Breaking News: Kingston’s Newest Digital Kiosk Sponsored by Kitsap Bank

Kingston’s business landscape is about to undergo a digital revolution with the unveiling of a cutting-edge digital kiosk, strategically located just off the walking ramp at the Kingston Ferry Terminal. We are grateful to Kitsap Bank (https://www.kitsapbank.com/) in Kingston for giving us the funding we needed to purchase this fantastic interactive digital kiosk unit. Providing an incredible opportunity to highlight the goods and services of our local business community in order to greet visitors has been a labor of love. Did you know over half a million walk on passengers arrived in Kingston last year?

The Greater Kingston Community Chamber of Commerce (https://kingstonchamber.com/) is spearheading this innovative initiative, offering businesses an exceptional opportunity to showcase their services and products to a wide audience. Chamber membership unlocks a range of benefits, including a standard listing featuring a logo, business name, and contact details. However, for those looking to make a bold impression, an introductory fee grants access to the deluxe listing package.

What does the deluxe listing entail? Picture your business logo emblazoned on the screen, accompanied by a captivating 120-word description of your offerings. Moreover, with the inclusion of a QR code linked to your website, potential customers can seamlessly transition from the kiosk to your online presence with just a scan. It’s a digital marketing dream come true, all made possible by the Greater Kingston Community Chamber of Commerce.

But that’s not all. Members also have the opportunity to take advantage of rotating advertisement slots, allowing for 12-second promotional snippets to captivate passersby. And while membership certainly has its perks, even non-members can get in on the action, albeit at full cost.

Annual membership packages offer additional value, catering to businesses of all sizes and needs. Whether you’re a local entrepreneur, a community organization, or a corporate entity, there’s a membership tier tailored to your requirements.

The benefits of chamber membership extend far beyond the digital realm. As a chamber of business people dedicated to enhancing the Kingston community, the chamber plays a pivotal role in promoting economic growth and fostering a thriving business environment.) From networking opportunities to marketing support, the chamber is committed to empowering its members and driving positive change.

In alignment with its mission statement, the Greater Kingston Community Chamber of Commerce serves as a catalyst for business growth and prosperity. By providing a platform for collaboration and shared resources, the chamber strives to unite and support its members, ultimately enriching the fabric of the Kingston community.

For more information on membership and advertising opportunities, contact kingstonchamberkiosk@gmail.com or call (360) 860-2239. Visit www.kingstonchamber.com to stay updated on upcoming events and discover the myriad benefits of chamber membership.

Caption – Pictured from left to right: Mescha Manietta, Lael Alecci, Greg Englin, Ariel McDermott, Rita Nicholson, Shana Ramirez, Sabrina Errecalde, Angela Clark & Kaili Roest.

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