4Patriots Review

Disaster can strike you anytime. Emergency essentials like survival food, power cells, and more are crucial. These items are valuable not only during emergencies but also outside of them. They can aid in various activities, especially adventurous activities such as camping, hiking, staying in a van or motorhome, etc. They can help you stay prepared when you are off the grid.

The market for survival products is growing, and numerous brands today primarily deal in these products. One such brand and the topic of today’s article is 4Patriots.

Today we bring you an honest and unbiased 4Patriots review where we will take a comprehensive look at the food kits, emergency essentials, and the other products they store. What makes 4Patriots one of the top brands, and why exactly is it better than other brands? Keep reading to uncover.

Brand Name: 4Patriots
About: They sell products designed to make customers self-reliant and help them during survival times.
Type of products:
  • Survival Food and Meal Kits
  • Dehydrated food items
  • Solar generators
  • Solar Gadgets
  • Water filtration devices
  • And more
  • Website: 4Patriots
    Product Categories:
  • Survival Food
  • Power & Solar
  • Water
  • Home & Gardening
  • RV & Camping Gear
  • Best Sellers:
  • 3-Month Survival Food Kit
  • Patriot Power Generator 1800
  • Patriot Power Cell
  • Milk Powder
  • Patriot Power Generator (Platinum)
  • Price Point: From $15 to $5000+
    Refund policy: One year, full refund.

    We have included why loyal customers think that 4Patriots offers the best bang for their money and what they say in their review of the company. Our 4Patriots review also closely examines the company’s reviews to ensure we don’t miss anything.

    So, here is the only 4Patriots review you will ever need:

    What is 4Patriots?

    To promote the American ideals of freedom and self-reliance, the 4Patriots LLC is a company from the city of Nashville in Tennessee, a southern state of the US. You can read more about the origins of the 4Patriots LLC on the official company website.

    The company has an extensive range of high-quality products to offer. These include survival food products that have a long shelf life and have repeatedly proven to be a reliable option to many customers. These survival food items are also fantastic in taste, as they come in delicious recipes such as Grammy’s sweet oatmeal, rice and vegetable dinner, and more.

    All of their products are designed to make their customers self-reliant, which is why they are top quality and reliable in direct situations.

    In addition to products that can be useful in survival situations, such as power cells and food supply kits, they also have camping gear, water filtration products, and other products which can be helpful in your everyday life.

    They also offer gardening equipment, survival seeds, and more, making this a very diverse company with happy customer reviews supporting all their products.

    So what are these products that are good for any situation? Let us take a closer look.

    What Products Does 4Patriots Offer?

    The 4Patriots company has a lot of quality products that you can purchase. They have survival food items, which come with a great shelf life and are always one of their best-selling items. Survival food items are generally trendy regarding things people use during trying times.

    Besides that, they also have a wide range of Solar energy-based products such as power cells, generators, and other gadgets that ensure you don’t have to worry about anything even during the grid or every failure. In today’s times, power cells and generators are just as important as food items in a survival situation.

    Once again, the company’s goal is to make products that embody the idea of self-reliance and make their uses self-reliant. This comes through in a lot of their designs and products. They can help you in difficult situations, help you live off the grid, or make your next trip outside better. Whatever you need, you can get it here.

    Out of the various products that the company has to offer, customers often favor a few. These are the ones that are often hard to purchase as they often go out of stock owing to high volume demand. Some of these customers’ favorite products are:

    • 3-Month Survival Food Kit
    • 4-Week Survival Food Kit
    • Heartland’s Finest Powdered Milk Kit
    • Sun Kettle Solar Cookers
    • BugOut Solar Lantern
    • Patriot Power Cells
    • 72-hour Survival Food Kits

    The food-based kits here include some fantastic and delicious treats. You can also order singular food items sold at a lower price outside a kit. They have plain rice, egg powder, milk powder, butter powder, and other canned food with a longer shelf life, making it ideal for long-term storage as emergency shelter food.

    These aren’t the usual food items you can find at the grocery store as they are made with unique and high-quality ingredients to last a long time. These survival food items are said to have been used by the navy seal at one point for their health.

    The website also has a dedicated section for products designed for various customer energy needs. From energy generation to storage to utilization, these products can help you do anything when it comes to surviving off the grid.

    If you want to purchase any of these products, you can find them on the official 4Patriots website, along with many reviews from real customers.

