenty-four hours.

Even brief contact with low ozone concentrations may bring symptoms such as chest discomfort, wheezing, and breathlessness. Long-term exposure causes harm to your lungs and may worsen existing respiratory issues.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters, which use activated carbon, remove pollutants and smells from the air inside of buildings. These scents and chemicals usually involve cigar smoke, gasses from a fireplace, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, odors from pets, and smells from the cooking area and the bathroom.

The more carbon that is packed into each filtration, the more scents it will be able to eliminate.

Q: Where is the best location for me to put my air purifier?

A: Because most air purifiers are intended to clean only one room at a time, it makes sense to put one in the area where you spend most of your time.

This location is the bedroom for the vast majority of individuals. On the other hand, you may spend most of your time in the living room with your family.

You should consider buying an air cleaner with caster wheels to move it from room to room quickly. This will ensure that the air is clean wherever you want to spend your time.

Q: What are the most effective air purifiers for asthma and allergies?

A: Since allergens and asthma triggers can sneak into houses despite people’s best efforts to keep them out, having a home with adequate air filtration is essential for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Because they can eliminate up to 99.97 percent of irritants up to 0.3 ��m from your surroundings, air purifiers that employ HEPA filtration are the best solution for people suffering from respiratory allergies because they are the most effective.

Patients who suffer from symptoms of asthma and allergies will find that the Austin Air Healthmate is a good solution. In addition, Aeris air purifiers are very well known for their superior purification and technology.

Q: What kind of upkeep are the air filters going to need?

A: This differs from one air purifier to the next. The majority of air purifiers have anything from two to four filtrations. The filters should be maintained periodically and replaced between six to eight months to get the best possible results from the overwhelming bulk of air purifiers.

However, some versions are equipped with permanent air filters that do not need regular replacement.

The Best Air Purifiers in 2022 Summary

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a metric that may be used to evaluate an air purifier’s effectiveness. The performance of the item is indicated by this figure, which varies based on the size of the space. The larger the score, the more efficient it is in removing airborne particles and the more extensive the area it can effectively clean.

Generally, you should opt for an air purifier with a genuine high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Genuine HEPA filters are widely regarded as the gold standard for air purification. Although there are various air purifiers available, it is generally suggested that you choose these filters rather than any other available options. These filters provide a 99.97 percent capture rate for pollutants at least 0.3 microns in size.

Additional filters, such as those made of carbon or charcoal, are included in some gadgets. These filters capture volatile organic compounds and vapors derived from petroleum (VOCs).

There are a lot of people who aren’t aware of the additional fees that come along with operating an air purifier. First and foremost, you need to consider how much it will cost to change the filters and the amount of energy required to run the device consistently. Regarding the cost of filter replacement, several models come equipped with filters designed to be durable enough to endure for years but notoriously difficult and costly to change.

Whereas other options could be more affordable, they need replacement more often. To determine the actual cost, you must first select the frequency of filter replacement and then compare it to the cost of each filter.

One of the things that you should consider is that sometimes it is preferable to spend more money on a technology that will last for a more extended period since you will spend more money overall if you invest in cheaper ones. If your only intention is to purchase a replacement after a short time, the first choice will save you more money overall.

Consumption of energy is another factor that has to be considered. Energy Star certification is awarded to only the finest air purifiers, and buying one often results in significant cost savings throughout the product’s lifetime. Remember that the energy it needs will change depending on your chosen speed and settings.

Even if the efficiency level may vary, an air purifier meant to clean the air in a big room, and that employs a strong fan would probably use more electricity than a model that cleans the air in a smaller area. An “Eco mode” is a practical option to keep an eye out for since it should reduce energy and make the product environmentally friendly. Try a top air purifier above today!


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