Weekend Wrock in Kitsap County

Concert listings for Kitsap County, starting Thursday, June 12.

Austin, Texas, band Adrian and the Sickness kicks it off Thursday at the Manette, old school punk and hardcore legends come to Callow.


ADRIAN AND THE SICKNESS w/ Rocky Point All Stars at 9 p.m. June 12 at the Manette Saloon, 2113 E. 11th Ave. in Bremerton. 21+, $5 cover.

The Sickness is back to share the love. Local fans of the Austin, Texas-based all-female power trio should revel in this show.

With strong Bremer-ties, Adrian and the Sickness comes around about once every year, rotating appearances between the local rock scene’s biggest venues — Winterland and The Manette.

But with the ever-rocketing price of van fuel and touring in general, matched with the hectic task of scheduling two different, much in-demand bands (The Sickness and side project Hell’s Belles), plus a new album being produced by Kathy Valentine (of the Go-Gos) still lingering in Austin, it’ll probably be a minute before the Sickness gets back to rock Bremerton again.

“This tour’s going to be the last tour until that album comes out,” said Adrian Connor — the “Adrian” of Adrian and the Sickness — in an interview from the road.

So, show some love.

Info: www.adrianrocks.com, myspace.com/manettesaloon or call the club at (360) 792-0801.


MDC w/ The Bloodclots, The Extinct, Y.I.A, CLR, Pawns and Sir Mark the Poet at 5 p.m. June 13 at the Charleston Music Venue, 333 Callow Ave. in Bremerton. All ages, bar w/ ID, $10 cover.

Here is another example of what the grassroots, all-ages Charleston music venue is capable of.

Ask any true punk about the band MDC this week, and you’ll probably get an ear full of enthusiasm. Weaved into the original fabric of punk rock, MDC formed in Texas in 1979 and has been going against the grain, speaking their mind and challenging society through music ever since.

“The old days were really fresh and you really felt like we were conquering the world and things were really going to change,” band front man Dave Dictor said, calling in from his Portland home. “It’s a little less now, but still a lot of nice people. It’s a great life, I’m 52 and I’m still rocking around the world with my band.”

MDC recently returned from a 40-day European tour, playing with Subhumans, The Dwarves and Agnostic Front among others at festivals and punk shows. This weekend, they’re coming out to Bremerton on special request from one of the punk purveyors at the Charleston.

“We were playing some bar show in Seattle or something, and we were approached by these kids in Bremerton saying they had something going on,” Dictor said. “They said, ‘you always come up here and play bars, why not come out and play an all-ages show?’”

Dictor said he slung them an e-mail address, they kept writing and writing and finally got an OK.

With a stacked bill on Friday night, The Charleston is likely to make it well worth their while.

The night before, MDC will be in Ballard with the Bloodclots at the 21+ Bit Saloon and the day after they’ll play 21+ Jimmy Zs in Everett. Info: www.mdc-rocks.com or myspace.com/thecharlestonmusicvenue


THE MENTORS w/ Toe Tag, Sok (and friends), Truculence and Silver at 9 p.m. June 14 at the Ironhead Saloon, 2711 Sixth St. in Bremerton. 21+, $5 cover.

Like MDC, darkly legendary Seattle band The Mentors will be taking up residence for a night on Callow Avenue in Bremerton this weekend.

The Mentors are another late 70s-born band, prone to sparking controversy, protests and flat-out riots in their day.

A lot of time has passed between then and now, but a reincarnation of the ugly, rude and abrasive fabeled shock rock band is coming to Kitsap for what should be a riot of a party celebrating The Ironhead Saloon’s one-year anniversary.