‘Dear Vespertine’ column answers intimate questions you were too afraid to ask

‘Dear Vespertine, are men allowed in your store?’ The short answer is: absolutely!

Dear Vespertine,

Are men allowed in your store?


Joe Public

“This question is, by far, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive,” says Jaime Jaynes, owner of Vespertine Boutique in Port Townsend. “The short answer is: ABSOLUTELY!”

Many of the shops you find in the intimacy sector (also known as sex shops) have presented themselves through the male gaze. Not everyone feels comfortable shopping in that environment. Vespertine was designed through the female gaze, with the goal of creating a space where EVERYONE felt comfortable.

“We want people to feel comfortable and safe enough to ask questions that, oftentimes, are very personal,” Jaime says. “We cater to a lot of different preferences. We are a feminine expression of those things, but that doesn’t mean we think all women are feminine — women can be masculine and men can be feminine.”

Many of the products at Vespertine do put women first (especially women with vulvas), but the store is proud to curate products for all bodies.

“We welcome men in the shop at all times, and we carry male anatomy products. Many men have shared that they’ve felt very supported in our store. They say they’re surprised that they felt comfortable enough to ask questions that they haven’t felt comfortable asking in other intimacy shops.”

Vespertine Boutique has curated an experience that revolves around inclusivity, lifelong body care and sexual health, regardless of gender identity.

“We are sex positive. We are age positive. We are body positive. We are gender positive,” Jaime says.

“At Vespertine we believe sexuality and intimacy are central to a meaningful, personal life. We recognize intimate relationships and experiences change as our bodies age. We also acknowledge our state of emotional, mental, and social well-being can be just as vulnerable. Our mission is to offer the best products and resources to support more pleasurable and safe experiences for our clientele at any stage of life.

Shop a wide selection of wardrobe, apothecary, physical therapy and pleasure products online or in store. Find Vespertine Boutique on Facebook, Instagram and at 914 Water St. in Port Townsend.

Jaime Jaynes, owner of Vespertine Boutique in Port Townsend.

Jaime Jaynes, owner of Vespertine Boutique in Port Townsend.

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