WAC offers free week of art workshops

A week of free work-alongs, demonstrations and talks will take place at Winslow Art Center’s Spring Fling April 4-9.

Registering for the free festival pass grants you access to all the events live over Zoom and the recordings afterward. Go to www.winslowartcenter.com for more. You will receive links and times for the workshops you want to take from instructors from around the country.

Martha Jordan, with 30 years of experience, started WAC in 2011. Two years ago it became an international online institution.

Events include:

April 4, Narratives, Robert E. Wells.

April 4, Oil Painting on Copper Demo, Benjamin Shamback.

April 5, Getting an Abstract Start with Procreate, Mark Daniel Nelson

April 5, Capturing Light: Demo/Paint-Along, Steven Walker

April 5, Painting with Egg Tempera, Stewart White.

April 6, How Great Pictures Work, Ingrid Christensen

April 6, The Still Life: Honing Your Observational Skills Demo/Paint-Along, Palden Hamilton

April 6, Capturing Sunflowers: A Demo/Paint-Along, Tara Will

April 7, Misbehaving Watercolors, Ken Karlic

April 7, The Simplified Collage: A Minimalist Approach, Larry Calkins

April 8, Painting a Confident Head Study: A Demo/Paint-Along, Bernard Dellario

April 8, Altered Images Using the Paint-over Technique, Lisa Bebi

April 9, Painting the Eye in the Portrait, Felicia Forte

April 9, In Conversation, with Chris Bennett, Mark Dunford and Sarah Spackman.

Painting with egg tempera

Painting with egg tempera