    Read on to see what you can find on their website:

    Survival Food


    It should be evident by the point that survival foods are the most popular category of products that 4Patriots has to offer. This includes survival food kits that contain pre-designed meals which are not only delicious but also nutritious.

    Survival food often gets a bad rep from people and is looked down upon. Many people think that all survival food is like emergency food bars, but 4Patriots has something different. The survival food comes in delicious flavors and pre-prepared meal sets that are easy to make.

    This includes tasty delights such as America’s best mac, vegetable dinner, potato soup, Spanish rice, sugary drink mixes, Grammy’s sweet oatmeal, and other unique dishes full of essential nutrients and flavor.

    Besides these pre-prepared kits, one can also find canned goods such as white rice, butter powder, eggs powder, and more which can help you make your survival food pantry.

    The best part about these survival food items is that they are straightforward to make. Any emergency food that is not easy to make is practically useless. With the survival food items that 4Patriots offers, you only need boiling water and food.

    Unlike other brands in this space whose emergency food items nearly last half the duration they claim, survival food items and kits that 4Patriots have can last for months, which is why they are the perfect addition to your bunker or survival shelter. They also have various options for people on the go, such as the 72 hour kits.

    They have survival food items to meet all your needs; here is what you can purchase from their website:

    Long-Term Survival Food

    First and foremost, we have long-term survival food products. These can last you anywhere from a few months to a year if consumed as directed. This survival food gear is one of the few all-encompassing food kits by any company in this space. They have a very long shelf life which makes them even more ideal for when you are prepping.

    You can find the following kits on the website of this company:

    • 1-year survival food kit
    • 3-month survival food kit
    • Four weeks, 2-weeks, 1-week survival food kit
    • 72-hour survival food kit

    These items are great for your survival shelter, bunkers, or panic rooms, but they can also help you when traveling. These are similar to the MREs used by the navy seal and the military. With these kits, you don’t have to prepare meals; you can pick and make it easier.

    4Patriots also has freeze-dried and dehydrated food packs that are not a part of any kit but are sold separately. This includes emergency food items and nutritious meals that can be the perfect addition to your shelter.

    You can expect to receive meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when you buy a kit. These are not your regular “healthy” meal options. Instead of being bland, they are delicious. One order of the 1-year-long survival food pack gives you around 2752 servings. This means that you get 7.6 servings daily, making it ideal for feeding two people daily for an entire year.

    Besides the usual emergency food bars, 4Patriots also has some top-rated recipes that are a part of their kits. This includes things such as America’s best mac & cheese, Cowboy rice & beans, and Grammy’s sweet oatmeal. Cozy Potato soup, Spanish rice, white rice, Buttermilk pancakes, Creamy rice and vegetable dinner & more.

    The meal options are only included in their larger meal kits, such as the one-year and three months. If you want to buy their 72-hour meal option, you can expect to get their top 3 most popular meals: creamy rice & vegetable dinner, Grammy’s sweet oatmeal, and America’s finest mac & cheese. Many of these survival food packets also contain sugary drink mixes, which help you stay refreshed and give you an instant energy boost whenever needed.

    Specialty Survival Food Kit

    Besides their long-term survival food products, 4Patriots can also help you in the short term or for your diet-specific needs with their specialty survival food offerings. These food items will last you for years, and you can use them to make your kit or ration storage based on your requirements.

    One of the most significant selling points of 4Patriots products is that they aren’t just made to last you a long time but also provide you with a great tasting option in the long run. And that is exactly what you get when purchasing anything from their website.

    The especially emergency food products they offer include the likes of:

    • Plant-Based Protein Survival Food Kit
    • Heartland’s Powdered Milk
    • Freeze Dried Berry Super Pack
    • Butter Powder
    • Deluxe Scrambled Egg Mix
    • Meat & Protein Deluxe Survival Food
    • And more

    As mentioned earlier, these food products are great for people with specific dietary requirements or who like to make their food. An item such as the plant-based protein kit is an excellent option for anyone who follows a vegan lifestyle or needs to follow a vegan diet for health reasons.

    The freeze-dried berries, fruits, and veggies ensure you get a healthy dosage of these superfoods even when times get hard. Similarly, other freeze-dried products such as powdered milk are also great options for people who have to feed many people or young children. The freeze-dried veggies allow you to cook a vegetable dinner anywhere, anytime, based on your preferences.

