Bainbridge Island designer makes your living space work for you

From paint to plants, make your home your own

When the pandemic hit, most people suddenly found themselves spending a lot more time at home. Living space took on a whole new level of importance as many homes suddenly had to accommodate office space, school space, entertainment space and vacation space all at once.

Light and airy

Light and airy

Home as an oasis

Even as things return to a more normal footing, many people are reassessing how they use their home space and how they value it as an oasis – a place where everyone can gather and feel comfortable, says Denise Stoughton of BI Design.

Ultimately it’s about creating a design you love and that functions well.

“It’s important to create a home that truly represents who you are. At the same time, you want to make the most of your living space, no matter how you use it,” she says.

From paint to plant and lighting to layout

From paint to plant and lighting to layout

Working from home presents challenges that extend to more than being interrupted by the cat! Many folks find space within their homes is at a premium, an issue magnified by the pandemic.

Understanding how hard it can be to combine living and working in the same space, Stoughton also has the expertise to make your living space suit your work needs and create a welcoming, comfortable home as well. Even if you’re downsizing, she’ll help you find the right solution!

A peaceful haven

A peaceful haven

From start to finish: the details make the difference

We don’t typically redesign our living space often, so it’s important to get it right the first time – something that can save both time and money in the long run.

“Good design takes time,” Stoughton notes. “It’s an exploration, and even the smallest detail is important to the overall finished product.”

Taking the time to listen to her clients needs and goals ensures they get exactly what they want – even if they aren’t sure what that is at first! And with her established team of tried-and-true contractors, you can relax and enjoy the process from start to finish.

Denise Stoughton Profile Video from Denise Stoughton on Vimeo.

Casting a spell: Find your vision for your home

If a complete renovation isn’t in the cards, and you’re just not quite sure how to get furniture that functions for you, or which paint colors will provide the atmosphere you want, help is at hand. Fresh eyes with expert training, can help you envision what it is you really need.

“Because many of today’s homes have an open-plan design, architecture is less of a factor in home design – the magic is often in the furniture layout.”

A great addition to any space is some greenery, and Denise has her own unique Modern Airhead line of wall art planters that are available through her own website, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Modern Art or Wayfair.

How to Hang Modern Airhead Wall Planters from Denise Stoughton on Vimeo.

From paint to plants and lighting to layout, find the magic in your home and make it the space you have always wanted with BI Design’s expert perspective.

Make your home your own BI Design! Call Denise today: 917-647-4077. Email at denisestoughton17@gmail.com.

Check out the Facebook page here and Instagram here.

Denise Stoughton, Owner and Designer at BI Design

Denise Stoughton, Owner and Designer at BI Design


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