Arctos Portable AC Reviews – Scam or Legit Air Cooler Unit? [Updated]

As we quickly approach the hottest summer period, people all over the country are scrambling to find ways to keep their homes cool. Especially for folks living in the American South, rising temperatures might spell disaster for the integrity of traditional heating and cooling modes. Central AC systems are generally very effective, but repairs to broken systems can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 USD. During the summer months, the odds of a system experiencing a significant malfunction spike abruptly.

While your priority should be to save your central air conditioning system by keeping indoor temperatures reasonable and regularly scheduling manufacturer maintenance checkups, accidents happen. What will you do if your family is without air conditioning in the dead of summer? Every year, tens of thousands of Americans take out personal loans to deal with a broken air conditioning system emergency. Because the heat can quickly turn deadly, most of us are willing to pay any cost to keep ourselves, and our families safe as temperatures outside continue to rise steadily.

But these personal loans often come with high-interest rates and quickly stack up to cost thousands of dollars. A much better option might be to invest in a solid backup plan. In this review, we’re looking at Arctos Cooler, one of the market’s most popular new personal air coolers. Offering a surprising range and multiple helpful settings, Arctos is one of our favorite portable Air Coolers on the market.

Portable air coolers are not a substitute for a full central heating and cooling system, but we highly recommend investing in a unit like Arctos Portable Air Cooler to protect yourself against the possibility of malfunction. Read on to learn everything an informed consumer needs to know about the Arctos Cooler portable AC device.

What is Arctos Air Cooler?

The Arctos Air Cooler is a portable and personal space air cooling device. When we say portable, we mean entirely portable. This is one of the big sales pitches used on the product’s official website. Some portable air cooling units claim to be movable but require quite a bit of work to set up and turn on. Arctos Air Cooler has a DCV 5 plug for power and can be carried easily with one hand.

The Arctos Air Cooler functions like many portable air cooling units. The unit features top-fill pouring. Just pour water directly into the Arctos Cooler 450ml water tank, and the device will do the rest. Some portable units at similar price points require consumers to deal with leaky removable refill tanks, but the Arctos Cooler does not present this problem. The device can be moved easily by picking it up and carrying it from one room to another without worrying about spilling the water.

As one might expect, the cooling range of the Arctos Cooler is not comprehensive. No portable Air Cooler unit can cool an entire home, nor were they designed to. However, user reviews suggest that Arctos Cooler offers a relatively impressive level of room cooling coverage, especially considering its size. The portable personal air cooler unit is tiny but powerful, which is ideal when you’re dealing with a completely portable unit that was designed to add additional cooling in areas of your home, office, or garage without cooling areas in the house that are unoccupied to keep you cool during the hottest days of the year.

The Arctos portable Air Cooler is a personal space cooler that not only cools the air it also humidifies the air to keep your skin and nasal passages from drying out.

Arctos Cooler Features

There are a number of features to the Arctos Air Cooler which help to distinguish it from many of its competitors. The three main features we’ll cover in this section will be the device’s portability, adjustability, and simplicity of use. These benefits are lifted directly from the Arctos Cooler official product website, and we’ll be evaluating whether or not these claims are verifiable by existing user reviews.

First, let’s talk about the portability of the Arctos Cooler air conditioner. We couldn’t find any information to suggest that the Arctos Cooler is anything but easy and hassle-free to move about for use. The device is relatively small and can be carried with one hand – even when filled with water for cooling. We suggest buying multiple devices if you plan to cool more than one area of a larger room. Putting an Arctos Cooler in each room can be a good way to substantially increase the efficiency of cooling inside your home, apartment, or workplace.

The device is also adjustable. Its design is both clean and modern, according to its manufacturers. We have to agree. But more importantly, the creators of Arctos Cooler have created a portable AC unit with an adjustable selection of settings. The Arctos Air Cooler offers three separate fan speeds, and it uses variable vents that allow consumers to choose the direction of where the cooled air will flow. This is a huge plus. We’ve reviewed quite a few portable air coolers, and it’s rare to find one with the simplicity of design and adjustability offered by the Arctos Cooler Air.

Ease of use is the final major feature listed on the product website. Arctos Air Cooler is easy to use, and user reviews seem to verify this claim made by the company. The device is very simple to fill; just pour water into the marked line in the unit. You also don’t need to worry about any kind of refill tank, which can create opportunities for incorrect fills or user errors. Just pour your water directly into the air cooler unit, and it will immediately begin producing cool air for your home, apartment, workplace, or backyard.

While this benefit isn’t listed on the product website in the ‘features’ section, we noticed that the Arctos Portable AC unit also features a humidifying function. This can be extremely helpful for users struggling with dry air coming from traditional or central air conditioning systems. Once again, using the Arctos Portable AC to supplement conventional cooling is an excellent use of this product.

Purchasing the Arctos Air Cooler

Buying the Arctos Air Cooler is relatively easy, and its prices might be fairer than the prices of many comparable air cooler units. It’s also worth noting that these portable air coolers are far cheaper than fixing or buying a central air unit – even if you need multiple devices to make up for the broken traditional system.

You can save money by buying more than one Arctos Portable Air Cooler at one time. We recommend this strategy. While you definitely might end up spending hundreds of dollars in order to buy three or more of these devices, it might be worth it in order to secure the extra cooling room coverage. While the Arctos Air Conditioner is highly portable and can be moved to cool multiple rooms over time, it’s always nice to have the Arctos AC unit in each room. The last thing you want is to have your living room stay cool while your bedroom slowly turns into a furnace in the summer heat.

Here are the prices currently listed on the official product website for the Arctos Portable Air Conditioner:

  • One Arctos Air Cooler: $89.99
  • Two Arctos Air Coolers: $179.98
  • Three Arctos Air Coolers: $201.99
  • Four Arctos Air Coolers: $246.99

As you might have noted, the deal for three Artos Air Coolers is one of the best deals the Ontel company offers. Buying three Air Coolers simultaneously saves money and maximizes the coverage of your new air coolers in the home.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Ontel company offers its customers a 60-day refund of their money for those who are unsatisfied with their Arctos Air Cooler. Customers are asked to reach out by email to:

  • Arctos@rephelpdesk.com

Final Summary: The Arctos Personal Space Cooler Review

Summer temperature trends have been rising for decades, and it is predicted that this summer might be the hottest in recent memory. After closely examining the evidence available online, we believe the Arctos Portable Air Cooler appears to be an effective and viable option for people looking to supplement their existing air conditioning system with a portable air cooler model. Doing so might be a good idea, too.

Traditional air conditioner systems are notoriously difficult to maintain, especially as temperatures spike, and repairs can be financially devastating, and the high cost of using them adds to this. Whether you’re looking to buy a personal air cooling system for your office or a backup system in the case of an emergency in the home, the Arctos Personal Air Cooler is a tough competitor to beat.

We highly recommend taking a closer look at buying multiple Artos Air Coolers at one time. With the deals currently being offered on the product website, it might be financially savvy to save by buying more than one portable AC in a bundle. Additionally, using several units for multiple areas of the home can increase coverage as temperatures rise throughout the summer. Visit the official website for the Arctos Portable Air Cooler to get a great deal today.

As always, be sure to do your research. We attempt to make honest assessments of the companies we review, but some elements of Arctos Personal Air Conditioning and its manufacturing company Ontel may have slipped past our notice.



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