    There are dozens of other freeze-dried and dehydrated survival food products that 4Patriots offers. They have everything from butter powder to white rice to various scrambled eggs. These are ideal for any unwanted situation you may find yourself in or just the perfect addition for those preparing for an unforeseen future.

    Buy 5 Get 1 Free

    If you buy more than one survival food product from the 4Patriots company site, you might want to check out their Buy 5 Get 1 Free option. This option lets you pick five emergency food products and add one more for free.

    You can pick anything for their specialty section or even complete kits of survival food products. Once you have selected the five products you want to buy, you can choose any one you will get for free. This option is ideal when you are ordering in bulk or when you need to build your survival kits.

    With this, you can mix and match products as per what makes sense to you for your needs, budget, and diet and buy accordingly.

    Home Freeze Dryers

    To further help you with your freeze-dried needs, 4Patriots has also newly launched their commercial-grade freeze dryer. This freeze-dried dubbed the 4Patriots Home Freeze Drying System is a powerful machine that makes it possible for you to freeze dry food yourself at your home.

    This is one of the more high-end and expensive products that 4Patriots has under its belt. The freeze-drying system is ideal for freezing any food item that you need. With this, you can have freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, beans, berries, you name it. This machine may seem intimidating, but it is effortless to use.

    Here is the 3 Step operation routine following which you can use the 4Patriots Home Freeze Drying System for all your needs:

    • First, they have a heavy-duty chamber that is made to super chill your food
    • Next is a top-end, oil-free vacuum pump with which you can create the ideal zero-oxygen environment.
    • And lastly, a heater brings about the sublimation process that can make your food moisture-free.

    After successfully freeze-drying your food item, you can store it easily in Mylar Bags with an oxygen absorber to maximize the shelf life and keep the food fresh for a long time.

    This product is ideal for those sure to freeze-dry many products for storage. This product costs a lot of money, considering which we suggest you only get this if you have regular freeze-drying needs.

    Power & Solar


    The next category of emergency essentials that 4Patriots services are the Polar & Solar category. These equipment, just like survival food items, are essential for any survival situation that one may find themself in.

    The survival equipment that 4Patriots offer comes in a wide range to meet your various needs. This includes everything from generators to gadgets that can help you escape any challenging situation and survive easily during grid failures.

    The first part of these survival essentials is solar energy-based products. Solar energy is nothing but the energy that we obtain directly from the sun. This sustainable and renewable energy source will always be present, which is why using solar energy during a survival-type situation makes sense.

    In solar energy, energy is generated from the heat of the solar rays that hit the earth. To effectively carry out this process, solar cells or solar batteries are used, which can store the solar energy. This stored power can later be used to power solar gadgets such as a solar kettle, rice cooker, and more.

    4Patriots also has rechargeable batteries, which are regular batteries that you can plug into any USB power source and recharge. They also have portable ACs, led lamps, and more. These products can make a difficult situation a little more bearable or make your camping trip fun.

    The following are some of their best-selling products in this category:

    • Patriot Power Generator 1800
    • Patriot Power Cell
    • Breezy Cube Portable Air Cooler
    • SunBuzz Solar Mosquito Lantern
    • Freedom Fridge

    Just like survival food products, you also need these essentials as power is one of our primary needs in today’s world. We need electricity for almost all of our everyday activities. This can come in handy when there is a grid failure, which is inevitable, judging by how we are utilizing our resources.

    Here are some of the products that 4Patriots offers which can help you out:

    Solar Generators


    One of its primary offerings is its solar-powered generators. These generators are made to provide you with a continuous supply of energy whenever needed. This can be great during power cuts, blackouts, and other similar situations.

    The Patriot Power Generator 1800 and its platinum variant are their top-selling items in terms of solar-powered generators, and rightfully so. These powerful generators come with solar panels and everything else to ensure you can keep your fans running and phones charged when there is no traditional energy source.

    One of the best parts about these solar-powered generators is that once you have bought them, you don’t need to spend money on additional requirements, which is typical for traditional generators that run on gas or diesel.

    Additional add-ons are available for this powerful generator to make it even more effective. They have a platinum package, for example, that includes an extra 100-watt solar panel, a navy seal or military-grade EMP kit, and a 3-year extended guarantee to ensure that your product is always ready for any situation.

    You can extend this 3-year warranty even more if needed.

    Solar Gadgets

    Besides solar generators, 4Patriots offers a variety of solar-powered devices that can be used in a situation or the outdoors. The following are a few of these devices:

    • BugOut Solar Stake Light
    • Patriot Power Cell
    • Lantern
    • Sun Kettle Solar Cooker
    • Liberty Band Emergency Solar Radio
    • Solar Sentry Security Lights
    • 4Patriots SoLanturn
    • Freedom Fridge
    • HaloXT Tactical Solar Light
    • BugOUT Solar

    If you are looking for the best solar cookers for your solar generators, then you need to look no further than the Sun Kettle Solar Cooker. This and a larger XL version of this cooker are perfect for your solar-powered kitchen.

    Solar cookers primarily make use of the sun’s energy to heat water. This makes it perfect for cooking survival food items as they only need boiling water. All of their cookers are made with shatter-resistant tempered glass and ABS plastic. This makes the cookers rough and tough, meaning it can survive any challenging situation if you plan to take this on the road.

    Another popular solar product we have is the Patriot Power Cell, a solar-powered power bank that can help you keep all your devices changed on the go. This solar power bank is great for even daily use and casual travel and perfect for when you need to stay connected by the traditional sources of power that are hard to come by.

    One major issue of camping is the mosquitoes and pesky insects that are not only annoying but also dangerous. With the ButOUT solar lantern by 4Patriots, you no longer need to worry about these pesky creatures. This powerful solar lantern will light up your surroundings and provide a way to deal with mosquitoes.

    It has a UV light heater that can eliminate mosquitoes and tiny pests. It also has a handle and a base, so you can either hang it inside your house or tent or place it on the table, whichever works best for you.

    The Freedom Fridge is the final product on our list that we’ll look at. This is one of the most popular devices available from 4Patriots. The Freedom Fridge is a small electric cooler that keeps beverages and food refrigerated and fresh. But arguably, the most appealing features are not its portability or ease of use but the fact that it can also be used to store temperature-sensitive medications.

    The internal temperature of the Freedom Fridge can be between 39 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit, which can also be used to warm up your dinner dishes. You can even use it to charge your phones, and if that wasn’t enough to make you want to spend all of your money on this fantastic device, it could last up to 30,000 hours. That is precisely what their official website claims.

    Lightning & Batteries


    Other than solar batteries, 4Patriots also has the standard Li-Ion batteries. These batteries come with a built-in USB plug, making it easy for you to charge them.

    4Patriots offers typical AA batteries with a twist: they can be recharged using USB chargers. Every battery has a built-in USB connector that allows it to be charged quickly. These batteries come in three packs and include a charging adapter.

    In addition to AA battery kits, they also carry the following varieties of battery kits.

    • USB-Rechargeable AAA battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable D battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable C battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable 9V (9 volts) battery Kit

    If you purchase a variety pack, you can get a mix of different types of batteries which is ideal if you plan to store them.

    A variety pack, a battery kit that includes a mix of all sorts of batteries, is also available. These packs are available in three sizes: a basic package with 12 batteries, a gold package with 24 batteries, and a platinum pack with 50 USB-rechargeable batteries.

    They also have Blackout Beacon Emergency Lights in addition to the batteries. These three-in-one specialty lights perform three functions: sensor lights, handheld flashlights, and emergency lights that turn on automatically during a power outage.

    Survival Starter Bundle

    The Survival Started Bundle is the perfect beginner’s survival kit for short camping adventures. The following items are included in this beginning kit:

    • 1 Patriot Power Cell
    • HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight
    • 1 – 72 hours survival food kit

    This kit can be helpful in simulations and drills to teach people how to act in survival situations. It also has all the emergency essentials you will need for your next trip into the wild.

    Home & Gardening Products


    Another favorite of the 4Patriots customers is the Home & Gardening Products they have. These products can make your backyard garden the talk of the town. Here’s what’s in store for you in terms of gardening products:

    • Disinfections
    • Tools & Storage
    • Survival Seeds
    • Collectibles

    Sanitization options are available from 4Patriots in terms of disinfection products. UV rays are used in these items, which are harmless for people yet can kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses. This is particularly advantageous in today’s society when little germs and viruses can create problems. Their cleaning power banks and chargers, which keep your phone charged and sterilized, are the most innovative devices in this category.

    You can also purchase survival seeds. These survival seeds have a shelf life of up to 5 years and can blossom into beautiful and colorful flowers with minimal care. This can be a great addition to your garden.

    4Patriots also has moving boxes and storage boxes. These are some of their most well-reviewed products as they are sturdy and handy. These boxes make it easier for you to store and organize your needs in one place.

    Water Filtration Products


    Clean water is the basis of life. If we don’t have clean water, our chances of survival are significantly reduced. This is why it is essential to have a way to obtain clean water to purify any available water during survival times.

    For this, 4Patriot has a few products that are considered to be very useful in this regard. We have already seen their solar heaters and cookers, which you can use to boil the water and kill all the germs and bacteria.

    In addition to this, they have Water Filtration Products as well.

    They have the Patriot Pure Aqua-Bright, for starters. This two-in-one foldable water bottle allows you to carry purified water and serves as a night light, thanks to the LEDs. UV water filtration technology is included in this collapsible bottle to assist you in getting rid of bacteria and germs in your water using UV light.

    Other than this, they have the Patriot Pure Pitcher. This pitcher you can carry easily to ensure that you always have germ-free, safe, and clean water.

    RV & Camping Gear

    All of the goods discussed above might be extremely useful for folks who live in RVs or are constantly on the move. Camping requires the use of solar-powered tools and other things. These items may be found on the 4Patriots website under RV & Camping Gear.

    You can’t prepare meals when you are on the road or have very limited space like you would in an RV. This is why getting one of their kits with survival food items is an excellent idea, as it can help you get three meals a day without worrying about the logistics.

    These food products have a good shelf life to last your entire trip. Besides this, you can also get handy tools, lights, portable devices, and charges, all things needed to make your van life and RV life fun and fabulous.

    What Do Reviews Say About 4Patriots?

    Customers either love 4Patriots or like them because most of the customer reviews for 4Patriots have been relatively good. But with every positive review, a handful of bad reviews come from a minimal set of customers and are usually more about the shipping and less about the products.

    Here are some of what the customers have to say:

    “I finally ordered a package of these, and my family and I tried them on one of our “practice scenarios”. We all thought they tasted good and served their purpose. Would have been 5 stars if individually wrapped, but still worth every penny!” – Trent T.

    Some consumers who submitted bad reviews reported that they had not yet received their goods or that the packaging was damaged.

    “As I write this, I’ve been on hold for 2 hours and 8 minutes!!!! I thought I was tough but listening to this BS music and message over and over and over is about to leave me permanently brain dead. After 4 weeks and 4 days, I finally received 3 boxes for two, 3-month orders. Each order should be 2 boxes minimum. No packing slip, no shipping orders, nothing. I don’t even know which of the 2 orders shipped.

    Then today we got 2 more boxes, one was a tote and the other a smaller box. The smaller box contained paperwork for 1 order, the solar kettle, a dab of coffee and some cocoa, and 2 72-hour kits. So I guess I’m supposed to get at least one more small box. I have the same question someone else asked; why does each tote stink of “something”? If they’re all vacuum sealed there should be no smell whatsoever!

    And they are most certainly NOT vacuum sealed. I don’t know if I trust this stuff or not, not good. I got no seeds as promised and no idea if I’ll ever get the second small box with another solar kettle and 2 more 72-hour kits. Of course, there’s no way anyone could survive 3 days on one of those packages anyway! I’m at 2 hours and 21 minutes right now. I’d hang up but this is personal now!!!!” – Anonyms

    “Don’t waste your time! Still haven’t received my order yet!!” – Alexander H.

    In response to this, a member from the customer support team for 4Patriots had replied:

    ” Alexander, I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t received your 3-Month Kit. I do see you had spoken to Kimberly on 5/6 and had confirmed you had received your bonus shipment and the blue tote. A reshipment of your 2nd tote (red) is en route via FedEx here: 273000891122. For the delay, I have issued $25 off your order and should reflect in 7-10 business days. Best Regards”

    This and other such interactions imply that most order troubles arise when there is a higher-than-usual volume of orders or when there are issues with the shipping provider, both of which result in longer shipment times. In most of these circumstances, our team discovered that customers who called customer care were swiftly assisted and given tracking information, such as a tracking number, to help them with their orders.

    4Patriots Refund Policy

    4Patriots has a 100% money-back guarantee on all their products. If you buy anything from their website, you are entitled to a full refund if it doesn’t work out for you.

    Final Verdict – Is 4Patriots Legit?

    To conclude this 4Patriots review, if you need emergency essentials, survival food items, or any other similar item, then 4Patrious is the place for you.


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